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May 2024 Archive

    1. Kerbal Space Program 2 producer confirms mass layoffs, contradicting CEO's remarks
    2. Cyberpunk 2077’s development has officially ended as The Witcher 4 Polaris moves into production
    3. Sorry, I only drink wine that was aged listening to the Nier Automata soundtrack now
    4. Past Wordle answers
    5. Today's NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, May 29)
    6. Wordle hint and answer today #1075 (May 29 2024)
    1. Death In Abyss is a creepy submarine action game in which your ship does the backstroke
    2. Frostpunk 2 will live or die by its faction voting mechanic, and the biggest faction of all is Twitch
    3. Deathbulge: Battle Of The Bands is roughly 1000% more fun than being in an actual band
    4. How to level up your Resonator fast in Wuthering Waves
    5. Wuthering Waves: Waveplates system explained
    6. How to farm Echoes in Wuthering Waves
    7. Wuthering Waves: Forte Circuit explained
    8. Wuthering Waves Resonator Intro and Outro Skills explained
    9. Wuthering Waves Resonator Concerto Skills explained
    10. Blox Fruits codes
    11. Anthology of the Killer is out now, bringing murder to your doorstep
    12. Anime Fighters Simulator codes
    13. Blade Ball codes May 2024
    14. Microsoft announce Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 Game Pass launch alongside teaser trailer
    15. Zenless Zone Zero gets a release date of July 4th, plus a trailer with lots of kicking
    16. Resident Evil Code Veronica and 0 remakes are rumoured to be in development at Capcom
    17. The Maw - 28th May-1st June 2024
    18. Anime Dimensions codes [May 2024]
    19. Wordle hint and answer #1074 (May 28 2024)
    1. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, May 28)
    2. Dragon Quest 3 remake might bring the whole Erdrick trilogy to HD-2D, if a fresh tease from Square Enix is anything to go by
    3. The next Doom game is apparently called The Dark Ages and will go all Army of Darkness in a medieval world
    4. Baldur’s Gate 3 had “a bit” of crunch, as director claims that will “always” be the case to get games finished
    5. You can’t leave your Steam backlog to someone else in your will
    6. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, May 27)
    7. Wordle hint and answer #1073 (May 27 2024)
    1. What's on your bookshelf?: Syphilisation and The Quiet Sleep's Nikhil Murthy
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, May 26)
    4. Wordle hint and answer #1072 (May 26 2024)
    1. Elden Ring: Best Greatswords
    2. Wuthering Waves: Echoes tier list
    3. What are we all playing this weekend?
    4. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, May 25)
    5. Wordle hint and answer #1071 (May 25 2024)
    1. Wuthering Waves plans to let you skip more scenes and improve combat as gacha RPG apologises for rocky launch
    2. Sims 4 devs assemble team to focus on fixing bugs and upping performance, updates to now land every two months
    3. Animal Well creator plans to follow the superb Metroidvania with a game that shares its world but “may not be a direct sequel”
    4. One-of-a-kind strategy sim Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic gets 1.0 release next month
    5. Fortnite's new season adds War Buses, rocket-propelled fists, and a lawless desert biome
    6. The opening hour of The Alters feels like 11 bit's first third-person narrative action game
    7. If you happen to be a touch miffed at faceless corps, Mullet Mad Jack has the antidote
    8. Genshin Impact codes
    9. Besiege: The Splintered Sea review: a small vessel for expansive seafaring
    10. Call Of Duty 2024 revealed as Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6, "a dark new chapter"
    11. Looks like the Asus ROG Ally X will get a honking great battery upgrade
    12. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is getting a sequel and Total War: Warhammer 3 is getting a big red dog
    13. How Baldur's Gate 3 might have brought back Candlekeep, the library fortress where Baldur's Gate began
    14. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands SHiFT codes
    15. Tower Of Fantasy codes
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, May 24)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #1070 (May 24 2024)
