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Zombie Night Terror spreads to the moon in free update

Blast off!

What happens when zombies have conquered the Earth? Humanity escapes to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism, obvs. But of course the zombies will somehow sneak onto the rocket and followed us to the moon. That's the case in Zombie Night Terror [official site], the fun zomber which is a bit like Lemmings played as a zombie overlord. Developers NoClip today launched a free update adding levels set on the moon, complete with new moonmen to munch on.

The shamblers, leapers, and general munchers take the moon in ten new levels, some of which go down in low gravity. Six new enemies will try to halt your munching, as will new traps. It looks a lark, see:

The launch is celebrated on GOG and Steam with a 50% discount bringing it down to £4.99 until next Monday.

Speaking of silly zombies, I only recently saw the film which introduced the idea of zombos hungering for brains - Dan O'Bannon's The Return of the Living Dead. Now zombies are so serious ("they're, like, a metaphor" someone will tell you in the pub if you let them - DO NOT LET THEM) I wish we had more shambling sludgepiles who gurgled "Brains!" and fought gangs of movie punks. I miss movie punks. O'Bannon also co-wrote (and edited, and did special effects for, and co-starred in) the fantastic Dark Star with John Carpenter, co-wrote Total Recall, and I guess wrote some movie called Alien or whatever.

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