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Yup, this new Fall Guys level sure looks like some fresh hell

Season two sure looks slice-y and dicey

It wouldn't be a medieval season without a proper gauntlet, would it? Mediatonic have been offering bits of information about Fall Guys season two over the last few weeks and have now dropped this preview for one of the new levels. Knight Fever is a new obstacle course level with all sorts of fresh new contraptions to torture your little beans in shining armor when season two starts later this week.

The video jumps around to different Fall Guys quite a bit but you can piece together a vision of the entire level by the time it's through. It starts out with an upward trek through some sparingly-placed spinning axes but quickly goes downhill—literally—from there. There are rolling logs with spikes to sprint across, a downward slime slide through some much more devious axes, big spikey rollers that may push you through holes in the floor, and lastly some tricky drawbridges.

According to IGN, Knight Fever will be a first round game with around 60 players, the first 75% of whom to cross the finish line will qualify.

It sure does look like an absolute torture fest, but I will say that I'd personally take just about any obstacle course level over a team game. I'll happily dance my way through Slime Climb before taking on a Fall Ball match. Mediatonic have posted a short clip of Wall Guys as well, which yup, sure looks like it will frustrate the heck out of me even if it's not exactly a team game.

Fall Guys season two begins this Thursday, October 8th with new rewards, new levels, and a lot more crowns to earn. Until it begins, Mediatonic say you can earn double the fame points to help you finish climbing the level rewards track for season one.

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