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May 2022 Archive

    1. Wordle answer (Wednesday 1 June)
    2. eFootball's Master League paid DLC won't be available until 2023
    3. Sonic Frontiers gets first trailer showing open world combat
    4. Iron Harvest getting new World Map campaign in next free update
    5. Euro Truck Simulator 2's Russia DLC has been indefinitely postponed
    6. Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro PD32M review: not very Porsche-y, but a fine gaming monitor
    7. Minecraft 1.19: Everything we know
    8. The Monument Valley games are coming to PC in July
    9. Steelrising's robotic revolutionary Paris could be in line for the Soulslike throne
    10. Diablo Immortal: Everything we know
    11. Diablo Immortal release time
    12. Diablo Immortal won't launch in Belgium and the Netherlands
    1. Get a 500GB Crucial NVMe SSD for £36 after a 34% discount
    2. Get a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSD for £120, £50 cheaper than it was last month
    3. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has blockchain integration, NFT plans
    4. V Rising developers post update on their next steps
    5. 7 of the most cutest things in Little Witch In The Woods
    6. Computex 2022 highlights: all the best PC gaming bits
    7. Crossfire: Legion early access review: a well-made RTS that's in too much of a rush
    8. Embracer Group is creating an archive to preserve games history
    1. Wordle answer (Monday 30 May)
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Fast Four Words is a Wordle-like race to think of as many words as you can
    2. Wordle answer (Sunday 29 May)
    3. Foretales is a lush narrative card game about a thieving bird
    4. Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op mod lets you play the entire game with a friend
    5. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor finally has a first teaser trailer
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Wordle answer (Saturday 28th May)
    2. Cities: Skylines Humble Bundle contains six years of DLC
    3. Clanfolk looks like RimWorld set in the medieval Scottish highlands
    4. Mafia developers Hangar 13 have undergone a new round of layoffs
    5. Cyberpunk 2077's expansion dialogue and missions details have allegedly leaked
    6. New World’s May update introduces combat arenas for 3v3 PvP
    7. Hardspace: Shipbreaker review: moreish sci-fi work sim sticks the landing
    8. Diablo Immortal pre-load begins on PC today ahead of its launch on June 2nd
    9. AMD Adrenalin driver 22.5.2 tested: big promises, but no GPU miracle worker
    10. I've bought Lost Judgment with no intention of playing it
    11. Drainus isn't quite special, but sure is swish
    12. How to sign up for the Zenless Zone Zero beta
    13. Valve finally respond to Team Fortress 2’s bot problem
    14. Solve a mystery with new character Yelan in Genshin Impact's latest web event
    15. Frogs are hopping aboard Minecraft in June with The Wild update
    16. Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos is a mind-bending brawler pulling no punches
    17. The Steam Deck’s fan quietening, refresh rate customising OS update is out now
    1. Wordle answer (Friday 27 May)
    2. Compete to solve Wordle puzzles against others in WeWordle
    3. BioShock: The Collection is free to keep from Epic right now
    4. Survarium, spiritual successor to S.T.A.L.K.E.R., will shut down this month
    5. Returnal might be headed to PC, a new SteamDB listing suggests
    6. Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy review: a special, chunky roguesomething
    7. This cool roguelike mockup looks like screenshots printed in an old magazine
    8. The Quarry's online multiplayer has been delayed to July
    9. Best Lost Ark Shadowhunter build for PvE and PvP
    10. Best Lost Ark Paladin build for PvE and PvP
    11. Best Lost Ark Destroyer build for PvE and PvP
    12. Best Lost Ark Artillerist build for PvE and PvP
    13. Best Lost Ark Bard build for PvE and PvP
    14. Best Lost Ark Scrapper build for PvE and PvP
    15. Best Lost Ark Deadeye build for PvE and PvP
    16. Best Lost Ark Gunlancer build for PvE and PvP
    17. Best Lost Ark Gunslinger build for PvE and PvP
    18. Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter build for PvE and PvP
    19. Best Lost Ark Berserker build for PvE and PvP
    20. Best Lost Ark Deathblade builds for PvE and PvP
    21. Best Lost Ark Striker build for PvE and PvP
    22. Best Lost Ark Sorceress build for PvE and PvP
