The Extraordinary Saga Of Left Behind


So it appears there’s to be another Left Behind game. Despite the best efforts of an apparent misinformation campaign that set out to destroy the first of the Christian RTS series, they have risen like Lazarus and are back with… What, you’ve never heard of the Left Behind game? That might have something to do with the information campaign that observed how absolutely astonishingly awful the first one was. But you can’t keep angry multi-millionaires down, and Left Behind: Tribulation Forces is announced for the masses this Christmas. Announced in one of the most incredible press releases I’ve ever seen. Read on.

I tend to think the notion of Rapture is quite an appealing one. All at once all the loony fundamentalist Christians in the world would disappear, forever. (“You’d never say that about Muslims!” It would be nice if all the loony fundamentalist Muslims went with them.) Anyway, it’s this daft Rapture idea that forms the core of the multi-billion dollar Left Behind business, that began with a set of books.

Same engine as 2006 then...

Declaration of interests: I’m a Christian. Church-going, Jesus-loving, God-botherer. And yet somehow, at the same time, I’ve managed to keep a grip on my critical faculties. So when someone makes a “Christian” version of something, I don’t immediately declare it a bonus chapter to the Bible and build it a shrine. I also promise I’m not part of a malevolent campaign paid to badmouth the Left Behind games, spreading lies and misinformation about them into the evil liberal media. (I was, however, paid by PC Gamer to write about the first game, and reported how utterly bloody terrible it is, and you can read the result here.) Why would I suggest such a strange thing? From today’s press release for Tribulation Forces:

“Public Relations Director, Tammy La Barbera, says, ‘The original game ‘Eternal Forces’ became one of the most highly publicized games of 2006, as politically motivated groups launched an all-out war against the game, by making false claims that the game included conversion to Christianity as a requirement or gave points for killing Muslims. The media frenzy resulted in feature stories on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, and numerous other worldwide networks and in print in the San Jose Chronicle, Newsweek, Wired and many others. After more than two years and a third-party investigation, it was determined that the Tides Center, a taxpayer supported non-profit, and others, launched and paid for a campaign to smear the game and Company, which may have resulted in a $200 million loss in shareholder value as the stock plummeted as a result of their misinformation campaign. Left Behind Games is a publicly traded company.'”

There are no links to any examples of this worldwide misinformation, and we’ve approached the Tides Center for a comment regarding the accusations. From our research many of the original accusations that were made at the time have since been removed, however a recurring theme in detractors’ statements was that the game promoted violence against non-Christians. There’s an example here on Game Politics. This is certainly untrue, and it was this theme that created the media frenzy. The reality is the game’s propaganda is more insidious, but in no way does it ever suggest that non-believers should be killed. While we’ve no way of knowing who was behind the spreading of this information, it’s certainly the case that there was a great deal of press reporting these false claims.

I’ve found what appears to be the only BBC article on the subject. The article reports the (sometimes inaccurate) accusations made against the game by various other Christian groups, and then gives a lengthy right of reply to Left Behind Games co-found Jeffrey S Frichner, putting this right, in which he makes some odd statements. One being:

“The game itself is just a great game. People of other faiths could play it and not know it’s Christian. [The game evangelises] but it is doing it in a way which is very respectful, not Bible-thumping.”

Nope, nothing Christian here!

Well, aside from that it’s anything but a great game – it’s really quite impressively badly made – you have to wonder at a game that a player might not realise is Christian, but at the same time is attempting to evangelise. You’d imagine it wasn’t doing a very good job at one of those tasks. However, it’s utter nonsense to pretend for a second that there’s some sort of ambiguity as to its messages. Between levels you’re given screens full of text espousing fundamentalist viewpoints, implying evolution is a myth, or stating why the Bible is authentic, while it plays Christian pop at you. Well, take a look for yourself: evolution denounced, and archaeological evidence. (“Let this encouragement move you to dust off your Bible and dig into the evidence for yourself!” – Nope, no way to infer that this is Christian at all!)

