Smile While: a joyful free colour extravaganza

Smile While

Smile While [ page] is a free project I downloaded entirely because it promised bright colours and confetti. It delivered bright colours and confetti AND noises! It’s more of a mood-lifting desk toy than a game and I love it.

You click on the background to generate more noise and toys, and you click and drag to waggle the toys around or create more particle effects. I feel like this is a really useful thing for if you feel like you deserve an impromptu desk party. I often feel like that.

Made by Matthew Keff, Smile While is free to download for Windows and Mac from Itch. A browser-based version is over here.


  1. Wibble says:

    Good grief! That gives me flashbacks to the birthday parties my kids had when they were toddlers. Well, I now know where I can go to relive those halcyon days!