It’s All Kicking Off: Sensational World Soccer

Kick the ball! With your foot! Put your foot to the ball! Put your foot to the ball!

New Star Games – who foot-to-ball fans will know from New Star Soccer – are releasing their new foot-to-ball game today. It’s not out at the time of writing. Will it be out by the time of posting? Only clicking will tell. It’s basically a world-cup-themed 2D game, aiming to be between Sensible Soccer and their original Sensational Soccer. He explains more on his blog, though fails to give us a video. VIDEO! WE NEED VIDEO! Anyway – the only way you’re going to find out whether it clicks or not is playing the bally thing. Luckily, there’s a demo available to allow such things. Go get the PC one here. Alternatively, get Macintosh-PC demo here. Oh – you can also get the full version of the original Sensational Soccer if you sign up to the New Star Games mailing list. This must be what they call a Free Kick (Fired – Ed).


  1. Heliocentric says:

    The eurogamer overseer ed is intolerant of foot to ball jokes.

  2. Schaulustiger says:

    This sadly reminds me that there is no FIFA World Cup Edition on the PC this time. I always had a blast playing through the tourney with all the official licenses and stuff. I easily got my 50€ out of every World Cup game, but EA doesn’t want my fanboy money anymore.

    • Paul B says:

      I suppose there’s always Fifa Online, if you want to take England to the final (then lose on penalties) but it’s not he same as proper Fifa.

    • Schaulustiger says:

      Yep, I somehow dislike FIFA Online. it just doesn’t feel like a proper FIFA game.

      What’s funny: Since I’m from Germany I took my team to the finals in the last World Cup game. I faced England and – guess what? – won the penalty shoot-out. Hooray for realism!

    • bill says:

      Lose on penalties in the final?
      They won’t even make it past Japan again, unless the Japanese decide to spot them two goals out of sympathy again.

  3. Mario Figueiredo says:

    >> (Fired – Ed)

    You damn right! And I’m also filling a lawsuit for inappropriate use 20KB of my bandwidth with that image plus the use of 150 words.

  4. Ysellian says:

    There is the Fifa Online beta which features the world cup.

  5. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    I read recently that foot-to-ball games werent going to be convered!
    Eurogamer has changed you guys.

  6. siread says:

    The video is now up and the game is on sale. Cheers RPS. :)

  7. sudogamer says:

    a shocking sensible soccer imitation. . . Player should never ever have a turning circle! It’s like driving lots of small cars. .!

    Zsnes 1.42 (the one with net play) + “Sensible Soccer – International Edition ROM” = half-way-line outrageous Bergkamp goal-scoring-awesomeness.

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      “Player should never ever have a turning circle! ”

      Clearly you don’t remember Dino Dini’s Kick Off 2. It had insane turning circles.

  8. Divebomb says:

    love the game, siread. would it be possible to add a button for changing man focus manually. the automatic thing is a bit hard when defending. as the midfield players or forwards are usually always closer to the attacker and the attacker gains a lot of ground before the focus go to the closest defender

  9. Spatvark says:

    This has potential, but it’s no Sensi-beater yet. Crappy player selection, insensitive controls somewhat dubious AI (need to try it on hard though, to see if that was just difficulty-based), and the fact that the sprites just aren’t as cute. I’ll probably give it another try later though, since it was still fairly enjoyable, but I honestly can’t see myself spending money on this.

    Myself, I always played Sensible Soccer with a joystick, for maximum aftertouch awesomeness control, and I’d sit down and play the entire European Superleague in one day (38 games against the top EU clubs), noting down who scored my goals on a piece of paper Most I managed with one player was 84 goals in a season, as it were. God I love Sensi…

    • Jonh says:

      It has nothing to do with sensible soccer, besides why the hell we have to imitate SS – be original! It has no charm, annoying turning circles, sprites are not cute, strange ball physics. However this game has a wonderful option… uninstall.

  10. itsallcrap says:

    It does look an awful lot like Sensi.

    Also, the way the ball moves reminds me of World Cup USA ’94 on the Game Boy. Of course, I realise I am perhaps the only person anywhere that remembers that game.

  11. terry says:

    I’m stuck at work so I haven’t tried this yet, but I’d like to pipe up for the New Star Soccer games. There’s a certain charm about being able to get your footballer drunk as hell before a match or gamble his life’s earnings away on a whim. Brings back memories of Footballer Of The Year on the humble ZX for me (winning strategy: spend everything on goal cards, gamble wages, repeat).

  12. RedFred says:

    Man am I the only one who thought Sensi was damn hard?

    I may have scored one goal the entire time I have played that game.

  13. caesarbear says:

    Yuck. This is the same game as the old New Star Soccer. It’s shit compared to Sensible.