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Zombs Royale weapons guide - best guns, weapon stats, new XBow and XM8 weapons

Guns. Lots of guns.

One thing that you simply need to have if you want to make a popular battle royale, it seems, is a great roster of weapons to choose from - and Zombs Royale seems to have taken this to heart. Not only is there a wide variety of guns and other death-dealing throwables available to loot each game, but the vast majority of them can be found in different rarities as well, further affecting their power and usefulness. But fear not, for our Zombs Royale weapons guide is here to spill the beans on every single weapon in the game, with in-depth tips and stats on damage, range, and much more.

Oh and by the way, you may also want to take a look at our 60 Zombs Royale tips for a more general overview of the game and how to rack up 10+ kills with every match you play.

Zombs Royale guns & weapons guide - stats, tips, strategies

Zombs Royale is absolutely jam-packed with weapons and other kinds of loot each match, and your top priority always has to be to get your hands on a good weapon or two to defend yourself with. But in the heat of the moment, how can you tell which weapon is best for you? Follow any of the below links to get started learning about every single weapon in the game.

Zombs Royale weapons guide - contents

Zombs Royale weapons overview - classes & rarities
Sniper RiflesAssault RiflesSMGsShotguns
PistolsUnique WeaponsThrowables

Zombs Royale weapons overview - classes & rarities

Ready to find out what the best weapons in Zombs Royale are? Same here, bucko, but hold on a moment, because first you need to know what you're looking at. Each weapon in Zombs Royale can be broken up into different classes, such as sniper rifles, shotguns, throwables, and so on. There are also one or two special "Unique" weapons, which don't really fit into any of these usual categories.

Then you've also got to consider the rarity of every weapon you pick up. If you've played Fortnite, then you'll know all about this already, because Zombs Royale follows more or less the same train of thought with rarities.

For the uninitiated: most weapons come in different colours, which designate the rarity of that weapon. The higher a gun's rarity, the better its stats, and the faster you can kill enemies with it. So if you're carrying around a blue M4 and you see a gold M4 lying on the ground, what do you do? You pick it up, because the Legendary M4 is objectively better than the Rare M4. The rarities are (from worst to best):

  • Common (Grey)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)
  • Mythic (Red)

Note that not every weapon is available in every colour. Some might only be available in Epic or Legendary, for example. Others might only be available in a single rarity - this is the case with many Mythic weapons.

The important stats

Before we take a look at the weapons themselves, just a quick word on what you should be looking for. I've played an awful lot of Zombs Royale now, and I can tell you that you shouldn't just be looking at the gun's damage or DPS stats to tell whether they're the best weapon for the job. Another very important thing to consider is the gun's range - not just how far the bullet travels, but how much holding that weapon zooms your screen out so you can see more around you.

Aside from this, you've also got to take into account the travel time of each weapon's bullets (for example, a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle will shoot projectiles much faster than, say, a Crossbow), which tells you how much you need to lead your shots when fighting enemies. And, perhaps most importantly in many situations, you need to think about the gun's accuracy, because if it's a gun with high bloom (such as an SMG), then you will have a hard time fighting an enemy who is half the screen away from you - particularly if they're shooting at you with an Assault Rifle, which tends to be much more accurate over longer distances.

Now let's get stuck into each weapon class and figure out the very best weapons you can lay your hands on for different situations.

Note: Most of the below stats were found through my own in-game research. I then filled in the blanks by consulting other sources, such as the Zombs Royale wiki - but I noticed some incorrect and/or misleading stats on their weapons page (one example is the AR-15, which has nothing like the fire rate the wiki states), so I've done my best to correct them here. If you see anything below that doesn't look right, please let me know in the comments and I'll look into it!

