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F1 2020 roars off to a surprisingly early start

On your marks...

Jumping the gun a bit there, aren't we? F1 2020, Codemaster's latest simulationist race 'em up, has sped off a day earlier than expected. That may be grounds for disqualification, but fortunately this a game, not a car. We'll all just have to settle for playing this year's licensed racer a little early. Oooh, what a nuisance, eh? You've really done it now, Codemasters.

Besides, if you really wanted to burn off the starting line first, you probably would've spent a bit more for the Schumacher Editon wot came out on Wednesday.

Okay, so it looks like the version that released today is technically the Seventy Edition, a pre-release version that comes with special car, driver and emblem customisation options. Presumably, tomorrow will see those emblems relegated to DLC as the game drops the "Seventy" moniker.

Ahem, anyway. F1 2020 is Codemasters' latest iteration of smart cars going fast. This time 'round, you can ditch official F1 teams to make your own - building facilities, researching tech, managing sponsors and training up your drivers however you see fit. 2020 also adds two new tracks, Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort, along with honest-to-god split-screen support and more "casual" race options.

The listing also notes that teams and cars from the 2020 season. That's somewhat weird, right, given that the Covid-19 situation has led to Formula 1 filling in this year's absent season with Virtual Grand Prix events run in F1 2019. Maybe we can have a throwback game-within-a-game as seasonal DLC for that, eh?

F1 2020 is out now on Steam for £44.99/€54.99/$59.99. There's 10% off the deluxe edition if you owned last year's entry, packed with a bunch of Michael Schumacher-themed gear.

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