    1. Elden Ring: How to get to the Roundtable Hold
    2. All free games on the Epic Games Store: What's free right now?
    3. This week's GTA Online Podium Car
    4. Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is less of a PC hardware-killer than it looks
    5. Wuthering Waves next Banner and current Banner
    6. Hades 2: Best Boons
    7. 'Don't worry! I'm a murderer!' - award-winning comedy Anthology of the Killer is out next week
    8. How to gain Union Experience and Union Level fast in Wuthering Waves
    9. Wuthering Waves really, really doesn’t want to run on Steam Deck
    10. Elden Ring: Best Faith weapons
    11. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, May 23)
    12. Wordle hint and answer #1069 (May 23 2024)
    1. You’ll get Warner Bros brawler MultiVersus’ premium battle pass for free if you played the beta
    2. Call of Duty is getting in the (Gundam) robot
    3. Hunt: Showdown’s massive summer update isn’t Hunt 2, but the “significant relaunch” marks “a whole new era”
    4. Destiny 2 is mighty lucky it has good shooting because it's impenetrable otherwise
    5. You can get my old battered gamer chair for, oh I dunno, 50 quid?
    6. Screw it, I'm building a house of graphics cards
    7. Hauntii review: an adventure as beautiful as it looks
    8. Elden Ring: How to get to Volcano Manor
    9. Why do game cutscenes always fade to white?: a sincere plea on behalf of the mole people
    10. The best Alices in PC games
    11. Here’s every spear I spotted in the new Elden Ring DLC trailer, rated for their predicted plot relevance
    12. All Star Tower Defense codes list [May 2024]
    13. Dead By Daylight codes [May 2024]
    14. Wordle hint and answer #1068 (May 22 2024)
    15. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, May 22)
    1. Ro-Ghoul codes list [May 2024]
    2. Norco makers’ new game Silenus lets you boogie in a gothic industrial hellscape
    3. Kingdom Hearts is coming to Steam in June, giving Goofy the broader audience he deserves
    4. Risk Of Rain 2 has a free update that lets you hatch lizard companions and turns chests into memory tests
    5. Shindo Life codes [May 2024]
    6. Sims contender Life By You gets delayed once again, this time indefinitely
    7. I don’t mean to shock you, but Twitter is doing a cool thing as indie devs share their non-game inspirations
    8. Elden Ring: How to get to Nokron
    9. Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War
    10. Senua's Saga Hellblade 2 review: a visual step forward even more contemptuous of interactivity than the first
    11. Wordle hint and answer #1067 (May 21 2024)
    1. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, May 21)
    2. 'Warner Smash Bros' fighter MultiVersus adds Friday the 13th’s Jason and The Matrix’s Agent Smith to its already preposterous roster
    3. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown adds boss rush mode, extra fast-travel and an outfit from the 2008 reboot (if you can unlock it)
    4. Undertale follow-up Deltarune's next part(s) are “going better than ever”, but don’t expect them anytime soon
    5. Stellar Blade devs ‘considering’ a PC release and sequel, as next game Project Witches also eyes up PC
    6. Songs Of Conquest 1.0 review: occasionally demanding but often rewarding fantasy warlordery
    7. Galacticare review: a silly space sim in the Bullfrog tradition, with a great sense of humour
    8. Get one of the best wireless gaming mice for less when you buy it with this mouse mat
    9. Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands' greatest trick is making me enjoy turn-based combat
    10. Prison Architect 2 is coming up for release, but it's hard to rehabilitate from years of 2D
    11. Elden Ring: How to get to Mountaintops Of The Giants
    12. Wuthering Waves: Resonator tier list
    13. Captain Price seems to die in a cut ending from Modern Warfare 3, uncovered 13 years later
    14. Larian's new Polish studio is a "match made in heaven" for the Baldur's Gate 3 developer's upcoming RPGs
    15. Elden Ring: How to get to Mohgwyn Palace
    16. Veteran Morrowind quest designer returns to the setting they helped build with a huge mod project
    17. All Echoes in Wuthering Waves
    18. The Maw - 20th-25th May 2024
