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Ys: Memories Of Celceta adventuring to PC this summer

Map a forest? Sounds good to me!

Nihon Falcom's RPG series Ys is continuing its meandering journey over to PC piece-by-piece, with 2012's Ys: Memories Of Celceta due to officially find its way from PlayStation Vita to PC in summer 2018. I've no experience with the series myself but people speak fondly of it and seem glad when more games come to PC so good, here's some good news for such people. Me, all I need to know is that it's set around a giant forest. Yes, good, thank you. Publishers Xseed livestreamed almost two hours of the game on Friday so here, watch:

"The title will receive numerous enhancements including improved visuals with a wide range of HD resolutions, unlocked framerates, fully customizable control bindings, mouse support, and more to ensure that it feels at home alongside other PC releases," publishers Xseed said in Friday's announcement.

As for what the game is even about? Xseed explain:

"Knowing nothing but his name, Adol Christin awakens to find himself in the town of Casnan, a bustling frontier village at the edge of an endless sea of trees and untamed wilderness. Bereft of past and purpose, he is left to wander the town until a thief who claims to know him winds up joining him on a sudden mission to rid the local mine of monsters. This unexpected quest reawakens Adol's instincts as an accomplished swordsman, and together with the thief Duren, his adventures attract the attention of a Romun Army general stationed in the town. Impressed with their skills, she enlists the pair to assist in mapping the Great Forest of Celceta – a task which many have attempted but none have ever returned from. Far from the frontier's edge, Adol and Duren will have to brave the dangers of Celceta while constantly keeping an eye out for any clues that may help Adol recover his lost memories. More importantly, he must use his best judgment to decide whom he can trust and who is using his memory loss in order to deceive him..."

Mapping a forest is a fantastic premise for a game, and I'm so on-board with that. More forest-mapping, ta video games.

But as much as I admire your moxie, I would suggest that you wait a little before tattooing "MEMORIES OF CELCETA, BABY!" across your own forehead in thick gothic script. Put your stick 'n' poker away, pet. The PC version of the newest game in the series, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, is currently delayed indefinitely due to performance problems and it initially had wonky translation and localisation (since fixed in the console versions, and due to come as standard on PC). Being a port of a Vita game should help it not be too technologically demanding (and PC ports of previous handheld Ys games have been pretty sound), but poor localisation can strike anywhere, at any time.

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