So what is the reality of the games? Well, it’s true that you can kill people. However, to do so loses you morality, and lose it all and you lose the game. The suggestion apparently made during its original release that you were slaughtering unbelievers were wholly untrue. There’s definitely a moral consequence to harmful behaviour, and murder is condemned. However, regarding the claim that there’s no converting – I can’t see how this could possibly be argued. The core point of the game is to recruit believers to your army. You either win people over to your side, or you don’t. You convince them to join you by playing music at them, by evangelising to them. Once they’re with you, you need to have them pray regularly or they go back to their sinful ways. Just how exactly can the claim be made that this is not conversion? And brilliantly – by far my favourite thing about the game – if you have your troops spend too long in the vicinity of heathens playing their rock music, they lose their faiths too. Convert them and they’ll shed their black gothic clothing and put on a nice pullover instead!

The original game in all its glory.

It’s a deeply sexist game. Only men can be trained to be Builders and Disciples, while only women can become Nurses. Also very strange is the game’s decision to refer to male converts as “Friends” and female converts as “Women Friends”. It’s an unsettling misogynistic streak, and is clearly very deliberate.

The inclusion of in-game advertising is another odd ingredient. These aren’t the plugs for megachurches or Christian literature you might expect, but billboards for Gamestop and EB Games, and other corporations who sell the games the Left Behind people are so publically upset about. It’s hard not to read this accepting of the secular buck as a hypocrisy.

Also, rather brilliantly, if you play in multiplayer you can control the Antichrist’s forces and attack and kill the Christians, which does seem to ever-so-slightly go against the game’s purported intent to provide a non-violent gaming experience for all the family.

It’s important to recognise that Left Behind: Eternal Forces is a dreadful game separately from any of its religious themes. Strip out the Christian fundamentalism and you’re left with an embarrassingly poor, extremely buggy RTS, in an engine that’s comically awful. It’s Metascore is 38 (even IGN US gave it below 6!), and the majority of these reviews say the same thing: ignore the Christian message, it’s a bad game anyway. No conspiracy, no agenda, just the tradition of reviewing outlets reviewing games.

Anyway, that’s the past, and Tribulation Forces (also the name of the second book in the all-conquering, millions selling series) is already available via Christian outlets. It will be released to the masses later this year, and feature a few changes.

“This new second chapter in the LEFT BEHIND PC Game series includes significant new features, improvements, maps and missions. The game includes 45 single player missions including tutorials and an all-new skirmish mode allowing players to play against the computer by themselves or with up to 7 friends online. There are 39 skirmish battle multiplayer maps and 3 different multiplayer modes of play.”

We’ve not seen a copy of the new game, so we don’t yet know how the skirmishes and multiplayer modes adapt to the morality, nor whether they’ll have fixed the completely useless camera, or have incorporated an engine from the 21st century. Looking at the minuscule screenshots (and those at Just Adventure), we’d suggest they certainly haven’t.


  1. Vinraith says:

    Paranoid AND insane, how charming. To the degree that I can speak for my country let me just say: sorry about these guys, rest of the world.

  2. D says:

    Thank you Vinraith.

  3. Mike says:

    The company also does another game called ‘Isles of Derek’.

  4. Blast Hardcheese says:

    To be fair to US, they DO live in other places too.

    “Them” being idiots.

    Side note, their site is WONDERFUL. Copyright 1999, with the claim of “the largest and most visited adventure site on the internet!”

    Let’s plant a forest using their lies as fertilizer. I mean, nothing will grow since this level of bullshit is usually toxic, but we can say we tried.

    Oooh! Oooh! Delving further, reading made up reviews, we can see even by Christian standards they’re way off. The guy summarizes “The Tribulation” (Rapture) as “… as if two of every three people vanished”.

    Really? There are THAT many Christians in China and India? No? What about Russia? No? What’s that you say? There are MORE Muslims in the entire world than Christians?

    Even just accounting for the US (which this Spartan flavored madness) is obviously supposed to be set in, per capita we are not 2/3rds Jesus loving (although if people like reminding themselves of how Romans nailed the poor guy and let him bake for three days before he died horribly, that’s cool too) and that doesn’t even take into account the crazed dangerous cults like the Born Again Evangelical churches (the one Ted Haggard founded comes to mind, but I can’t remember the name) or the polygamist Mormons in southern Utah.

    No. They are wrong, they are making bad propagandist games, and if this game receives any attention it will hopefully open some schmuck’s eyes to just how paranoid and crazy these cults are.

    And really, Christian rock as a way to recruit people? Here, I can win the game easily. Convince the leather clad people that Black Sabbath is Christian Metal. YOU WIN!!! (Done rambling.)