    19. Wordle hint and answer #1066 (May 20 2024)
    1. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, May 20)
    2. What's on your bookshelf?: Inscryption and Pony Island's Daniel Mullins
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. Wordle hint and answer #1065 (May 19 2024)
    5. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, May 19)
    1. Seablip is a pixel art pirate 'em up out now in Early Access
    2. Here's the first trailer for the Dead Cells animated series
    3. The next Call Of Duty will launch on Game Pass on day one, reports say
    4. Redfall will receive one final update after all, including an offline mode
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. Wordle hint and answer #1064 (May 18 2024)
    7. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, May 18)
    1. Fallout is headed to Fortnite’s next season
    2. Hades 2 will likely be in early access until 2025, with first big update to add new enemies, maps and features
    3. Looks like Valve’s next game is Deadlock, a multiplayer shooter-MOBA mix of Overwatch, Dota and Team Fortress
    4. Activision unveil new studio working on ‘narrative AAA franchise’, days after Microsoft shut Prey and Evil Within devs
    5. Warm, relaxing town builder Of Life and Land has some impressive sim chops
    6. Ghost of Tsushima runs well on Steam Deck, making its PSN nonsense all the more annoying
    7. Lorelei And The Laser Eyes doesn’t let its surreal creativity strip its puzzles of logic
    8. Nando's does difficulty better than videogames
    9. Rumours point to Total War: Star Wars in the works at Creative Assembly
    10. Elden Ring: How to get to Liurnia early
    11. Summery Soulslike Enotria: The Last Song is delayed again, but there's an 8-hour demo coming soon
    12. This handy list of mods makes Dragon Age: Inquisition short enough to play again before Dreadwolf comes out
    13. The 'Grand Theft Auto 6' of Grand Theft Auto 6-likes, aka Grand Theft Auto VI, is coming next “fall"
    14. First Hades 2 patch lets you gather seed, silver and souls simultaneously
    15. Excellent 4X strategy sim Endless Legend is free on Steam for a week
    16. Wordle hint and answer #1063 (May 17 2024)
    17. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, May 17)
    1. Elden Ring: How to get to the Haligtree
    2. Elden Ring: Best Arcane weapons
    3. Elden Ring: How to get to Deeproot Depths
    4. Biomorph is one the best of its genre, of 2024, and maybe all time
    5. Big cool weirdo Yoko Taro may or may not be working on something that may or may not be Nier
    6. Helldivers 2 players rally around an unlikely hero who just wanted to make friends
    7. Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser's new studio is making an "open world action-adventure" game
    8. Shockingly great soulslike Lies Of P is due a DLC by the end of the year
    9. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, May 16)
    10. Ubisoft quietly cancel The Division Heartland
    11. Wordle hint and answer #1062 (May 16 2024)
    1. Ghost of Tsushima’s PSN login requirement will stop you playing multiplayer on Steam Deck
    2. All Resonators in Wuthering Waves
    3. Dead by Daylight is adding D&D killer Vecna, voiced by Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer, with Castlevania also on the way
    4. Assassin's Creed Shadows is both a samurai and a ninja game, as it borrows Syndicate’s dual-character story
    5. "Inspired by FF9" is all I needed to sell me on JRPG tribute Alzara Radiant Echoes, but "Dark Souls composer" and "Genshin Impact artist" help too
    6. Elden Ring: Best Strength weapons
    7. It’s not just Helldivers 2 - plenty of games owe a lot to the films of Paul Verhoeven
    8. Elden Ring: How to get to Crumbling Farum Azula
    9. I am dissatisfied with the hat selection in Little Kitty, Big City
    10. Homeworld 3’s performance is uneven, but can be spared the worst of spacefight slowdown
    11. Read Only Memories: Neurodiver review - a bright cyberpunk noir overdosing on easter eggs
    12. For two years, Kento Momota had the best game in the world
    13. Comedy RPG Athenian Rhapsody is a child of Undertale with GBA visuals in which playthroughs become postcards
