About Rock, Paper, Shotgun

RPS is about PC gaming – all of PC gaming, rather than just one of the weird and wonderful niches most other PC-centric sites confine themselves to. It’s written by four of Britain’s top games journalists, and one of America’s, and it aims to cover everything from the latest breaking stories about the biggest releases to esoterica from the format’s obscurest peninsulas.

To contact us, just click… no, wait. Wait. Before you send that press release about your new iPhone game or link to a dog playing the Zelda theme tune on a noseflute, please remember that we are a PC-only site. That’s PC only. P.C. O.N.L.Y. Which format? … That’s right, PC!

Also: a note on Kickstarter projects. If there isn’t concrete proof that your game will exist and do more or less what it promises too, it’s unlikely that we’ll post about it – we have to be very careful about seeming to encourage our readers to give money to something that may not come to pass. So before you contact us, make sure you have at the very least a trailer, and ideally something playable.

Also also: due to the sheer volume of email we receive these days, we can’t reply to, play or post about everything we’re alerted to. It’s simply impossible. We do what we can, but we are mere mortals. Amazing mortals, but mortals nonetheless. So don’t take it personally if you don’t hear from us. (Quick tip: it’s a good idea to direct your email to the writer you think is most suited to your game, and briefly say why.)

Oh – and if you want a reply, don’t Twitter us or private message us on the forum. Email us. Just like old times!

There’s much more information about how we do things and why (including required etiquette in comments threads) here.

Finally, here’s a brief profile of the wonderful writers of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Enjoy.

Alright, here’s the email address. You remembered we’re a PC-only site, right?


  • Name: Jim Rossignol
  • Occupation: Author, blogger
  • Speciality: Eve Online, Quake stuff, Literature

Jim has been a gaming journalist for a long time. As well as doing endless bloggery work for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, he wrote a book about games, which is called This Gaming Life. That means he is also an exciting author. Sometimes writes for architecture type places such as BLDGBLOG and Icon, too. Recently he’s been spotted making a game or two, but they’re not released yet.

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Alec Meer

  • Name: Alec Meer
  • Occupation: Writer, Transformer
  • Speciality: RPG, RTS, FPS, three-letter acronyms

Alec’s true power is in his ability to charm us with a smile and a sunny outlook. With never a dour word to say about anything, Alec is the unique positive energy that has powered RPS through the years. Alec loves the internet, and he also enjoys robots, ladies, and vegetables. Yes, sir!

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John Walker

  • Name: John Walker
  • Occupation: Blogger, writer, critic
  • Speciality: Funny words, emotions

Britain’s leading grumbler, John Walker is the handsome, British critic who just wants you to be nice. Please hug him on sight. No, really, he’s okay. He seems cross, but actually he’s just got an itch. He is the oldest of the RPS team, and thus chooses the bedtimes.

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Adam Smith

  • Name: Adam Smith
  • Occupation: Writer, teacher, Mancunian
  • Speciality: Foot-to-ball, strategy, Being Northern

The old new boy. He went to Oxford, and is all brainy, even though he’s from Manchester. He understands things like “sports” and other alien concepts, and possesses an inner calmness that frightens us all. The calm are not to be trust. Adam is not to be trusted.

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Alice O'Connor

  • Name: Alice O’Connor
  • Occupation: News wrangler
  • Speciality: News, rumpuses, sponges

Controller, creator and trumpeter of news, Alice stalks the streets of London with her magnifying glass held aloft, striking at anything that may appear newslike. Fear her newsing ways. She’s also involved in the organisation of The Wild Rumpus, which makes her way cooler than you.

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Graham Smith

  • Name: Graham Smith
  • Occupation: Writer, Scottish
  • Speciality: Organising, roller derby, foot-to-ball managing

Proving once again that being called “Smith” is a short-cut to a job at RPS, former PC Gamer editor Graham is RPS’s Managing Editor. Which means he’s in charge of spreadsheets. And shooting stuff, both in games and freelancers. He is too tall.

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