    Wait, not done. Forgot the most important link.

  5. Troy Goodfellow says:

    Great summary of the game, John. LB was a terrible game that only learned one lesson from RTS design school – make the tutorial as tedious and pointless as possible. The games are far from violent, but aren’t much good for all that.

    By the way, people should read the summaries of the books scene by scene at Slacktivist (link to The writer is a Christian who thinks the books are terrible theology but even worse literature. He’s now hard at work on analyzing Book 2.

  6. James G says:

    Yup, ours is called Stephen Green, although I’m sure there are plenty of others who aren’t quite so good at getting their names in the papers.

    I do like the idea of both fundamentalist-shouty Christians and Muslims getting raptured at the same time, I can imagine the utter looks of confusion on their faces.

  7. Denis V. says:

    I’ve met the “Left Behind” people at E3 2006 (They were located near the “Just Cause” demo station, and I went there couple of times to re-play the demo), and they practically shoved the press folder into my hands, while claiming that it’s the best game ever. When I explained that I’m a secular Israeli gaming journalist, and my audience is mostly Jewish or non-religious, I remember them saying that it’s not an evangelical game but one to bring message of peace and tolerance to all. Heee.

  8. NNeko says:

    I’m just astonished that they’re thinking that their target audience will have up to 7 friends online. Isn’t that where all of the heathens hang out?

    But now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of reasonable God-Botherers out there who think the bizarre-to-the-point-of-Schrodingers-Feline-esque PMD beliefs of the Rapture folks (upon which all of this Left Behind whatnot is based on) are not just wrong, but confusingly to the point of dangerously so. See a series on this topic by another God-Botherer at: link to

  9. solipsistnation says:

    A third on reading the slacktivist blog. He’s an interesting guy.

  10. John Walker says:

    Yeah, I decided that people might get cross if I used RPS to get into some eschatological analysis of why the Left Behind series is such utter bullshit, predicated on fear and an abandoning of educated Biblical interpretation. So I left that bit out : ) This Fred Clark seems a good sort.

  11. Serondal says:

    Funny, I mean the entire book/game is based around something that isn’t even in the bible which never mentions the rapture or the coming of the anti-christ in any certain terms. The entire series of a work of fiction based on a fantsay that faithful Christians will be spared the horrors of the end of the world which it never says in the Bible O.o And yah the game is horrible I played a demo I believe, if you can call it playing I had no idea what was going on. They need to stick to books and movies staring Kirk Cameron with which you can NOt go wrong ;P

  12. Tei says:

    How can people be cristian and negate the evolution? What strange kind of cristian are these? I think the pope has accepted the evolution, If you don’t follow the pope, you are not cristian, you are something else. And what the fu is this “rapture” thing? This seems to me like another sect in the making, like Scientology.

  13. Serondal says:

    Tei you’re way behind Rapture is not something new mate ;P It predates scientology by a LOT. It is a misconception that just because people are faithful Chrisitans they’ll up and disappear when the end of the world starts instead of getting to enjoy it with everyone else. There is a mention in one part of the bible of Jews being marked but it never says they’ll disappear :P

    As far as the Pope goes they accept aliens too so . . . I’ve no faith in the Catholic Church and never have, they’ve about as far away from Christian is it is possible to get. The worship idols openly for example, protect child abusers, and used to sell the rights to forgivness of sin in ADVANCE to one actually commiting the sin O.o strange stuff

  14. PC Monster says:

    Arg. This series again.

    I was conned into reading the first one by my local librarians (don’t trust ’em) who’d left this in the sci-fi section of all places, so dumb old me took it home and read, cover to cover, one of the most nauseating pieces of fiction I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. It was…awful. I couldn’t stop reading it, thinking it was all some horrible joke and the next page would reveal all to be so. But no. Hateful, in every sense of the word. That’s it has gone on to become a best-selling series of novels makes me somewhat ill. Thankfully there’s no danger of the games – and I use that term loosely – doing anywhere near so well.

  15. Mil says:

    Coming from a traditionally Catholic country, my only contact with Biblical literalism is what I read on the intertubes. To me it seems quaintly esoteric, like numerology or divination. But I must admit its influence on American politics is somewhat disturbing.

  16. Tei says:

    Oooh… the other types of Cristian. I always get confused. Is like the American Footbal, and Soccer. Why these guys call Footbal a sport that don’t use the FOOT!?.