    14. Wuthering Waves release date
    15. Wayfinder is ditching its free-to-play live-service model to become a paid, co-op RPG without microtransactions
    16. How to get Copper in V Rising
    17. How to make Stone Bricks in V Rising
    18. V Rising: Castle Heart Decay
    19. How to make a roof in V Rising
    20. How to use the Sawmill in V Rising
    21. How to fast travel in V Rising
    22. The Sims 4 kicks off the weirdly horny new roadmap with a refresh to base game swimwear
    23. How to get bones in V Rising
    24. Elden Ring: How to get to Consecrated Snowfield
    25. How to get a horse in V Rising
    26. Game dev challenges other devs to multiply something in their game by 1000, triggering landslide of chaotic videos
    27. How to heal in V Rising
    28. How to get explosives in V Rising
    29. I’m not sure if FPS The Explorator is real or I just fell asleep watching Adult Swim, but I’m already in love
    30. Braid Anniversary Edition is out now, rewinding time approximately 15 years
    31. Valheim gets a fiery rebirth as Ashlands biome goes live with new siege weapons, bone spiders and boiling seas
    32. Total War Warhammer 3’s frost wyrms are just shrinking because they’re cold, I swear, and other changes in new hotfix
    33. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, May 15)
    34. Wordle hint and answer #1061 (May 15 2024)
    1. Prison Architect 2 developers part ways with Paradox months before it's due for release
    2. Minecraft is turning 15, so they're giving away some Character Creator items
    3. Steam's latest Fest offers discounts on games you can play over and over forever
    4. Former XCOM and Civilization devs team up to launch a "next gen lifesim" inspired by Stephen King and Gilmore Girls
    5. InKonbini is Shenmue, but just the convenience store
    6. Elden Ring: How to get to Altus Plateau
    7. V Rising Gear Score
    8. How to find the Putrid Rat in V Rising
    9. Vampire Therapist is like playing language puzzles against different types of theatre kid
    10. Who needs a Morrowind remake when you can explore the beautiful nightmare of Dread Delusion?
    11. How to get Whetstone in V Rising
    12. These racing game players are 11 days into an exhausting race to climb a deadly tower
    13. How to get Silver Ore in V Rising
    14. V Rising tips and tricks
    15. Paper Trail review: a beautiful puzzler I had a (mostly) miserable time with
    16. Elden Ring: How to get the Lantern
    17. Anime Fruit Simulator codes [May 2024]
    18. A solo dev worked 12 years on this retro JRPG - and it’s out next month
    19. World Of Stands codes [May 2024]
    20. Monkey Island creator's new RPG is "best described as Classic Zelda meets Diablo meets Thimbleweed Park"
    21. Funky Friday Codes
    22. Da Hood codes [May 2024]
    23. Fallout 4 gets some further tweaks to its mod-destroying “next gen update”
    24. New Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree enemy revealed: a bloke with a basket for a head
    25. The Long Dark is getting a Cheat Death system, but don't worry, it's also getting a Misery Mode and cougars
    26. Hades 2 will change your "dash" and "sprint" abilities in its first patch
    27. The AC game set in feudal Japan is called Assassins Creed Shadows, may have leaked its own release date
    28. Mullet Mad Jack review: a simple and ultra-stylish corridor crash
    29. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, May 14)
    1. Wordle hint and answer #1060 (May 14 2024)
    2. New Doom reveal hinted at by Zenimax trademark
    3. The first Red Dead Redemption could finally be coming to PC - and soon - according to a fresh datamine
    4. EA are thinking about inserting adverts into games - but don’t worry, it’ll be “very thoughtful”
    5. PC classics Ultima, SimCity and Myst have been added to the World Video Game Hall of Fame
    6. We might not wait so long for the next FF7 Remake, as Square Enix plan to “win over PC users” with “aggressive” shift away from console exclusives
    7. Elden Ring: How to get the Erudition Gesture
    8. Elden Ring Talisman Pouch locations
    9. What did a medieval peasant’s raw, sour breath sound like? Manor Lords’ composers tell us