    23. Best Lost Ark Soulfist build for PvE and PvP
    24. Best Lost Ark Wardancer build for PvE and PvP
    25. Best Lost Ark Glaivier build for PvE and PvP
    26. V Rising players are calling for an arachnophobia mode to deal with its horrible spiders
    27. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 188: the best noble failures in video games special
    28. Two Point Campus' students are as weird, wonderful and w-fun as you'd expect
    29. The Quarry is giving 80s slasher screams to 2022 teens
    30. No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan update will trap you in a roguelike time loop
    31. Help make EGX better by taking this survey
    32. V Rising boss locations
    33. A third of PlayStation’s first-party releases will be on PC by 2025, say Sony
    34. The Marvel MMORPG from the DC Universe Online devs has been cancelled
    35. SteelSeries mice and headsets are discounted at Amazon UK
    36. Back up everything with this discounted 16TB external HDD from WD
    37. The Crucial P5 Plus 1TB is down to £100 at Amazon UK
    38. The PS5 DualSense controller is 25% off at Amazon UK this week
    1. Wordle answer (Thursday 26 May)
    2. Codename: Wandering Sword is a Wuxia RPG with a blend of real-time and turn-based battles
    3. Ghibli-esque MMO Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has launched on PC
    4. The Cycle: Frontier touches down on Steam and Epic Games Store in June
    5. How to get Blood Essence in V Rising
    6. Roller Champions is a wheely good time but may stumble at the start line
    7. V Rising sinks its teeth into offline mode with a hotfix today
    8. Sniper Elite 5 review: too much sprinting, not enough sharpshooting
    9. Hitman 3 ray tracing arrives, kills performance, escapes in nice suit
    10. Game Grumps are overseeing Homebody, a psychological horror game
    1. Wordle answer (Wednesday 25 May)
    2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will launch in October
    3. Melatonin looks like the Rhythm Heaven game of your dreams
    4. Razer's excellent Basilisk Ultimate wireless mouse is £86 off today
    5. Buy an external GPU enclosure with an RTX 2060 for £300
    6. Temtem, a Pokémon-like MMO, will leave early access this September
    7. Hardspace: Shipbreaker now has a finished campaign and has left early access
    8. Zerograve is an arcadey Descent in a technicolour dronecoat
    9. V Rising best settings guide: early access performance tested
    10. I, The Inquisitor is a dark fantasy RPG that marries big Witcher vibes with mean Jesus
    11. The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum may miss a precious opportunity
    12. Destiny 2's Season 17 begins today, and it's haunted
    13. You Suck At Parking's new multiplayer mode is Mario Kart meets Micro Machines, and honking good fun
    14. Geoff Keighley predicts a more traditional not-E3 this year, with fewer showcases from third parties
    15. Evil Dead: The Game best character tier list
    16. Raven Software QA testers vote in favour of unionising in first for US
    1. Wordle answer (Tuesday 24 May)
    2. New RX 6800 XT price drop: $700 on B&H Photo or Amazon
    3. Pick up the Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse for $55 at Office Depot (was $100)
    4. Elden Ring best talismans and where to find them
    5. Floppy Knights review: a joyful card game that offers more the longer you play
    6. GSC Game World are back working on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 again
    7. Final Fantasy XIV fixed on Steam Deck with Proton Experimental update
    8. Babylon's Fall's Season 2 update is being extended to "re-evaluate" the game's future
    9. AMD detail Ryzen 7000 CPUs with 5.5GHz clock speeds and 15% faster cores
    10. A sticky cursor bug is causing players to lose Lost Ark's new Legion Raid
    11. My Time At Sandrock early access review: a wild west life simulator that does it all
    12. YouTube Life codes [June 2022]
    1. Wordle answer (Monday 23 May)
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wordle answer (Sunday 22nd May)
    2. Apico is a beekeeping sim with Stardew Valley vibes
    3. Embracer see potential for Deus Ex and Tomb Raider sequels, remakes and spinoffs
    4. Battlefield 2042 removed its 128-player Breakthrough mode - but is still advertising it
    5. EA reportedly looking for a buyer and has spoken to "Disney, Apple and Amazon"
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Wordle answer (Saturday 21st May)
