6180 The Moon Is A Very Pretty Thing

Having recently thrust itself into the ungainly cockfight of Greenlight, Turtle Cream and PokPoong Game’s 6180 The Moon has reminded me to post its utterly gorgeous trailer. Incredibly simple-looking – basically a circle moving around some white boxes and spikes – it manages to be really very enchanting too.

And also as batshit as its excellent name. The press release, not quite translated from Korean (and I make no judgement here, my Korean is terrible), explains,

“‘6180 the moon’ is platformer game with unique mechanic. “Moon jumps very high”. Top and Bottom of the screen are connected. Gamer doesn’t die, even if moon fell down. It will be released at Feb. 2013.”

Visually it’s remarkably similar to 1000 Amps, that I can’t believe you STILL haven’t bought and played. But clearly the ideas are very different, and certainly more peculiar here. As the trailer progresses, I become less and less convinced I know what’s going on. Which makes me want to play it more and more.


  1. Jim9137 says:

    I was secretly hoping this was about that survival-horror-esque game that was inspired by 80s and 90s and happened in Moon or somewhere and I totally forget the name of it but I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THAT MONEY I THREW.

    Sorry for sidelining. :(

  2. Sami Hamlaoui says:

    Reminds me of VVVVVV’s Warp Zone levels with added vanishing floors (or ceilings).

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Reminds me of Breakout with scrolling top and bottom.

      • The Random One says:

        Reminds me of that one super-minimalist platformer by Jonas Kyratzes, Experiment 386 or sumthin like that.

        It reminds us of something, that’s the thing.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    HEY! I’ve bought and played 1000 Amps. >:|

    Also, I don’t want to make fun of the translation (because my Korean is also terrible), but I just like the sentence “Gamer doesn’t die, even if moon fell down. “

  4. RagingLion says:

    Yep, VVVVVV – looks like the brain has to head similar places.

  5. GameCat says:

    Looks like another artsy (Sun is gone, I’m so sad) platformer game with simple gimmick, meh.

  6. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    What a novel use of screenwrapping as a mechanic.

    • LTK says:

      Looks a bit convoluted, though. I can’t imagine it makes for satisfying platforming if you keep having to jump through the entire screen one or multiple times. I think it’d be a lot more fun if the levels were recursive from top to bottom.

  7. Dervish says:

    Oh come on, is this really all it takes to be called “utterly gorgeous?” I get it, the music is nice, but sheesh.

    • LTK says:

      I have to agree. Nothing in these visuals is in any way remarkable.

      • adonf says:

        i kinda liked the fake CRT effect.

        unless it’s just the video for the trailer that’s interlaced. i hope not because that would be stupid.

  8. Didero says:

    I’m reminded of a flash game with the same mechanic of falling off the bottom means you fall in from the top, except the camera always followed the protagonist unless you specifically ‘locked’ the screen.
    I can’t think of the name though and it’s annoying.