    10. I need someone to make a video game for me, specifically, about prioritising my pile of unread books
    11. Former Helldivers 2 lead writer's next game is "Fire Emblem if it were published by Annapurna"
    12. Elden Ring: How to cure Scarlet Rot
    13. Rhythm shooter ROBOBEAT is a cyberpunk Metal: Hellsinger, out this week with a demo still available
    14. Necrophosis has a demo, if you're after a "we've already got Scorn at home" experience
    15. Enter The Chronosphere is a fast, furious yet laidback series of top-down shooting hamster mazes
    16. You can pet the headcrabs in Abiotic Factor, and now they'll follow you around
    17. This sweet life sim is Stardew meets Star Trek, and you can try the demo now
    18. The Trombone Champ championships are a wellspring of community creativity whether or not you bone the 'trom
    19. Hades 2: Romance options
    20. Honkai Star Rail codes May 2024
    21. The Maw - 13th-17th May 2024
    22. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, May 13)
    1. Wordle hint and answer #1059 (May 13 2024)
    2. What's on your bookshelf?: El Paso, Elsewhere and Hypnospace Outlaw's Xalavier Nelson Jr.
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, May 12)
    5. Wordle hint and answer #1058 (May 12 2024)
    1. Instruments Of Destruction, from one of Red Faction Guerilla's demolition tech wizards, is out in 1.0 now
    2. Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut no longer available on Steam in almost 180 countries due to PSN requirement
    3. Warner Bros. are returning some Adult Swim-published Steam store pages to their developers after all
    4. What are we all playing this weekend?
    5. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, May 11)
    6. Wordle hint and answer #1057 (May 11 2024)
    1. Homeworld 3 review: a lavish and often gripping RTS that is overly reliant on playing the hits
    2. After waiting years for its next-gen update, Fallout 4 is already getting another patch next week
    3. Dead Cells devs’ The Rogue Prince of Persia dodges Hades 2 with a release date delay
    4. Dead by Daylight is teasing a classic Dungeons & Dragons monster as its next killer
    5. Bungie's original landmark FPS Marathon is now free on Steam
    6. Stellaris director insists “ethical use of AI is very important to us” after generating voices in latest DLC
    7. Hades 2: How to get Moon Dust
    8. How to get Bath Salts in Hades 2
    9. Manor Lords gets its first big patch, with new taxes, animations and changes to trading
    10. Hades 2: Animal Familiars
    11. How to get Cotton Yarn in V Rising
    12. Best Manor Lords mods
    13. Best weapon in V Rising
    14. Oh no, I accidentally got really into Helldivers 2
    15. V Rising dedicated server setup guide
    16. How to get Iron in V Rising
    17. How to get Leather in V Rising
    18. V Rising Blood Types and Blood Quality
    19. V Rising best base locations
    20. Here's a demo for Reka, the bewitching forest fantasy game with the chicken-legged house
    21. Hades 2: How to get Thalamus
    22. Hades 2: How to get Bronze
    23. Hades 2: Weapon Aspects
    24. How to get a Horse in Manor Lords
    25. Runes may one day be a great RPG - it's currently an entrancing oddity filled with accidental cyborg ninjas
    26. Frontier announce third Jurassic World game and two other management sims
    27. DayZ's new wintery map adds frosty peaks and snowy forests and icier ways to make you suffer
    28. Game Pass’s “only (outside) shot” for sustainability is to get GTA 6 or Call of Duty, says former Microsoft senior PR lead
    29. You now have no excuse to not play Arkane Austin’s Prey - you can grab it and two other bangers for a fiver
    30. Orpheus may be missing from Hades 2 but he's returning to role-playing musical Stray Gods
    31. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, May 10)
    32. Wordle hint and answer #1056 (May 10 2024)
    1. Microsoft exec calls for "smaller", "prestige" games the day after closing Hi-Fi Rush studio Tango
    2. Manor Lords: What is Emmer Fertility?
    3. Helldivers 2 balancing has been "removing the fun", Arrowhead CEO frets - "just tweaking damage numbers is a blunt tool"
    4. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S3 episode 18: everyone's loving Hades 2!