    2. Alright, you tell me how you would organise these keys
    3. V Rising building guide: How to build a castle in V Rising
    4. MultiVersus is a free-to-play Smash Bros-like that's come out swinging
    5. Path Of Exile controller support and remapping guide
    6. Norman Reedus may have just let slip that a Death Stranding sequel is coming
    7. Genshin Impact's 2.7 update lands on May 31st after small delay
    8. Lost Ark’s May update adds a smashing new class and... a playable chicken?
    9. Recommendations for Steam's big puzzle game sale
    10. Genshin Impact Diona Hangout endings
    11. RPS@PAX 2022: A deep dive into PAX's Pinny Arcade community
    12. The PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show are returning June 11th and 12th
    13. Blast the gingerbread undead in the next DLC for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, out now
    1. Wordle answer (Friday 20 May)
    2. The Witcher 3's next-gen update is now aiming for a Q4 2022 release
    3. The Sims 4 Moonlight Chic Kit and Little Campers Kit will launch next week
    4. You can now play EVE Online in your browser
    5. Get a 27-in 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor for $240 after an Amazon discount
    6. Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, inches closer with first pre-release build
    7. This AMD RX 6800 XT 16GB graphics card is down to $770 at Amazon
    8. Puzzle game collection CosmOS 9 is a gentle introduction to the genre
    9. Marvel Snap is the new superhero CCG from some of the creators of Hearthstone
    10. This new 3D screensaver collection includes a driving tour of global pylons
    11. Borderlands 3 is free to keep on the Epic Games Store right dang now
    12. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 187: the funniest games special