Zombs Royale Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are in many situations the most useful guns you can find. Any Sniper Rifle will zoom out your screen more than any other weapon in Zombs Royale, which gives you the advantage of seeing people before they see you. After you've picked up an Assault Rifle and a close-range weapon, you should always look to equip a Sniper Rifle, and hold it when moving around outdoors so you can see enemies sooner.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rarity: U/R/E/LMag Size: 1Fire Rate: 1DPS: U: 12-62 R: 13-66 E: 14-70 L: 15-74DPS: U: 12-62 R: 13-66 E: 14-70 L: 15-74
Firing Mode: SingleReload: 1sRange: 11
Details: Excellent range and damage, but slow firing. Your go-to Sniper. Shoot once with this, then switch to your AR/SMG and finish them off.
Hunting Rifle Rarity: C/UMag Size: 3Fire Rate: 3Damage: C: 4-30 U: 5-32DPS: C: 12-90 U: 15-96
Firing Mode: Semi-AutoReload: 1s (x3)Range: 10
Details: Outmatched by every other sniper. Still useful for its screen expansion if you have no other sniper rifle.
Semi-Auto Sniper Rarity: E/LMag Size: 6Fire Rate: 2Damage: E: 25-40 L: 26-45DPS: E: 50-80 L: 52-90
Firing Mode: Semi-AutoReload: 1sRange: 11
Details: Zooms the screen out even further than a Bolt-Action! Fast-firing and very powerful if you hit your shots.
VSS Rarity: R/E/LMag Size: 8Fire Rate: 8Damage: R: 9-11 E: 10-12 L: 11-13DPS: R: 72-88 E: 80-96 L: 88-104
Firing Mode: Semi-AutoReload: 1sRange: 9
Details: The fastest-firing sniper. Decent damage, but requires you to hit all your shots, and can't compete against a Semi-Auto or Bolt-Action.
Dragunov Rarity: MMag Size: 1Fire Rate: 1Damage: R: 15-77DPS: M: 15-77
Firing Mode: Bolt-ActionReload: 1sRange: 11
Details: A very powerful mythic sniper, near-identical to the Gold Bolt-Action but with fractionally higher damage. Use over any other sniper except...
AWP Rarity: MMag Size: 1Fire Rate: 1Damage: M: 16-80DPS: M: 16-80
Firing Mode: Bolt-ActionReload: 1sRange: 12
Details: The king of snipers. Found only in air-drops, has the highest damage and the greatest range of any sniper. Zooms screen out further than any other weapon in the game (equal to the Crossbow).

Zombs Royale Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are your bread-and-butter weapon in Zombs Royale. Fast-firing and accurate, they allow you to deal with threats beyond the reach of a Shotgun or an SMG. Some are full-auto while others are bursts; and generally the burst weapons have a greater range while the full-auto ARs have higher overall DPS. Pay attention to every stat as you decide what's best to take with you to the endgame.

XM8 Rarity: MMag Size: 28Fire Rate: 12Damage: M: 10-12DPS: M: 120-144
Firing Mode: 4x BurstReload: 1sRange: 9
Details: A new airdrop-exclusive Burst AR that fires 4 shots at a time. Good DPS, with great range and accuracy. The best Burst AR.
AK Rarity: U/R/E/L/MMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 6DPS: U: 15-16 R: 16-17 E: 17-18 L: 18-19 M: 19-20DPS: U: 90-96 R: 96-102 E: 102-108 L: 102-114 M: 114-120
Firing Mode: 3x BurstReload: 1sRange: 8
Details: The hardest-hitting AR in terms of damage per shot, the AK also has an excellent range, beaten only by the AR-15. A low rate of fire is the only downside.
AR-15 Rarity: U/R/E/LMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 9Damage: U: 9-11 R: 10-11 E: 11-12 L: 12DPS: U: 81-99 R: 90-99 E: 99-108 L: 108
Firing Mode: 3x BurstReload: 1sRange: 9
Details: Low damage, but has the highest range of any AR. It's fine, but I'd go with a higher-damage option.
SCAR Rarity: U/R/E/LMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 10Damage: U: 10-11 R: 11-12 E: 12-13 L: 13-14DPS: U: 100-110 R: 110-120 E: 120-130 L: 130-140
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1sRange: 7
Details: A good all-round full-auto gun, but objectively outmatched an M4 of equal rarity.
M4 Rarity: U/R/E/LMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 10Damage: U: 11-12 R: 12-13 E: 13-14 L: 14-15DPS: U: 110-120 R: 120-130 E: 130-140 L: 140-150
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1sRange: 7
Details: A great full-auto alternative to the AK or AR-15. Identical to the SCAR but with higher damage. My go-to mid-range weapon.
Silenced AR-15 Rarity: MMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 9Damage: M: 13-15DPS: M: 117-135
Firing Mode: Silenced 3x BurstReload: 1sRange: 9
Details: An AR-15 with good damage? What's not to like? Plus it has a silencer and looks cool.
Assault SCAR Rarity: MMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 10Damage: M: 14-15 Explosive: 20-25DPS: M: 151-160
Firing Mode: Auto (Explosive)Reload: 1sRange: 7
Details: Essentially a Gold M4 with slightly higher fire rate, and every sixth shot explodes for more damage. Probably your best option for straight-up damage dealt.
Scoped M4 Rarity: MMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 10Damage: M: 16-18DPS: M: 160-170
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1sRange: 10
Details: A better-than-Gold M4 with the range and screen expansion capabilities of a sniper rifle. The best full-auto AR for sure.
MG36 Rarity: MMag Size: 90Fire Rate: 10Damage: M: 14-15DPS: M: 140-150
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1.5sRange: 7
Details: An air-drop-only Assault Rifle equivalent in stats to a Gold M4 but with a much larger mag size and slightly higher reload time. Excellent in all situations.