    5. How to get food in Manor Lords
    6. Hades 2: How to get Glassrock
    7. Hades 2: Best weapons
    8. Tango Gameworks deserve to be remembered for more than Shinji Mikami
    9. Hades 2: Where to get Garlic
    10. Animal Well review: an unmissable creature feature
    11. I have been texting my Classicist brother about Hades II and he's just enjoying it like a normal person
    12. Vibrant strategy Be the Ruler: Britannia is probably not the next Manor Lords, but it looks great nonetheless
    13. Can you play Rusty's Retirement while at work and still get work done?
    14. Among Us is getting new roles, better lobby filtering, and more bean fashion
    15. More Xbox studio cuts likely to follow Tango and Arkane Austin, and Game Pass looks like the culprit
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, May 9)
    1. Wordle hint and answer #1055 (May 9 2024)
    2. Shadows Of Doubt's sharpshooter assassins keep missing and leaving huge piles of wasted ammo everywhere
    3. Darkest Dungeon 2 should start rolling out its long-awaited mod support soon
    4. Next Battlefield game will have “connected” multiplayer and single-player offerings, made by series’ biggest team yet
    5. Fortnite bans its Yoda backpack for opening game-crashing wormholes while doing Futurama’s Zoidberg Scuttle
    6. I’m fascinated by this open-world delivery game that sounds like Death Stranding on a horse in 13th-century Mongolia, with “unparalleled equine realism”
    7. Hades 2: How to get Lotus
    8. Manor Lords beginner's guide
    9. Manor Lords tips and tricks
    10. Remembering Prey, Arkane Austin’s masterpiece
    11. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf set to arrive by next March, according to report
    12. The best Final Fantasy games on PC
    13. How to increase Approval in Manor Lords
    14. How to defeat Bandits in Manor Lords
    15. Manor Lords: Generic Storage Full
    16. Manor Lords: How to build Market Stalls
    17. From Glory To Goo is full of loveably horrible little glurbs
    18. How to make Ale in Manor Lords
    19. Manor Lords: How to get Regional Wealth
    20. Manor Lords: How to get more Families and Population
    21. How to make Clothes, Cloaks, and Shoes in Manor Lords
    22. Manor Lords: Best Development Points to unlock
    23. Gray Zone Warfare may be the new FPS hotness, but my experience with it left me cold
    24. Crow Country review: my first Resident Evil (complimentary)
    25. How to trade, set trade rules and trade routes in Manor Lords
    26. Manor Lords: How to get Sheep
    27. Hades 2: How to get Shadow
    28. Insect RTS Empires Of The Undergrowth leaves early access in June, adding savannahs, termites and stink ants
    29. Hades 2: How to get the Fishing Rod
    30. How multiplayer horror Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game does away with downtime
    31. Disgruntled Helldivers 2 fans start petition to bring back fired community manager
    32. Excellent fantasy RPG Wildermyth is turning into a roguelike via DLC
    33. Destiny 2 gives all players access to three expansions as The Final Shape draws closer
    34. Hades 2: All Keepsakes
    35. A Redfall offline mode was imminent before Microsoft shut down Arkane Austin, according to report
    36. Croakoloco is not an idle game, because simply being around frogs is a powerfully worthwhile activity
    37. Make a cool Elden Ring trailer to win a 10ft statue of Messmer the Impaler that will be a nightmare to dust
    38. Wordle hint and answer #1054 (May 8 2024)
    39. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, May 8)
    1. Narrative driving adventure Heading Out is out
    2. Remedy and Tencent's co-op multiplayer game Kestrel has been cancelled
    3. The Witcher 3's REDkit mod tools launch May 21st, enabling a new era of ambitious overhauls