    13. Roller Champions finally transitions into its first season next week
    14. Old World ventures out of Epic exclusivity today to invade Steam and GOG
    15. Dracula simulator V Rising should be getting an offline mode in the next few days
    16. Path Of Exile Sentinel league mechanics explained
    1. Wordle answer (Thursday 19 May)
    2. Spiders announce colonial fantasy RPG sequel Greedfall 2
    3. Four SteamWorld games are in development, including a citybuilder
    4. New footage of Sonic Origins shows "Anniversary Mode"
    5. Vampire Survivors, Sniper Elite 5 heading to Xbox Game Pass this month
    6. Final Fantasy 7 announcements coming next month for 25th anniversary
    7. Get the upgraded version of RPS' best wireless mouse at $50/£30 off
    8. Intel Core i9-12900KS review: Intel’s fastest gaming CPU yet
    9. Get a ludicrously fast Lenovo Legion RTX 3080 gaming laptop at $600 off
    10. Popverse is a new pop culture site from our business dad
    11. Blizzard's next Overwatch 2 event dated for June
    12. What's better: random critical hits, or controlled crits?
    13. Slice-of-life sim Spirittea channels Stardew Valley and the spirit world
    14. Eternal Threads review: Eastenders meets time travel meets electrical safety
    15. New Saints Row reboot gameplay looks much the same as old Saints Row, just prettier
    16. Acer are bringing their no-glasses 3D screen tech to gaming laptops
    17. Phonopolis is a playful dystopian adventure from Amanita Design
    18. Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong review: mystery, intrigue, and walking about
    19. Gibbon: Beyond The Trees review: a short, but heartfelt ecological adventure
    20. Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest world update spruces up Italy and Malta
    1. Wordle answer (Wednesday 18 May)
    2. MultiVersus launches sign-ups for closed alpha test
    3. Dying Light 2's developers are ramping up work on an open world fantasy RPG
    4. Bloober Team CEO "can't comment" on Silent Hill rumours
    5. The new PlayStation Plus looks underwhelming for PC players
    6. Dead By Daylight invites the bogeyman to its sixth birthday party
    7. Bohemia Interactive confirm their next wargame is Arma Reforger, and it's out right now
    8. Photography game Umurangi Generation is now on Game Pass
    9. V Rising map
    10. It's still tough to be a new Eve Online player in 2022
    11. Stray Blade is an action RPG with serious Kingdoms Of Amalur energy
    12. AMD's Ryzen 5 5600X gaming CPU is down to £185 in the UK
    13. Mutant Year Zero devs are making a new tactical RPG called Miasma Chronicles
    14. Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition is £1049 at Scan
    15. V Rising is a vampiric Valheim you shouldn't miss out on
    16. The joy of unending death in Hades
    17. Guerrilla Collective’s indie games showcase is returning on June 11th
    18. Fall Guys is going free-to-play on the Epic Games Store in June
    1. Wordle answer (Tuesday 17 May)
    2. This MSI GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card is £370 - a new low-water mark
    3. Get Elden Ring free with a Crucial SSD: SATA, NVMe or USB options
    4. Path Of Exile: Infinite Hunger boss guide
    5. Path Of Exile: Searing Exarch boss guide
    6. Path Of Exile: Eater of Worlds boss fight guide
    7. Four hours with Card Shark looks like it's playing aces high all the way
    8. 20 Minutes Till Dawn demo is a cracking roguelite shoot 'em up
    9. Respawn's Fallen Order sequel is apparently called Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
    10. Leaked Silent Hill images suggest a new game with a British setting
    11. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: animals cute and deadly
    12. An Elden Ring player survey shows everybody loves Ranni
    1. Wordle answer (Monday 16 May)
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wordle answer (Sunday 15 May)
    2. Another Crab's Treasure is a Soulslike about battling crabs
    3. Gunbrella casts you as a murderous Mary Poppins
    4. Deathloop update adds photo mode and new accessibility options
    5. Activision Blizzard brag about weird diversity tool, quickly walk it back after backlash
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    7. Get a 2TB WD SN770 PCIe 4.0 SSD for £170 after a 10% discount
    1. Wordle answer (Saturday 14th May)
    2. FSR 2.0 tested: AMD’s new upscaler closes the gap on DLSS
    3. RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2009
    4. Mechfights made mellow in Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics
    5. Path Of Exile Black Star boss fight mechanics
    6. Overwatch 2's PVP beta feels mighty familiar even for a sequel
    7. CCP won't let two failed shooters get in the way of making the perfect Eve Online FPS
    8. Age Of Empires 3: DE's latest DLC adds a ‘casual-friendly’ game mode
    9. Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions
    10. How to unlock new characters in Vampire Survivors
    11. Lego Bricktales recreates Lego so well that I wish it was just regular Lego
    12. Grab your boomstick, Evil Dead: The Game is out now
    13. Supporter podcast - The Nate Files episode 9: All Creatures Small And Even More Small & episode 10: Don't Kinkshame The Skin Worms
    14. Genshin Impact devs unveil their next stylish action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero
    1. Wordle answer (Friday 13 May)
    2. Stellaris: Overlord is out now, adding vassals and new megastructures
    3. Funcom are making a multiplayer, open-world survival Dune game
    4. The Dead Space remake gets a January 2023 release date
    5. Alan Wake 2 won't be revealed this summer after all, Remedy say
    6. Path Of Exile vendor recipes
    7. Path Of Exile Leagues - do I keep character progress and item stash?
    8. Path Of Exile skill points: every Book of Skill location
    9. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti review: the graphics card I want, but shouldn’t
    10. Dying Light 2's first story DLC has been delayed to September
    11. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 186: the best writing in games
