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Elden Ring's latest patch says your mouse might be to blame for performance issues

Also, no more lightning perfume bottle fun times

A perfumer coats Messmer's soldiers with fire in Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree.
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Elden Ring's got another patch out and it's tinkered with Shadow Of The Erdtree weapons, fixed some bugs, and still not done anything about the game's performance issues. That perfume bottle and lightning combo? Binned off. Everyone's favourite summon Blackknife Tiche? She's seen a certain health-regen bug fixed, so everyone's not being duped into thinking she's been heavily nerfed since the Shadow Lands sprung forth.

In the last patch, FromSoftware acknowledged there were performance issues and told us to check whether Ray Tracing was auto-enabled in the graphics settings, turn it off, then see if frames and hitching got better. Well… that's still their advice in this latest patch. Oh, and to check whether you've got any "third party applications that control mouse behaviour". Apparently turning these off "may improve performance", which is something that certainly constitutes the definition of advice.

From's clearly kept an eye on the perfumer bottle hijinks going on, as they've positively smashed that fun into the ground. No more destroying any boss in seconds. And there's other bug fixes, including one that caused "summoned NPCs to behave differently than expected under certain circumstances". Most of my summoned pals have been fine, but I've seen some rue a particular NPC who attacks from the air in a fight I won't spoil.

I'm excited to see that they've fixed the bug with Black Knife Tiche, where enemies would heal through the gradual HP burn she'd apply on them as it wore off. Throughout a lot of my review period, I thought I was losing my mind about this, which in fairness, I certainly did whenever I came up against those pissing fire furnace lads.

Elsewhere, a certain Golden Hippopotamus boss has had their unblockable bite attack toned down so it won't connect with players as easily. Can we now just make it docile and rideable like Torrent? Cheers.

There are a few other changes in the patch notes, so do make sure to have a look if you're keen to absorb absolutely every little detail.

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