    4. Hades 2: Best Arcana Cards
    5. 8 Manor Lords combat tips and tricks
    6. Microsoft are shutting down the studios that made Prey, Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush
    7. V Rising 1.0 review: one of the slickest survival games gets even slicker
    8. Gray Zone Warfare is deploying hotfixes, but performance remains grim
    9. Metaphor: ReFantazio features seven party members, a giant sandworm, and a high difficulty
    10. Hades 2's best girl is Nemesis because she messes up your run
    11. Leila is a dreamy puzzle adventure with shades of Gorogoa
    12. This bodycam mech shooter has a slick rainy day look and Zelda-like vehicle construction
    13. The Maw - 7th-10th May 2024
    14. Hades 2: Every door and Boon symbol
    15. Hades 2: Top tips for beginners
    16. NYT Connections hint and answers (Tue, May 7)
    17. Wordle hint and answer #1053 (May 7 2024)
    1. Hades 2 is another Steam Deck banger, early access or no
    2. You won’t need a PSN account to play Ghost of Tsushima single-player, devs reassure after Helldivers 2 fallout
    3. Hades 2 early access review: a roguelike of witchy crowd control with a sparkling new cast
    4. No Rest for the Wicked lowers its recommended specs as first big patch brings “significant” performance boosts
    5. It looks like Space Marine 2 will let you go head-to-head in PvP multiplayer
    6. Helldivers 2 drops PSN account linking requirement for Steam players after widespread backlash
    7. NYT Connections hint and answers (Mon, May 6)
    1. Wordle hint and answer #1052 (May 6 2024)
    2. What's on your bookshelf?: Borderlands, Life Is Strange, and Horizon Zero Dawn actor Ashly Burch
    3. Star Wars arrives in Fall Guys this week, alongside major changes to bean physics
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. UK government responds to petition asking them to regulate publishers into keeping games "in a working state"
    6. Wordle hint and answer #1051 (May 5 2024)
    7. Wordle hint and answer #1050 (May 4 2024)
    8. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sun, May 5)
    1. Helldivers 2 has received 100,000 negative reviews since announcing players must link Steam to a PSN account
    2. What are we all playing this weekend?
    3. NYT Connections hint and answers (Sat, May 4)
    1. Bloodstained’s final update arrives next week, adding Chaos and Versus modes originally planned for 2020
    2. SteamWorld Heist 2’s new job system brings a whole scrapheap of customisation to the charming 2D XCOM-a-like
    3. Nightmare kingdom builder Norland has natural disasters, but don't worry, it also has prophets of disaster
    4. League of Legends’ anti-cheat won't brick your PC, Riot insist, after adding Valorant’s controversial system to the MOBA
    5. How to install a new SSD on the Steam Deck
    6. Total Warhammer 3 without touching grass: Noctilus accidentally looks up 'avast' in the dictionary
    7. Fortnite is now a Lego Star Wars game, with a whole new world for its survival mode in time for May the Fourth
    8. Prettying up Distant Bloom's alien world is its own reward
    9. It should be a sin to sleep on lysergic black comedy INDIKA
    10. Best units in Manor Lords
    11. Mystery Show is a free Game Boy Camera exhibition set inside a haunted house
    12. Carceri is a "chaotic Art-toy" from a former Metroid Prime 4 dev, inspired by Piranesi
    13. Valiant infantry rejoice: Earth Defense Force 6 has a new launch date trailer
    14. Helldivers 2 PC players will soon need to link their Steam accounts to PlayStation Network
    15. A modder is beautifying Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite with cel-shaded visuals
    16. Pools as a liminal space isn't scary, it's how impractical it all is
    17. Ubisoft's free-to-play shooter XDefiant, aka Ubisoft's Expendables, will launch in May
