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Zineth Dev's Perfect Stride Is Tony Hawk Meets Tribes

Remember Zineth? The insanely high-speed neo techno retro future Moon Grind Radio roller skate ultra-thing from Arcane Kids? Well, I should probably start with a long-overdue reminder that it's super great. Go play it, if you haven't already. Now then, onto today's business: Zineth's creators have extracted another game from their hypertronic abstractodelic megaminds, and it looks positively scrumptious. I want to devour it, except with all of my senses instead of just the one I keep chained up in my mouth. Basically, Perfect Stride is first-person skateboarding, except it has more in common with Tribes and Quake's physics than Tony Hawk's. Also, look at all that art and musics and mmmmmmmmmmyes.

Skating on the ceiling! And I'm pretty sure the ceiling is some kind of pulsating dance floor Easter Island Salvador Dali painting. And so is everywhere else. Here are the oh-so-enticing pieces that make it all tick:

"A first-person maximalist skater for PC & OSX. Literally a perfect game. State Of The Art computer graphics. Based on old school FPS movement exploits (Quake jumping, Tribes skiing, Counter-Strike surfing). The controls are hella hard and we like it that way so shut up."

It's actually playable right now, but only for a select few. If you funded the LA Game Space on Kickstarter, the limited release alpha's all yours. If, however, you didn't and still want to try it really, really badly, Arcane Kids hinted that there's hope for you yet. Apparently we'll have another opportunity to drop some coins into the Game Space's machine in the near future.

Soooooo, is it the near future yet?

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