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Your work is not yet done until you've watched this trailer for narrative horror game My Work Is Not Yet Done

Raw Fury are on publishing duties

Raw Fury have announced they’re publishing the narrative-horror game, My Work Is Not Yet Done from indie developer Sutemi Production. In their announcement tweet, Raw Fury describe the game as “nothing you’ve ever experienced before,” which in my books is more than enough invitation to plug its announcement trailer straight into my eyeballs:

As you can see above, the trailer is very cryptic, switching between shots of a top-down, monochromatic house and detailed pixel art of a forest and other landscapes. There’s also a mumbling voice in the background, distorted by radio static. One moment does offer a slither of context; as our unnamed protagonist walks out of the house, we can see text reading ‘Activate outer locking mechanism,’ so it looks like we’re in some kind of secure bunker in the middle of nature, and something vaguely hostile is outside. Very detailed theory, I know. Regardless, the trailer looks moody enough to get me excited.

My Work Is Not Yet Done does have a Steam page that could offer some more concrete details. The page describes the title as an “investigative horror game, combining elements of the survival/simulation genres with a dense, non-linear plot exploring the imbrication and dissolution of human identities/meaning within uncanny wilderness.” I can’t pretend I understood that on my first read-through, but what I think I'm getting is a very, very very dark take on something like Death Stranding perhaps? There's no release date yet, sadly, but hopefully we'll be able to find out soon.

Developer Spencer Yan has released one other narrative game, First Love/Late Spring, if you want to get a sense of their work. It’s available on itch.io, and you can name your price for it.

It’s been a big week for indie horror games - ‘tis the season, I guess. First, the extradimensional El Paso, Nightmare saw a surprise release in preparation for its follow-up next year. Endoparasitic was another surprise Halloween treat - a survival game where the monsters have half-eaten you already. Finally, Alice reviewed Saturnalia, calling it “a pulse-raising, shiver-making, dark little whisper; a beautiful game.”

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My Work Is Not Yet Done

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