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Path Of Exile skill points: every Book of Skill in the PoE campaign

Don't miss out on these important side quests

Looking for those extra skill points in PoE? Path of Exile’s 10 Act campaign features a number of side quests that reward Books of Skill. These single-use consumables grant players bonus skill points for their passive tree and are an essential part of building out your character. You’ll want to make sure you grab every skill point in the PoE campaign, but don’t stress; whether you are a new player or a veteran in need of a refresher, our guide has you covered with every PoE skill point location.

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Path Of Exile skill point quests and locations

Here’s a list of every quest in the Path of Exile campaign that rewards Books of Skill.

  • The Dweller of the Deep (Act 1) - Defeat the Dweller of the Deep in the Flooded Depths
  • The Marooned Mariner (Act 1) - Recover the Allflame and defeat Captain Fairgraves in The Ship Graveyard
  • The Way Forward (Acts 1 and 2) - Return to Lioneye’s Watch and speak to any character after clearing the road in Act 2
  • Victario’s Secrets (Act 3) - Find the three Platinum Busts in the Sewers
  • Piety’s Pets (Act 3) - Defeat Piety in the The Lunaris Temple Level 2
  • An Indomitable Spirit (Act 4) - Interact with Desheret’s spirit in The Mines Level 2
  • In Service to Science (Act 5) - Find the Miasmeter in the Control Blocks
  • Kitava’s Torments (Act 5) - Find Kitava’s Torments in The Reliquary
  • The Father of War (Act 6) - Defeat Tukohama in The Karui Fortress
  • The Puppet Mistress (Act 6) - Defeat Ryslatha in The Wetlands
  • The Cloven One (Act 6) - Defeat Alberon in Prisoner’s Gate
  • The Master of a Million Faces (Act 7) - Defeat Ralakesh in The Forest Encampment
  • Queen of Despair (Act 7) - Defeat Gruthkul in the Dread Thicket
  • Kishara’s Star (Act 7) - Find Kishara’s Star in The Causeway
  • Reflection of Terror (Act 8) - Defeat Yugul in the High Gardens
  • Love is Dead (Act 8) - Defeat Tolman at the Quay
  • The Gemling Legion (Act 8) - Defeat the Gemling Legion at the Grain Gate
  • The Ruler of Highgate (Act 9) - Defeat Kira then give the Sekhema Feather to either Irasha or Tasuni in Highgate
  • Queen of the Sands (Act 9) - Defeat Shakari in The Oasis
  • Vilenta’s Vengeance (Act 10) - Defeat Vilenta in the Control Blocks
  • An End to Hunger (Act 10) - Defeat Kitava in the Feeding Trough

Once you’ve defeated Kitava in Act 10 to complete the campaign, you can type “/passives” in the chat window to return a list of passive point rewards. This is a great way to check if you missed any, but it isn’t an option until you’ve finished the campaign on that character. Refer to the list above on your way through the campaign to avoid any potential backtracking.

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Path Of Exile bandits: which to choose and how to respec

One notable absence from the above list is the Act 2 Quest “Deal With the Bandits.” The quest sends you to meet three different bandits spread across Act 2 and offers the option of either killing all three or helping one by killing their rivals. Killing all three bandits awards two passive skill points directly, rather than as a Book of Skill. Helping a bandit grants different passive bonuses based on which bandit you chose to aid.

In many cases, killing all three Bandits is the best choice. However, helping Alira is often a good choice for early-league characters. Alira provides mana regeneration, critical strike multiplier, and +15% to all elemental resistances. Those resistances are extremely helpful when starting fresh with no gear. Additionally, the critical strike multiplier makes helping Alira the clear best choice on characters investing heavily into critical strike scaling. Helping Kraityn or Oak is almost never a good option, as their bonuses rarely outweigh two additional passive points.

Thankfully, you can also respec your Deal With the Bandits choice at any time. If you sell 20 Orbs of Regret plus an amulet to any vendor, you will receive an item that changes your bandit reward based on the type of amulet. A jade amulet will grant Kraityn’s bonus, an amber amulet will grant Oak’s bonus, a lapis amulet will grant Alira’s bonus, and an onyx amulet will grant two passive points. Many players will help Alira on their first character every league and then respec into the two passive points at a higher level.

That's every passive skill point in the PoE campaign! It is important to pick up every possible point on every character. Make sure you aren't missing out on these quests when Kalandra league launches on 13 May. If you're brand new and unsure when or how to create your Kalandra character, we've got you covered with a quick guide to the league system. Once you know how to join the league, check out our guide to picking a league starter to get your build rolling.

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