Zombs Royale SMGs

Personally, I'd pick an SMG over a Shotgun every time for your close-quarters gun. These are the guns with the fastest rate of fire, they have a further effective range than the Shotgun, and you can melt down an enemy faster than pretty much anything else in the game. But be aware that they're still close-range-only weapons, and won't be able to reach the same distance as an Assault Rifle.

Vector Rarity: MMag Size: 24Fire Rate: 24DPS: M: 3-12DPS: M: 72-288
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1sRange: 5
Details: A fantastic airdrop-exclusive gun with mediocre range and accuracy but the highest fire rate and DPS of any SMG.
MP5 Rarity: C/U/R/E/LMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 15Damage: C: 6-11 U: 7-12 R: 8-13 E: 9-14 L: 10-15DPS: C: 90-165 U: 105-180 R: 120-195 E: 135-210 L: 150-225
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1sRange: 4
Details: Your baseline SMG. Fast fire rate, decent stats, but high damage dropoff. Use only at close range.
P90 Rarity: E/LMag Size: 40Fire Rate: 22Damage: E: 4-12 L: 5-13DPS: E: 88-264 L: 110-286
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1.5sRange: 2
Details: Acts like an upgraded MP5. Fantastic fire rate and damage at close range, but high damage dropoff and short range are big downsides.
Tommy Gun Rarity: R/EMag Size: 50Fire Rate: 10Damage: R: 6-13 E: 7-14DPS: R: 60-130 E: 70-140
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1.5sRange: 5
Details: Good range and accuracy for an SMG, plus a very high mag size. The downside is that it lacks the damage of other SMGs, so you should replace this with another SMG when you can.
Uzi Rarity: C/U/R/E/LMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 15Damage: C: 8-11 U: 9-12 R: 10-13 E: 11-14 L: 12-15DPS: C: 120-165 U: 135-180 R: 150-195 E: 165-210 L: 180-225
Firing Mode: 3x BurstReload: 1sRange: 4
Details: Great damage if you can find it in purple or gold. My go-to SMG if I can't find an UMP or Vector.
UMP Rarity: E/LMag Size: 35Fire Rate: 12Damage: E: 15-17 L: 16-18DPS: E: 180-204 L: 192-216
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1sRange: 5
Details: Great damage, good range, low damage dropoff... The most reliably decent SMG you can find.

Zombs Royale Shotguns

Shotguns are your super-close-range option. They excel in confined spaces such as inside huts, but they're as weak as paper towels out in the open so you'll need to combine them with longer-range weapons and perhaps a method of closing the distance between you quickly, like a Reverse Impulse Grenade. If you get into melee range with an enemy, nothing will kill them faster than a good shotgun blast.