    12. Starfield and Redfall have both been delayed until 2023
    13. Grimdark RTS Age of Darkness: Final Stand throws thousands against your frail walls
    14. Of course John Romero's autobiography is going to be called Doom Guy
    15. Screenshot Secrets: photographing Stripes the family cat in Morrowind
    16. Apply to Rock Paper Shotgun's work experience programme for ethnic minorities
    17. Prey and Jotun: Valhalla Edition are free on the Epic Games Store today
    18. Steam Deck update adds per-game performance profiles
    1. Wordle answer (Thursday 12 May)
    2. What's better: controlling a turret, or little inconsequential choices?
    3. Loot River devs "messed up" but will work to improve game, add actual loot
    4. Summer Game Fest 2022 will be mercifully more compact this year, running June 9-12th
    5. Songs Of Conquest early access review: an already-stylish tactical RPG
    6. In the face of Warzone's endless churn, I admit defeat
    7. Genshin Impact starts handing out freebies today to compensate for update 2.7's delay
    8. Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel best meta decks
    9. Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Fusion Summons
    10. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will have NPC companions, new monsters and a big bad vampire dragon
    11. Source Of Madness review: machine learning makes this a messy roguelite
    12. This spaceship shoot 'em up is kinda like Vampire Survivors
    13. Stargate: Timekeepers beta aims to launch in time for SG1’s 25th anniversary
    14. The best Genshin Impact Lisa build
    15. The best Genshin Impact Amber build
    16. The best Genshin Impact Kaeya build
    17. Microsoft’s Adaptive Accessories are customisable peripherals with accessibility in mind
    1. Wordle answer (Wednesday 11 May)
    2. Duke Nukem Forever's 2001 iteration has seemingly leaked
    3. Humble's spring sale offers discounts on Resident Evil Village, Satisfactory
    4. Judge rules part of antitrust suit against Valve can continue
    5. EA officially ditch FIFA and will rename the series EA Sports FC from next year
    6. Get a 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD for $140 ($60 off the regular price)
    7. The great value Crucial MX500 SSD is going cheap in the UK today
    8. I'm writing a dystopian young adult novel about saving the future with NFTs
    9. Skyrim Grandma Shirley Curry would like Todd Howard to "hurry up and finish The Elder Scrolls 6"
    10. RPS@PAX 2022: Skyrim Grandma's complete PAX East panel
    11. Apex Legends Saviors update is out now, adding new defensive Legend Newcastle
    12. Slitherine are making a new ancient kart racing management game
    13. AMD announces new Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards, confirms May launch for FSR 2.0
    14. Slitherine's Master Of Magic remake set for early autumn release
    15. Why Eve Online players rule the world of business, and vice versa
    16. Gotham Knights shows off Night Wing and Red Hood in latest gameplay trailer
    17. Summer Games Done Quick schedules its first Elden Ring runs for July
    18. Super Auto Pets launches new expansion with new animals
    19. We spoke to the only person who was still playing Babylon’s Fall last week
    20. Wordle answer (Tuesday 10 May)
    21. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising review: a flat prequel to next year's Suikoden successor Hundred Heroes
