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  • A load of mismatched keys in a screenshot from A Little to the Left.

    Alright, you tell me how you would organise these keys

    A distressing puzzle from arranging game A Little To The Left

    I quite like organising objects in games, up until I bump into someone else's incorrect organisation system. I cannot believe the state of some people's Minecraft and Stardew Valley chests. Today I'm experiencing that distress while playing the demo for A Little To The Left, a puzzle game about organising someone's household items while a mischievous cat sometimes interferes. And, I cannot believe how incorrect the 'correct' answer is on a key-arranging level. The wrongest of the wrong. Look, come on, you tell me how you'd do it.

  • A Steam Deck with the user's Steam library screen visible, showing various installed games.

    Feature: The 30 best Steam Deck games

    From Elden Ring to XCOM 2, these are the greatest games to play on the Steam Deck right now

    We’ve investigated which game genres work best on the Steam Deck; now it’s time to go in with an even finer comb to find the best Steam Deck games on a more individual basis. Below, you’ll find the 30 I’ve picked, based on the few months I’ve spent fondling Valve’s remarkable handheld PC.

  • Batman, Harley Quinn, Arya Stark, and Jake the dog battling in a MultiVersus screenshot.

    If you've always wanted to uppercut Batman as Bugs Bunny, the time is coming. MultiVersus is Warner Bros' spin on a Super Smash Bros-like that's free-to-play and features an all-star mishmash of franchises: Scooby Doo, Game Of Thrones, Adventure Time. Everyone is here! And having given its closed alpha a whirl, the game is great fun, even if its iterations on the Smash Bros formula aren't all that impactful.

  • Genshin Impact update 2.7 on May 31st, 2022 introduces new character Yelan.

    Genshin Impact's 2.7 update lands on May 31st after small delay

    The game will get another two characters and a drumming rhythm game

    Genshin Impact is back on track, with the next update scheduled for release on May 31st. Today’s Genshin Impact livestream unveiled what’s coming in update 2.7, ‘Hidden Dreams In The Depths’, including new characters Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. It’s also adding in a drumming rhythm game, because why the heck not. Witness the trailer below for yourself:

  • Lost Ark's May 2022 update introduces the new destroyer class, which wields a massive hammer.

    The May update for Amazon Games and Smilegate’s multiplayer online action RPG Lost Ark introduces a new class this week that really enjoys smashing things up: the Destroyer. The ‘Destined For Destruction’ update also brings a brand-new Guardian Raid, Deskaluda, which looks like a dragon made out of Victorian iron fencing and ooze-green Dulux. Axe-wielding goat lad Valtan arrives this month to finally incorporate team-based Legion Raids into the Western version of Lost Ark too.

  • Image for RPS@PAX 2022: A deep dive into PAX's Pinny Arcade community

    We did a lot of cool things during our time at this year's PAX East. We attended a wonderful talk by "Skyrim Grandma" Shirley Curry. We gawked at the coolest booths on the show floor. I got nightmares after looking at a super cursed baby. My personal highlight, though, was talking to the Pinny Arcade collectors during the show's official trading event.

    I’ll admit, before I went to PAX I didn’t really appreciate how big Pinny Arcade was. I’d definitely seen photos of colourful metal pins depicting characters from various video games fly across my screen as I browsed Twitter, but I had never thought much about them beyond that. I was shocked, then, to arrive at PAX and realise just how integral this collectable is to the show. Merch booths sell starter packs, individual demo stations flog game specific rarities and avid fans adorn their lanyards with their favourite pieces. It turns out, Pinny Arcade is huge.

  • The logo for the PC Gaming Show 2022

    The PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show are returning June 11th and 12th

    Timed and dated to bring you more new game announcements

    It looks like the weekend of June 11th and 12th will be the culmination of this year’s Not-E3, as the PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show have announced their start times. The Future Games Show is back on June 11th at 12pm PST/8pm BST, while the PC Gaming Show is set for 12.30pm PST/8.30pm BST on June 12th. I'll delude myself into thinking that’s pretty much everything happening that weekend scheduled now.

  • A mining fleet fly through space in EVE Online

    You can now play EVE Online in your browser

    As long as your internet is fast enough

    EVE Online is famous for its player-led economy and the many player-led heists that happen within it. If I was in the midst of a long con to separate someone from their hard-earned spaceships, I'd probably want to be able to access EVE Online as easily, and from as many places, as possible.

    That's what EVE Anywhere does. Lauched today, it lets you play EVE Online in your browser by streaming it from the cloud, as long as your internet connection is fast enough to handle it.

  • Steve from Minecraft wearing a pumpkin mask and staring up at an Enderman.

    Minecraft's Caves And Cliffs update was so big it got split into two, but even still there were other ideas that got pushed further back. Some of those ideas will feature in the The Wild Update, which now seems to be edging closer to its own release. Yesterday, Mojang launched the first 1.19 pre-release update - and showed off some of its new creatures in a developer livestream.

  • Block-pushing duck puzzles in a Space Ducks screenshot.

    A new collection of indie puzzle games released today aims to give a broad and gentle introduction to many puzzling subgenres. Wrapped up in that idea that they're all pulled from a mysterious alien games console, CosmOS 9 packs nine games that are each meant to take 30-90 minutes. I've played a few and they seemed puzzle game staples, having me drawing paths through blocks, figure out how a mysterious computer interface worked, and such. See the breadth of the cosmic puzzling experience in the trailer below.

  • Marvel Snap is a new CCG for PC and mobile from some of the creators of Hearthstone.