Tactical Shotgun Rarity: C/U/RMag Size: 6Fire Rate: 3DPS: C: 8-56 U: 9-63 R: 10-70DPS: C: 24-168 U: 27-189 R: 30-210
Firing Mode: Semi-Auto (7 pellets)Reload: 0.5s (x6)Range: 4
Details: The nippiest of the three shotguns. But for shotguns, damage is more important than pure speed, so replace with one of the others when you can.
Assault Shotgun Rarity: R/EMag Size: 8Fire Rate: 3Damage: R: 8-64 E: 9-72DPS: R: 24-192 E: 27-216
Firing Mode: Semi-Auto (8 pellets)Reload: 0.7s (x8)Range: 1
Details: An upgraded Tactical Shotgun. Shoots just as fast, but higher damage and more shots. Downsides are slightly reduced range and reload speed.
Pump Shotgun Rarity: C/U/R/E/LMag Size: 6Fire Rate: 1Damage: C: 5-100 U: 6-110 R: 7-120 E: 8-130 L: 9-140DPS: C: 5-100 U: 6-110 R: 7-120 E: 8-130 L: 9-140
Firing Mode: Pump-Action (10 pellets)Reload: 1s (x6)Range: 1
Details: The only shotgun worth using in my opinion. Thanks to high damage and number of pellets, at high rarities the Pump will often one-shot at close range. Useless at medium range though, like all other shotguns.

Zombs Royale Pistols

Pistols unfortunately fall rather short of the other weapons in Zombs Royale. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the best qualities of each of them are outmatched by guns in other categories. Still, it's useful to know how to use them well, and they can still be used to kill many a player in the early-game.

P2000 Rarity: C/UMag Size: 15Fire Rate: 11DPS: C: 9 U: 10DPS: C: 99 U: 110
Firing Mode: Semi-AutoReload: 1sRange: 5
Details: Useful only if you lack any other weapon. Pitiful damage, but can still be used to kill someone shortly after landing.
Dual Berettas Rarity: U/RMag Size: 24Fire Rate: 15Damage: U: 9 R: 10DPS: U: 135 R: 150
Firing Mode: Semi-AutoReload: 1sRange: 6
Details: An upgraded P2000 with a faster fire rate and higher mag size. A decent early-game weapon but should be abandoned for an AR or SMG later on.
Glock Rarity: C/UMag Size: 15Fire Rate: 12Damage: C: 9 U: 10DPS: C: 108 U: 120
Firing Mode: 3x BurstReload: 1sRange: 5
Details: Basically a P2020 with a burst-fire mode. Barely any better than a P2000, should be abandoned ASAP.
Deagle Rarity: R/EMag Size: 7Fire Rate: 2Damage: R: 40 E: 41DPS: R: 80 E: 82
Firing Mode: SingleReload: 1sRange: 5
Details: A punchy hand cannon with zero damage dropoff and perfect accuracy. Very decent for a pistol, but I'd still exchange it for any other class of weapon at the first opportunity.

Zombs Royale Unique Weapons

These weapons don't quite fit into any of the above categories. They're either explosive-based weapons, or weapons with specific unique traits that you can't find anywhere else in the Zombs Royale arsenal. Each of them can be used to great effect under the right circumstances.