    1. Get an RTX 3080 12GB for $810 at Newegg, $450 off MSRP
    2. Three Crucial SSDs are discounted at Scan in the UK
    3. Maybe the next generation of graphics cards could be smaller?
    4. Nightmare Reaper review: a retro-styled FPS that hits more than it misses
    5. Tactical roguelike RFM is back with a new name, and a hip new demo
    6. Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit boss fight walkthrough
    7. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel update smacks down a bunch of new cards and packs today
    8. Wordle had its answer changed today to avoid a “recent news event”
    9. Salt And Sacrifice review: a 2D metroidvania with surprising depth
    10. Elden Ring beginners guide: 11 beginners tips and tricks for Elden Ring
    11. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: the sea, spaceships, and a cat
    12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is a vibrant yet repetitive slice of nostalgia
    13. Gotham Knights release date, trailer, plot, and more
    14. How to add friends in Bloodhunt
    15. Gotham Knights will have four player co-op for all Batman’s sidekicks
    16. Wordle answer (Monday 9 May)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wordle answer (Sunday 8 May)
    2. Lost Ark's May update will bring its first 8-player endgame Legion Raid
    3. Weird West's latest patch adds new options for stealth and melee combat
    4. New Funomena report charts downfall amid abuse allegations
    5. Path Of Exile's Sentinel expansion adds new ways to make the endgame harder
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    1. Wordle answer (Saturday 7 May)
    2. Get two Razer Halo-branded peripherals for a crazy 75% off at Currys in the UK
    3. Get an Asus RTX 3060 and ROG Strix 750W PSU for $460 after a $100 discount
    4. Eve Online will tee up its third decade with advanced faction warfare and ambitious story arcs
    5. Ultra Age is a solid budget hack and slash
    6. TFI Friday: three new indie games where you'll plan every move
    7. I think it's time to bin this corpse of a mousepad
    8. RPS@PAX 2022: Our favourite booths from the show (and bonus carpet rankings)
    9. Hitman 3's roguelike mode has been delayed but a new map is coming early
    10. Wordle answer (Fri 6 May)
    11. A full hour of Arkane’s scrapped Half-Life game Ravenholm has emerged
    12. Summer Game Fest starts on June 9th – and it's coming to IMAX
    13. Fortnite makes it to the Steam Deck, via Xbox Cloud Gaming
    14. The 9 best games to play with a notepad
    1. Get the best MMO mouse* for £55 after a 45% discount
    2. Build a tiny PC in this Cooler Master NR200P Mini ITX case for £76
    3. Hard West 2's open beta is live and runs for the next month
    4. A Mafia prequel is reportedly in early development
    5. Overwatch 2 support heroes will change in response to beta feedback
    6. The Sims 4 teases next kits and game pack, including werewolves
    7. A Morrowind modder added the family cat to protect their kids from mudcrabs
    8. The LudoNarraCon festival is back today with over 30 free demos
    9. Against all odds, I'm playing Fortnite... and enjoying it
    10. How to play Newcastle in Apex Legends
    11. The best archetype in Bloodhunt
    12. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 185: the best dungeons in games special
    13. Steam’s most wishlisted game has been delayed until 2023
    14. Trek To Yomi review: a trek that's stunning and tiresome in equal measure
    15. New York City sue Activision Blizzard, demand to see company records
    16. Microsoft have open-sourced 3D Movie Maker by popular demand
    1. Get a fan-favourite wireless Logitech G305 gaming mouse for £24
    2. Need a Micro SD card for your Steam Deck? This 512GB card is £47 today
    3. What's better: drawbacks, or a load of lasers?
    4. The top 10 games on PC in May 2022
    5. FixFox review: a lovely weird world to live and repair things in
    6. Destiny 2's third annual Guardian Games has kicked off a class war
    7. Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters review: the best kind of tactical mayhem
    8. Elden Ring Valiant Gargoyles boss fight walkthrough
    9. Genshin Impact Bennett Hangout endings
    10. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Remake development jumps to Ubisoft Montréal
    11. Impostor codes [June 2022]
    12. Activision Blizzard advise shareholders against a proposal to report on harassment and discrimination
    1. Anti-grav racer Redout 2 rockets out on May 26th
    2. Dungeon crawler and block slider Loot River is out now
    3. Balan Wonderworld and Sonic lead Yuji Naka says Square Enix "do not care about games"
    4. Ron Gilbert is making the Monkey Island he wants, not the one you're expecting
    5. The Dell S2721DGF 27-in 1440p 165Hz monitor is down to $299 at Best Buy
    6. Your favourite gaming mouse is going cheap at Amazon UK
    7. Citizen Sleeper review: a stylish machine with a gooey human heart
    8. This puzzle game is basically Resident Evil 4 inventory Tetris
    9. Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC brings magic to Harran with its final update
    10. Doing virtual laundry with strangers in Roblox is thrilling and distressing
    11. The Long Dark gets its first paid updates for Survival mode later this year
    12. Square Enix sell Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and several studios to Embracer Group
    13. Intel Arc scavenger hunt ends with hints at GPU prices
    14. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Tuesday Edition
    15. The Garden Path has the same long term risk/reward as actual gardening
    1. The Sunday Papers