    A new multiverse-themed collectible card game based on Marvel superheroes and supervillains is coming from some of the creators of Blizzard Entertainment’s CCG Hearthstone. Marvel Snap has been developed by new studio Second Dinner and will be published by Nuverse. Among some of the creators of Hearthstone working on Marvel Snap is incredibly enthusiastic chief development officer Ben Brode. Here’s the seven-minute-long trailer, Marvel fans:

  • Electricity pylons by the roadside in a The Jean-Paul Software Screen Explosion screenshot.

    This new 3D screensaver collection includes a driving tour of global pylons

    Modern screens might not need saving, but it's still fun to watch

    The first time a PC seemed magical to me was when it dozed off and colourful lines twisted across its screen. I'd launch Windows 3.1 just to watch screensavers, marvelling at Mystify and staring at Starfield. How wonderful that our computer needed to dream as preventative medicine! I relived this today with a new collection of customisable 3D screensavers, watching shoals of fish, taking a road trip through a museum of global electricity pylons, watching housing estates rise and fall, and seeing so many swirly colours.

  • A group of gun-wielding characters band together in Borderlands 3

    You can obtain Gearbox Software’s zany FPS Borderlands 3 without exchanging any currency over on the Epic Games Store from, well, now. The freebie coincides with the start of this year’s discounterrific Epic MEGA Sale, which runs from today until June 16th. That means there’ll be three more “blockbuster” free games coming over the next few weeks, according to Epic Games.

  • Image for The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 187: the funniest games special

    After some of the stuff we talked about in last week's episode, I decided to take us further down the giggle chute to talk about funny games in general. What games are funny? Why, and how? Is it easier for games to be funny when they're not trying to be? Should self-described funny games be avoided entirely?

    Because of this, we end up talking about Blorko again. We also nearly come to war about the difference between randomly improvising funny stuff and deciding that saying 'egg' a lot of is funny. There is a difference, but you know it when you see it. Matthew's life is like a sitcom, and also we apologise to Henry Cavill for forgetting his birthday. Sorry Henry. Please come on the show.

  • Ubisoft's free-to-play skating game Roller Champions is finally launching on May 25th.

    Roller Champions finally transitions into its first season next week

    Ubisoft’s team roller-skating game arrives after three years of testing

    Skating derby free-to-play Roller Champions enters its ‘kickoff’ season on May 25th, Ubisoft have revealed in a new trailer for the game. Set in 2032, Roller Champions sees two teams of three battle it out in the world of competitive roller-skating. No, I didn’t realise that was a thing either. Check out the trailer below:

  • Heroes Of The Aegean is the first DLC for Mohawk Games' classical 4X Old World.

    Old World ventures out of Epic exclusivity today to invade Steam and GOG

    Heroes Of The Aegean DLC is free for the first two weeks after launch

    Mohawk Games’ classical 4X with added babies and grandads Old World arrives on Steam and GOG today, ending its period of exclusivity to the Epic Games Store. Old World’s first DLC, Heroes Of The Aegean, is out today on all storefronts too. It brings the Hittites into Old World, led by Ḫattušili I. The DLC would usually set you back £9/$10/€10.

  • V Rising is an open-world vampire simulator from Stunlock Studios.

    Open-world vampire survival sim V Rising will be getting a much-demanded offline mode very soon, Stunlock Studios have confirmed. The announcement was made to players by community manager Jeremy Bearson on the game’s Discord yesterday. The bloodsucking gothic action game has been doing pretty well for itself on Steam since it launched on May 17th. It’s beating Destiny 2 for concurrent player numbers at the moment.

  • Image for Spiders announce colonial fantasy RPG sequel Greedfall 2

    Spiders announce colonial fantasy RPG sequel Greedfall 2

    Make sure to write "Spiders" as often as possible

    Spiders have begun work on GreedFall 2, a sequel to their colonialist fantasy RPG from 2019. Set three years before the events of the first game, it reverses the perspective with a new protagonist and a new setting, as well as aiming for "more tactical" combat. You can find the a cinematic announcement trailer below.

  • Sonic Origins releases in June

    Being a father changes you. After years of resolutely hating on Sonic, my son's interest in the characters, games and cartoon has softened me up. I will now begrudgingly admit that Sonic Boom is alright, and the first Sonic live action movie is better than expected.

    So here I am, looking at the new footage of Sonic Origins, which collects and remasters the blue hedgehog's original platform games.

  • Jurassic World Evolution 2 screen showing Baryonyx Dinosaur

    Game Pass is particularly ideal for two kinds of games: indie games you're not sure you'll like enough to commit to the upfront cost, and decent-not-great blockbusters you know almost certainly aren't worth the cost but would quite like to play for at least a bit.

    There are plenty of games that fit into both of these categories joining the subscription service before the end of May, including Vampire Survivors, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Sniper Elite 5 and Jurassic World Evolution 2.

  • Final Fantasy 7 remake - A closeup of Cloud Strife's face while he holds his sword

    Three or four times a year, someone at Square Enix says that news is coming about Final Fantasy and we all get our hopes up. This is one of those times. Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy VII Remake director, has said that "various" announcements are coming next month related to Final Fantasy 7's 25th anniversary. Will it be news about the second part of the FF7 Remake - or will it be, I dunno, a livestreamed concert and some phone wallpapers?

  • A photo of the Logitech G Pro X Superlight gaming mouse

    Deals: Get the upgraded version of RPS' best wireless mouse at $50/£30 off

    The Logitech G Pro X Superlight is an incredible piece of kit.

    If you're into your competitive gaming, then Logitech's G Pro X Superlight wireless mouse should be near the top of your list. It normally retails for an eye-watering $159.99 / £139.99, but today it's available for a slightly more reasonable $109.99 / £108.99 - that's $50 or £30 off, according to my calculator.