2D Fighting Game Blade Arcus Punches Onto PC

It’s time to punch some stuff, refine your swordplay, and cast some spells. Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena [official site] is now on PC. I get out of breath just reading that title in my head, but if you’re into 2D fighters, you might want to check this one out.

Blade Arcus’ comes to PC from arcades, based on its most recent version. It features a colorful cast of 16 characters from both Shining Blade and Shining Hearts games. We’ve got wizened, pony-tailed wolfman Fenrir. We’ve got magical girl Melty (I can definitely see that becoming the name of an anime franchise). And then we’ve got the more benign Rick and Dylan (but we don’t talk about Rick and Dylan).

You’ll fight in tag-team matches, selecting a main character and a second. You can switch characters in between rounds or in the heat of battle by making use of Link Attacks.

The game boasts a number of different gameplay modes to keep things interesting. If it’s story you seek, the fully voiced Story Mode is presented in an RPG format that lets you get to know the characters a little better. There’s a training mode, too, for the less seasoned player. Once you’re feeling more confident you can try out Versus Mode to play against friends, or even test your hand at the Online Mode, which has been added especially for the Steam release.

Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena is out now on Steam for £18.39/22,39€/$23.99, including a 20% launch discount


  1. Baines says:

    We’ve got magical girl Melty (I can definitely see that becoming the name of an anime franchise)

    Too much potential confusion with Melty Blood.

  2. Bobtree says:

    UNIEL also launched on Steam recently, from the developers of Melty Blood.

    • Chillicothe says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard tell even from some of those deepest in this target audience to skip this and go with UNIEL as it’s much better playing (and infering here) got less Tony Taka. Less Taka is always a bonus.

  3. trashmyego says:

    That’s one diverse roster of white characters they’ve got going on there. I know it was probably just poor translation, but really. A grey and white wolf-person and a ton of boobie women doesn’t really account for diversity.

    • DeepSleeper says:

      Oh look.
      Someone else who’s done no research whatsoever, dropping in to tell Japanese people that they draw Japanese characters too white.
      Fantastic. Needed more of those.
      Maybe google “white characters in anime” for some perspective.

      • Zankman says:

        What are you blabbering about?

        They are implying that the designs are unoriginal and trope-y, if not outright pandering.

      • trashmyego says:

        This was specifically in reference to the posted video referring to the game’s roster as ‘diverse.’ Maybe I should have just said pale, but all the characters seen in the trailer have the same skin color. I would have referred to them as Caucasian if I wasn’t simply referring to color. And I know about all the tropes and discussions on why anime is drawn the way it is, and the issues of racial representation in them.

        • DeepSleeper says:

          And yet you felt a need to jump in and comment anyway.

          • MisterFurious says:

            So did you but at least his comment has merit.

          • DeepSleeper says:

            Right. Dude can’t figure out what character diversity means (could it be: movesets? naaah), accuses them of being too white. Backpedals like hell to claim he didn’t REALLY mean race. Somehow mine is the valueless comment.

          • ButteringSundays says:

            DeepSleep if that’s what they meant then that’s what they should have said. But they said the characters were diverse, and they’re not. Perfectly valid to highlight this fact.

            Why does that make you angry?

          • Nirhoda says:

            Maybe because in most of the world – pretty much everywhere except America – the word “diverse” is rarely used in reference to racial diversity.
            It gets old hearing Americans complain about it when talking of media originated internationally; the silliness about Witcher 3. Most countries out here, we got little racial diversity and even less interest in championing it.
            REAL diversity should accept the existence of single-race cultures and media.

    • vanhisa says:

      Japanese game
      Hoping a diverse cast….

      As far as Japanese care, all the cast are Japanese, thus, non-white caucasian, but a mongoloid Asian, even the blonde one.

    • acidlacedpenguin says:

      what are you talking about, they’ve got a stereotypically-Chinese booby lady, they’ve got three distinct western-influenced design booby ladies, they’ve got at least two Japanese booby ladies, they’ve got a teen-angst facial tattoo edgemaster, They’ve even got Rick!
      This game has tons of diversity for an anime fighter

  4. Zankman says:

    My “anime fight game guy” did not seem impressed by this game when I asked him about it.

    He recommends Melty Blood and, actually, primarily UNIEL instead.