    I live in a suposedly cristian country (spain) but I don’t see here any of these weird things that you can see in USA.

  17. Serondal says:

    the left behind books are like the other side of the coin to the Davinci code and Angels and Demons kind of books. there are people that take those WAY to seriously and claim they’re trying to defame the church ect ect when in reality they’re simply fiction, it is ALL fiction. People take all these books WAY to seriously. People that take either series as fact need to take a step back and think for themselves and explore all religions and answers and make their own choice. Even if that choice is that you don’t believe in God at all, at least you made it for yourself. God ultimately can’t force you to believe anything , but man seems to be pretty good at tricking other people into beliving something that isn’t true in ANYONEs book. These people are a good example, as stated above it’s a good thing they’re no good at making games ;)

    We call it foot ball because you RUN with your feet with the ball instead of kicking it. Personally I think it is about time we rename to too it gets confusing, but at the same time I dunno what TO call it. Maybe carrying ball with hand . . ball. Then again there is foot to ball contact in Kick off and field goal attempts so I dunno

  18. Rick says:

    I hope the Rapture comes and sucks all these loons into the sky. Then it really will be Heaven on Earth. :)

  19. Okami says:

    Hooray for FSTDT!

    link to

  20. Hidden_7 says:

    American culture is great because it’s western culture but More. Take everything to its logical conclusion, and then push it way past that. Seeing British reality shows get remade as American ones really highlights this, I feel.

    Given that, I think the prevalence of Biblical Literalism in America makes a lot of sense. Take being Christian to its logical conclusion, then push it over the edge.

  21. James G says:


    Only the Roman Catholic church recognised the authority of the pope, in the sense of being God’s mouthpiece anyway. Other branches of Christianity have distinctly different organisations, and in many of these there is no one leader to speak for the entire church.

    Plus, as far as I’m aware (and bear in mind this is coming from an atheist) although the catholic church has spoken on the subject of evolution and determined it compatible with catholic teaching, I don’t believe that the pope has ever done so from a position of papal authority. As a result the church has merely been speaking from its position as highly informed theologians.

    (Wow. I never expected to be discussing Christian denominations on RPS)

    Edit: Seems a few other people got there before me. But other branches of Christianity aren’t a new thing, the earliest split being the Great Schism, between the Catholic and Orthodox churches. (In 1054) And of course the later split to form the protestant churches, and the various other divisions that have happened since then. (Such as King Henry VIII deciding to try and get a slice of the Catholic church’s pie and a divorce into the bargain when he established the Church of England)

  22. Serondal says:

    @Hidden I think they do that because British shows are generally kind of sedated and boring to Americans. I think they’d be better off if they just let us get used to it because British shows can be rather delightful once you get used to the pace. I love Keeping Up Apperances for example.

  23. Jeremy says:

    Well, regarding the idea of rapture, it isn’t necessarily a clear cut “yea” or “nay” sort of idea. It is more of a “when” sort of debate more than anything else, unless you’re Roman catholic. Also, the Pope isn’t the spokesperson for all of Christianity, just a portion of it, the rest of us believe we don’t need a mediator to speak to God.

    All that aside, the game does look to be a bit of a slog. It really is unfortunate that they use such blatant stereotypes in the game, because all that does is alienate gamers. I’m just kinda curious how they consider a game to be an effective evangelistic tool to break out of the box. It honestly looks like the last game I would ever want to play in the entire world, and now they’re making part 2? Yuck. My problem with the books is along the lines of what other’s have said, it is a fictional story, along the lines of the DaVinci Code, that people have misconstrued and turned into fact.

    Also, in all fairness Tei, science shouldn’t need to be “believed” in, so until a certain theory is proven, I won’t take it as science or fact. I hold it to the same standard of all science.

  24. CryingTheAnnualKingo says:

    I believe that, in the game, Rock and Roll was one of the the main weapons employed by the evil forces. Just like in the fifties. What a sad and strange point of view to have…

  25. Gap Gen says:

    Is there such thing as militant Christianity? As in, if you’re militant, you aren’t a Christian.

  26. Gap Gen says:

    Jeremy: Depends whether or not you view science as a methodology or a set of findings. I’d argue that the former is more accurate, and as such I’d argue that I believe in science (while being aware of its limitations).

