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Get Elden Ring free with a Crucial SSD: SATA, NVMe or USB options

New storage and one of the best recent games to fill it up.

Elden Ring is one of the best PC games of the year - one of the RPS Bestest Bests, in fact - and right now you can get it for free with the purchase of a Crucial SSD. At Ebuyer, there are nine different drives available under the promotion - including the super-fast P5 Plus NVMe drive, the reliable MX500 SATA drive and the great value Crucial P2 budget NVMe.

So first, let's look at the deal. The way it works is that you get a voucher for Elden Ring at Gamesplanet, where you can get a key for the game on Steam. Some of the drives in the promotion also come with a free copy of Guild Wars 2, which is nice.

Now, onto the choice of drives. Here's the full list of options:

  • Crucial P5 Plus (6600MB/s): 1TB / 2TB
  • Crucial P2 NVMe (2400MB/s): 2TB
  • Crucial MX500 (560MB/s): 2TB / 4TB
  • Crucial X8 (1050MB/s USB): 1TB / 2TB
  • Crucial X6 (540MB/s USB): 2TB / 4TB
a photo of a crucial p5 plus nvme ssd on a computer motherboard, highlighted in blue light

The P5 Plus is a great shout for PC and PS5, offering bleeding-edge PCIe 4.0 speeds. This NVMe drive is a great choice for gaming or content creation workloads, and for taking full advantage of future DirectStorage titles. If value is more of your focus, then the P2 NVMe drive offers about half the sequential speeds and slightly worse sustained performance at a considerably lower price. The MX500 is a SATA drive, so it's slower again, but may be the only choice for laptops or desktops with no free NVMe-capable M.2 slots.

Finally, the portable options: the X6 and X8. Both connect via full-size USB or USB-C, offering SSD speeds in a compact form factor. I use one of these drives for transferring video footage from computer to computer (or computer to TV), but they're great for portable game storage too. The X8 is about twice as fast as the X6, 1050MB/s to 540MB/s, which you'll definitely notice for copying large files, but probably won't for game load times.

I reckon all of these drives are good, and at prices that are quite competitive with the cheapest UK retailers (eg Amazon), so do consider picking one up with one of our favourite games of 2022!

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