XBow Rarity: MMag Size: 1Fire Rate: 1DPS: M: 14-86DPS: M: 14-86
Firing Mode: Single (2 shots)Reload: 2.5sRange: 12
Details: New airdrop-only long-range weapon. Fantastic range and fires two shots at once, but arrows travel slowly so would rather have a good Bolt-Action.
Crossbow Rarity: MMag Size: 1Fire Rate: 1Damage: M: 14-86DPS: M: 14-86
Firing Mode: SingleReload: 2.5sRange: 12
Details: Near-identical to the XBow, but shoots one arrow for twice the damage. Again, slow-moving arrows are a huge downside, but deals good damage at incredible range.
Trident of the Depths Rarity: MMag Size: 1Fire Rate: 1Damage: M: 75 (direct) (25 splash)DPS: M: 75 (direct) (25 splash)
Firing Mode: SingleReload: 1s (after landing)Range: 10
Details: Fantastic unique weapon that can be thrown towards enemies, where it deals damage and sucks players in near where it landed. Combine with Bolt-Action where possible.
Rubber Gun Rarity: LMag Size: 30Fire Rate: 3Damage: L: 8-24DPS: L: 24-72
Firing Mode: 3x BurstReload: 2sRange: 3
Details: Fantastic for confined spaces. Quickly fires rubber balls that bounce off walls and obstacles. Useful in certain situations.
Goo Gun Rarity: LMag Size: 8Fire Rate: 2Damage: L: 5-6 (+1 poison per tick)DPS: L: 20-24
Firing Mode: SingleReload: 1sRange: 2
Details: Bizarre and underwhelming short-range poison-inflicting pistol. Steer clear of this - an SMG is far better for killing enemies at close range.
Minigun Rarity: LMag Size: 200Fire Rate: ~30 (at max)Damage: L: 5-7DPS: L: 150-210
Firing Mode: Auto (wind-up)Reload: 2.5sRange: 9
Details: Powerful wind-up weapon with the fastest fire rate of any gun in Zombs Royale. High DPS but very low accuracy - so use in place of an SMG.
Flamethrower Rarity: LMag Size: 50Fire Rate: 20Damage: L: 11-13 (+1 burn per tick)DPS: L: 220-260
Firing Mode: AutoReload: 1sRange: 4
Details: Incredibly high-damage close-range weapon, so use in place of an SMG or Shotgun. Beware that the fire actually travels slowly, giving your enemies time to back away if out in the open.
RPG Rarity: U/R/E/LMag Size: 1Fire Rate: 1Damage: U: 90-92 R: 90-93 E: 90-94 L: 90-95DPS: U: 90-92 R: 90-93 E: 90-94 L: 90-95
Firing Mode: SingleReload: 1sRange: 5
Details: Slow-firing rocket launcher that explodes on impact dealing large AoE damage. Be careful as you can blow yourself up with an ill-timed shot.
Grenade Launcher/ Gift Launcher Rarity: LMag Size: 8Fire Rate: 2Damage: L: 25DPS: L: 50
Firing Mode: Semi-AutoReload: 1s (x8)Range: 6
Details: Yes, both weapons are identical. Grenade launchers which fire grenades a short distance that explode dealing large AoE damage, quite possibly to yourself as well.

Zombs Royale Throwables

There are a number of different throwable weapons in Zombs Royale, and you shouldn't be quick to dismiss them as they can be used to phenomenally good effect by players who take the time to learn how to use them - particularly when used in combination with other weapons or even with each other.

Shuriken Rarity: LDrop Quantity: 30Fire Rate: 10Damage: L: 20-100DPS: L: 40-200
Firing Mode: 5x BurstReload: N/ARange: 4
Details: Very powerful short-range weapon. Throws 5 Shuriken at once, dealing up to 200 DPS if all hit. Major downside is their limited quantity.
Grenade Rarity: CDrop Quantity: 3DPS: C: 90
Details: Powerful frag grenade that can be thrown a short distance. Explodes in a large AoE dealing massive damage.
Cactus Bomb Rarity: LDrop Quantity: 3Damage: L: 10 per spine
Details: Another great solution to an enemy in a confined space. Instead of exploding dealing direct damage like a normal grenade, sends dozens of spines flying in all directions. Can hit you, so be careful.
Impulse Grenade Rarity: CDrop Quantity: 3Damage: N/A
Details: Grenade that travels a small distance before exploding, dealing no damage but pushing away all players in the vicinity.
Reverse Impulse Grenade Rarity: CDrop Quantity: 3Damage: N/A
Details: Much more useful than the ordinary Impulse, instead sucking in nearby players. This works through walls, so can use this to gain the element of surprise on a player, or combine with a Grenade or Bolt-Action shot for unexpected damage.
Smoke Grenade Rarity: CDrop Quantity: 3Damage: N/A
Details: Technically not a weapon, but it is a throwable. Coats the area around where it lands in opaque smoke. Not particularly useful.

That's all we've got on the various weapons of Zombs Royale, so hopefully you've learned what you set out to learn by coming here. And if you haven't already, make sure you have a read of our 60 Zombs Royale tips that you should know if you want to send your wins rocketing into triple (or even quadruple) figures!

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