But There’s Also: Wanderlust: Rebirth

By Jim Rossignol on January 14th, 2012 at 1:35 pm.

Okay, looks like RPS is Top-Down RPG News today, because I’m just going to point you at indie RPG Wanderlust, which is a neat little game in the spirit of early Zelda/Secret Of Mana and so on. It can be played single player or co-operatively online, which is a hell of a feature set for a little game like this, and it seems to be a remarkable labour love overall. There’s a free trial version with the first few chapters of the game for you to play which you can download here. Definitely worth a look if you are inclined towards such tremendous pixel-art cuteness.


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  1. pakoito says:

    Plays like the old Secret of Mana games, it’s quite awesome. The only problem right now are the empty lobbies for multiplayer, as the game didn’t had much visibility.

    • Metonymy says:

      I see you edited it to ‘Secret.’ Legend’s ‘To the Sea’ is my favorite of the SD soundtracks, beating out SD3′s Black Soup by a hair.

      These types of games can be diverting, but they don’t exactly improve the world, do they? They’re just clinging to a style that has passed. I’m looking for a modern game with the creative sensibility of the archetypes. Minimalistic controls, primary colors, design attention given to the bread, and not the butter.

    • vecordae says:

      I really wish more indie games improved the world somehow. Perhaps by working in soup kitchens or getting medical degrees, then practicing medicine in impoverished countries. I know I would have a whole lot more respect for the game Bastion if I saw it volunteering at a clinic for perpetually horrified people.

    • bill says:

      But you know what he means.. these kind of games often simply re-create the games of old (which is ok), but it’d be much cooler if they innovated on that base and introduced something new.

      Maybe this does though, i haven’t played it.

    • mollemannen says:

      when me and my friends played it back at launch it played nothing like secret of mana :( which is a shame since those games are awesome co-op fun.

  2. siegarettes says:

    I was quite disappointed to see that like many games I wanted, it was on sale this holiday season, and I neglected to pick it up. A shame because it seems like it would be a good bit of multiplayer fun.

  3. RyuRanX says:

    Am I the only one seeing a vagina instead of a tent?

  4. MadTinkerer says:

    Sweet, sweet, pixelly goodness! Wait, this doesn’t look 2012 at all…

    In the trashbin! ;)

  5. raskolnik says:

    Looks intriguing, although I could do without the mandatory registration on still another spam list game “enhancement” service.

  6. RizziSmoov says:

    When I saw the name “Wanderlust” I COULD be the only person who thought of an interestingly made RPG Maker 2000 game

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