    18. Star Wars: Squadrons is 95% off and also, the perfect May 4th night in - shame the multiplayer's dead
    19. Cutesy fairytale citybuilder Fabledom hits 1.0 later this month
    20. Co-op horror Content Warning now has a hat shop, new map, island upgrades and 13 fresh monsters
    21. NYT Connections hint and answers (Fri, May 3)
    22. Wordle hint and answer #1049 (May 3 2024)
    1. The Forever Winter is a co-op shooter about scavenging among the wreckage of a never-ending mech war
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic's next update adds pie-baking and a galactic egg hunt
    3. Helldivers 2's next premium warbond arrives next week with new weapons, armour and winter weather capes
    4. Half Lifey survival game Abiotic Factor is out now in early access
    5. Indika, the darkly comic story of a young nun in a surreal world, is out now
    6. Sky Of Tides is the anti-Disco Elysium in which balance is queen
    7. The excellent Logitech G915 is on sale at Currys in two different form factors
    8. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast: a patch of patches
    9. Should you bother with... Wi-Fi 7?
    10. How to recruit and increase Retinue in Manor Lords
    11. The top SSD for gaming is down to £150 for 2TB in Amazon's Gaming Week sale
    12. How to move buildings in Manor Lords
    13. Mesopotamia is coming to Total War: Pharaoh alongside over 80 new units
    14. No more Elden Ring DLC after Shadow Of The Erdtree, says Souls boss Miyazaki
    15. The Manor Lords dev has the "ideal" approach to early access, says Hooded Horse: "It's not like, vote on the next feature"
    16. Sea Of Thieves has gone all Lock Stock in Season 12 with double-barreled guns and, er, skeleton summons
    17. Rabbit And Steel gives you the thrills of an MMO raid without the preceding mega-grind, and it has a demo
    18. All three remastered Mass Effect games and their DLC are 90% off on Steam
    19. Skateboarding studio Roll7 is reportedly being closed down by parent company Take-Two
    20. NYT Connections hint and answers (Thu, May 2)
    21. Wordle hint and answer #1048 (May 2 2024)
    1. Starfield’s biggest update yet fixes its rubbish maps, adds custom difficulty and expands ship decoration
    2. The next Batman: Arkham game after Kill the Justice League is a VR title exclusive to the Meta Quest
    3. Funko Pop's co-op shooter lets you blast the heads off dead-eyed dolls from Hot Fuzz, Battlestar Galactica and more this September
    4. D&D makers are spending $1 billion on their own video games, promising they’ll be ‘quality and authentic’ like Baldur’s Gate 3
    5. Kerbal Space Program 2 feared cancelled as 70 layoffs reported at Take-Two's Seattle offices
    6. The timeless Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse is on sale for Amazon Gaming Week
    7. How to increase Settlement Level in Manor Lords
    8. How to enter Castle Planner in Manor Lords
    9. Sins Of A Solar Empire 2 will release on Steam this summer
    10. Catholic Priest AI chatbot is defrocked within a week after taking confession and okaying Gatorade baptisms
    11. Deus Ex creator Warren Spector has “literally dumpster dived” to help with game preservation
    12. We could be seeing Total War: Warhammer 3’s redemption after months of backlash
    13. A Fallout 76 theatre troupe is putting on Richard III, with a ghoul king inspired by the Fallout TV show
    14. Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 has you plunge to new depths with "Drillevators"
    15. Stripped-down city builder Mini Settlers has a free prologue demo that seems perfect for Steam Deck
    16. Call of Duty 2024 and Gears 6 to get June reveal alongside Avowed and Indiana Jones release dates, claims report
    17. NYT Connections hint and answers (Wed, May 1)
    18. Wordle hint and answer #1047 (May 1 2024)