  27. Bozzley says:

    Something that’s always annoyed me – why the term “God-botherer”? Do you really think God is gonna see all the good souls pouring into Heaven and think “well, I preferred it when it was quieter and I wasn’t getting hassled so much”?

    Back on topic – I’d been aware of the propensity for the weirder slice of American Christians to spout any old bullshit to justify and promote their faith, but I’m genuinely surprised they’d promote their game the same way. People tend to stick with what they know, I guess.

    Also, slightly off topic – there’s been a few mentions through the years of what would make a B-game, in the same way there are B-movies. Would Left Behind (or Left Behind 2) qualify? Based on this write-up, they’re both shit, cheaply made, exploitative, but they also possess that thing that makes me want to play them to see just how bad they really are.

  28. Serondal says:

    I thought it’d be a cool way to reach people with messages from the Old testemate to make a video game based on it that is brutally realistic (say like the Conan game) and follows the adventures of key people in the Old testmate as they waged war and tried to survive ect. I think it would both make an awesome game and also get people turned on to reading more about the bible without beating them over the head with any message. take it more from a historical game point of view, give the character’s motives without stating they were true or false and let the player decide to worry about it or not. I think it’d be awesome to lead armies and fighting battles ect as in the old testmate God often bade his people to invade certain areas they were promised to them ect.

    Also could make a cool resource managment game where you’re noah building an Ark while everyone calls you crazy ;) Popcap games needs to do this one for it to be done right lol.

    I wouldn’t compare these games to B-Movies for one reason. B-Movies are MADE that way on purpose. Sci-fi channel could make good movies (and they have every now and again, for example the Remake of Dune) But they choose to make a ton of campy B-movies for the purpose of being silly. Where as these games try and claim to be actually good and in reality are crap. Killing Floor is more like a b-game ;P

  29. apnea says:

    There are [people with religious values] in the US.

    That’s right, I just censored myself. That hammer thing is growing on me.

  30. apnea says:

    Seconding the idea of an Old Testament game. Would be a positively bloody, hateful piece of work. Well, as positively bloody and hateful as some bloody and hateful thing can be.

    Edit: sorry for the double post.

  31. Jeremy says:

    Gap Gen: When you say methodology, are you really meaning to say methods? Methodology is more of a philosophical concept, rather than actual methods. I just want to confirm that before responding :)

  32. Serondal says:

    The sad fact is if you really did make a video game based 100% on the Old testament ,which I am obviously incapable of spelling right most of the time, the game would probably be banned in Canada and giving an R or NC-17 rating in the US and other countries similiar ratings/banning. Would maybe be seen as hate speech or something with ancient Jewish people killing and slaughtering entire tribes of people just because God told them too and then taking a wack at the surviving males foreskin after all that and having at their women ect. Would be great cut scene after the Sodom gets pwned ect to have the father sleeping with his daughters in a cave because he got hammered drunk O.o Yah, great game in the making.

  33. Gap Gen says:

    Yes, I meant a set of methods and practices (although Wikipedia does allow for one of the definitions of methodology to be a set of methods).

    My point was basically that the findings of science are only worth anything because they were discovered in a rational, systematic fashion, and have been demonstrated to be true “beyond reasonable doubt”.

    Perhaps religion should police itself as rigorously as the scientific community does. If a scientist is caught lying, their careers are over. Perhaps if a Christian promotes abuse or the harming of others, they should be more vociferously denounced as not being Christians at all by the religious community.

  34. Gap Gen says:

    Funky Badger: Would you call their use of violence Christian, though? Bear in mind that Jesus’s response to violence is to turn the other cheek and all that.

  35. Serondal says:

    The Templars were cast out by the Catholic church even, that shows you how non-christian they were. That’s like a drunk telling you that you’ve got a drinking problem :P

  36. Okami says:

    @Gap Gen: There is a very good article in the current issue of Harper’s Magazine about the growing power of evangelical christians in the US Army. This article also includes the description of what has to be the most stupid and braindead military maneuvre in the history of mankind.

    On the subject of scientific theories: They aren’t usually disbelieved until proven, but rather believed until unproven. ie: the theory of gravity will be in use until the first time an apple falls from a tree into space. Which would be pretty awesome.

  37. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    I always thought the game was largely missing the point (even if you accept the books’ premise). As well as awful.

