Epic Games announce tactical bosher Battle Breakers

As the press release sharks swim around our heels on the opening of GDC, one of them has gone in for a testing nip. Battle Breakers [official site] is an upcoming tactical RPG, Epic Games have announced. It’s done in the flavour of Saturday morning sci-fi cartoons of the 80s, they say – a turn-based battler about taking back your Kingdom from space monsters. It is as ugly as a mauled bottom.

Well, that was my instinctive reaction from opening the gameplay screenshots anyway. You might like ultra-busy screens full of clashing cartoon colours and flashing power-ups and textual reminders of how much XP your last kill earned. But to me, this looks like somebody ate an entire manga comic and then vomited it back up.

But let’s back off. Never judge a turn-based tactical role-playing game by its UI, that’s what my mum always used to say. Maybe the fighting is sturdy and smart, maybe upgrading your characters and fighting cross-platform with Android and iPhone players will be right up your lava-filled alley. If so, here’s how Epic are describing it.

A vibrant fantasy sci-fi cartoon adventure, Battle Breakers lets you recruit hundreds of unique heroes, and create dream teams of ninjas, knights, robots, and talking dinosaurs. Battle monsters from space that have infested every corner of your world, from ice sheets and lava fields to ancient forests and sheer mountains. Master the elements and defeat your enemies with strategy, smash crystals to unlock hidden treasures, and power up your hero squads to take back the Kingdom, one break at a time!

It’s going to be available later this year (or, if you’re in the Philippines, it’s out now) but any interested parties can pre-register for a special hero.


  1. Viral Frog says:

    That is quite possibly the most appalling image I have ever seen from a game. It hurts to look at.

  2. magogjack says:

    Why are they fighting on the character select screen?

  3. renner says:

    Epic might have the least interesting character design in the industry.

  4. Faults says:

    Epic make some of the most advanced real-time graphics technology in the industry and they choose to make a mobile game full of pre-rendered art that would make most Korean MMORPGs seem like the work of freaking Titian by comparison.

    That is genuinely reprehensible shit.

  5. avtrspirit says:

    Hey, good for you, Philippines! (Never thought I’d say that in a video-gaming context.)

  6. Ejia says:

    Having a game released here first seems odd.

  7. Zandolar says:

    Can’t put my finger on what exactly but something is giving me the distinct vibe that this isn’t going to replace XCom 2 as my tactics game of choice.

  8. Jalan says:

    Granted, there were some ugly as all sin cartoons floating around in the 80s but none of them were that ugly.

    Also, looking at those characters gives me no sense of consistency in style at all.

  9. April March says:

    My first thought was that it looks like the UI from a mobile game, and voilà, that’s what it is! I am schmart.