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Path Of Exile Leagues - do I keep character progress and item stash?

A League of your own.

With the upcoming Archnemesis League in Path Of Exile, you may be curious what happens to the character you’ve worked hard on throughout the last few months.

Here’s what happens to your character once the Path Of Exile Archnemesis League comes out.

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Do I lose character progress and items when the new Path Of Exile expansion League comes out?

A ‘League’ in Path Of Exile refers to the world and server a character plays on. New Leagues are created with every new expansion, usually named after the corresponding expansion.

On 13 May 2022, the Sentinel League will open, putting an end to the Archnemesis League. This switch leads some players to worry about the character they spent ages building and grinding - will you be able to keep them?

The short answer is yes, sort of. When a ‘challenge League’ (like Archnemesis - the current expansion’s main League) ends, the character will be transferred to the parent League, usually ‘standard’ (unless you’re playing hardcore and haven’t died, in which case you’ll be sent to ‘hardcore’).

So basically, you won’t lose your character, but to start the new league, you’ll need to create a new character. Your map progress, stash items, and all the rest of your gear will carry over to the standard League, and you need to start from scratch (although you do keep microtransaction cosmetics and purchases across your whole account).

Typically, Leagues run on a 13 week cycle, so the best time to start a new character on a challenge League is right at the beginning to get the most out of the expansion. If you're a new player or a veteran in need of a referesher, be sure to visit our guide to skill points in Path of Exile to make sure you hit every important side quest! We'll have more new and updated guides as the Siege of the Atlas expansion launch approaches, so check back soon.

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