  38. Loki says:

    Ummm, quick question who the in the name of Feniris is this supposed to convert? Seriously…

    I mean if it was halfway decent I might think “Christian must have God on their side to program so awesomely!” But what the hell more likely to believe that I’m God by the (lacklustre) RTS elements of Spore than to be influenced in any way by this stuff…

    Dear Craziests buy a decent marketing department before you try and evangelise again…

  39. Serondal says:

    You could probably make a good game about the book series but making a RTS game based on it is a bad idea to begin with. an Adventure game would probably be best, or an mmorpg where ever one just sits arounds and gains levels for suffering ;P

    @Above Post – At least buy a good developer. Here’s hoping they higher 3d realms to make the next one mwuahhahah. gives a new meaning to the term “development hell”

  40. Okami says:

    I guess the game makes for a good argument against god. Surely any omnipotent creator of the universe worth his salt would have smiten the creators of such an atrocity with lightning bolts from heaven, wouldn’t he?

    Since the folks who made the game are still alive and able to write incredibly random press releases, the existence of god is refuted beyond any doubt.

  41. Serondal says:

    lmao @ Okami – Just because they didn’t explode in a ball of fire doesn’t mean he didn’t smite them. They didn’t make any money, lost tons of money if you are to believe them indeed.

    But seriously God doesn’t smite people that don’t agree with him, any more. thats part of his new deal with man kind to control his anger and avoid blowing up the entire planet. Though to be honest people of that day and time deserved it when they got it. LA and Las Vegas and San Fran, Amsterdamn ect are nothing compared to how bad Sodom was.

  42. Bozzley says:

    Okami – it might make a case for a God with a cracking sense of humour.

  43. Novotny says:

    Oh don’t start me Walker! Any fighting over boundaries, possessions etc annoys me terribly, but I would FUCKING GO TO WAR to defend evolution or science in general. Yeah. Would totally defend it.

  44. Serondal says:

    Novotny = worlds first militant scientist? Also a good idea for a game ;)

    I have no problem with Micro evolution but don’t believe in macro-evolution, actually my views line up rather nice with that screen shot up above. But I don’t think science should be abolished or anything like that, it serves a very good purpose and I think it should exist.

    Some scientist believe in God, based on their findings, other don’t believe in God what so ever based on their findings, and still others are unsure (based on a survery I saw on a few months back ) Just like us they each have diffrent ideas about what is true or what is not true. That is great to me, I think people should have freedom to choose how they believe and what they believe in. So I to would fight for your right to have your science and tell me about it whenever you feel like it mate ;) Would go to F@#$@# war for it right next to you. Freedom to believe as you wish is a core of America after all and many other countries.

  45. cjlr says:

    @Serondal: Old Testament: the Video Game, banned in Canada? Since when is anything banned in Canada? I can see a game about collecting philistine foreskins being a really hard sell, but if it got made, you’d still be able to buy it.

    @James G: Just to be really pedantic, I’ll point out that Christians schisms are as old as Christianity.

    There were dogmatic differences before, but the first official breaks were back at Nikaia and Ephesus. Arianism and Meletians, which I think don’t exist anymore, and the Assyrian and Oriental Orthodoxy, which do; also, obviously, the Catholic church. Hilariously enough most of the arguments were originated by disagreement over translations.

  46. Novotny says:

    Nice post Serondal. I’m actually expecting my best mate, who is a commited christian, to call at any moment and don’t want this discussion on screen! Mostly because I respect him and do not wish to upset him.

  47. Serondal says:

    I take back my comment on Canada, what I meant to say is the game would be in the section with x-rated material. (I could be wrong but I believe that is how Canada treated Postal 2) because it would be so graphic.

    BTW they didn’t collect the the foreskins so much as remove them so that the new members of their tribe would sit right with God ;) So in other words it would just be a mini-game you play every time you add new male members to your group? Not sure how that’d work out.

  48. jonfitt says:

    Pfeh! I prefer my games about more realistic topics like Space Marines or Kobolds.

  49. Serondal says:

    This thread is generating all kinds of good ideas! Space Marine Kobolds! They’d be just as good as Space Marine Murlock they gave out as a WoW gift.

    (btw I’m posting so much because I’m literally 100% out of other things to do. Forgive me if I wax verbose or post to much. Methinks enough has been said by me, here in, so I will migrates to parts other)