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Best Minecraft seeds for 1.20 (2024)

35 of the coolest Minecraft seeds for exploring 1.20

Looking for the best Minecraft seeds? Minecraft has always had the ability to generate some truly incredible worlds from seeds, which have gone to entirely new levels with recent updates. From towering snowcapped mountains to endless Deep Dark biomes, from survival islands to buried treasure hoards, our selection of Minecraft seeds is bound to contain the perfect sandbox for your 2024 adventure.

It's very easy to use a Minecraft seed to create a new world. To do so, first launch Minecraft. Then from the main menu, click Singleplayer, then Create New World, and then More World Options. Enter your chosen Minecraft seed into the black text box, and then click Create New World. Simple!

Now comes the fun part: choosing which cool Minecraft seeds you want to explore in the latest version of the game. Take a look at our library of 35 dang good Minecraft seeds for Java Edition 1.20, and pick out a few that look interesting to you. Then get exploring! That's what Minecraft's all about, after all.

Note: if you're playing on mobile, Xbox, or anything else that doesn't use Java, then check out our list of the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for 1.20!

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Best Minecraft seeds 1.20

Here are all the best Minecraft seeds we've found for Java 1.20:

If any of these seeds sound promising to you, then have a scroll below for more details on each of the coolest and best Minecraft seeds for your new Minecraft adventure in 2024!

Sakura Season

Sakura Season Minecraft seed
Sakura Field | Seed: -5584399987456711267

Seed: -5584399987456711267

Minecraft's 1.20 update only introduced the Cherry Grove as its sole new biome, but these cherry blossoms are some of the most beautiful environmental additions in the entire game. This seed gives you a great view of Minecraft's Cherry Groves, planting you right on the edge of a cherry blossom forest that makes for the perfect idyllic backdrop for all of your crafting experiments. Why not take inspiration from your surroundings and try your hand at building a Japanese-style house?

Key locations:

Ruined Portal (-248, 88) Ancient City (-312, 72)
Mineshaft (-360, -392) Mineshaft (-248, -376)
Savanna Village (96, 320) Savanna Village (48, 624)

Pink and White

Pink and White | Seed: 5063885805507972583

Seed: 5063885805507972583

Here's another example of Minecraft's Cherry Grove biome, combined with a smattering of Snowy Slopes. You'll spawn right at the base of the slopes with cherry trees all around you, and the striking collage of colours makes this location quite the looker for survival and gathering adventures. A plains village lies just on the other side of the snow-covered mountain, so you'll have easy access to trading as you claim this beautiful juxtaposition of pink and white as your base.

Key locations:

Plains Village (240, 48) Mineshaft (408, 172)
Mineshaft (328, 168) Ruined Portal (360, 312)
Plains Village (-160, 768) Ruined portal (8, 792)

Frozen Edge Of The World

Frozen edge of the world Minecraft seed
Frozen Edge Of The World | Seed: -1754216045272489466

Seed: -1754216045272489466

This seed starts you in front of a remote swath of frozen ocean with a variety of frosty structures rising from the deep waters before you. You'll really feel like an explorer standing on the edge of the world, and if you've ever read At the Mountains of Madness, H.P. Lovecraft's science-fiction romp about a group of travellers in the Arctic who stumble upon ancient horrors, you might also feel unnerved by the imposing geometrical shapes of the ice before you. There's even a submerged ocean monument not too far from your spawning location, if you dare to brave the deep, frozen waters. Who knows, maybe that's where Cthulhu lies sleeping!

Key locations:

Buried Treasure (-631, 313) Mineshaft (-488, 408)
Shipwreck (312, 88) Ocean Monument (-344, 232)
Ruins (-184, 328) Mineshaft (-200, 200)

Orange Savanna Village

Orange Village Minecraft Seed
Orange Savanna Village | Seed: -2429048941048277130

Seed: -2429048941048277130

This seed spawns you right in front of a savanna village with a striking feature - a vertical rock formation that looms above the town, almost like an ancient sundial. Not only is this a visually appealing starting location at the intersection of a wide variety of biomes, but it's also a great place to begin your Minecraft adventure, with accessible trading in a peaceful community that sits right on the cusp of the badlands.

Key locations:

Savanna Village (16, 352) Shipwreck (104, 248)
Buried Treasure (-471, 201) Ruined Portal (-376, 184)
Mineshaft (280, 408) Ruined Portal (328, 360)

Savanna Plateau River

Savanna Plateau River Minecraft Seed
Savanna Plateau River | Seed: 5101553622029575588

Seed: 5101553622029575588

This seed places you on a high savanna plateau overlooking a canyon river, with another striking plateau on the other side. The river acts as a hotbed of activity here, with multiple ravines leading down into dark dungeons for explorers who want to battle skeletons and zombies, and a peaceful savanna village located on a cliffside by the lake that the river spills into. It's an inspiring array of scenery to begin your Minecraft explorations, especially if you're bold, enjoy traversing difficult terrain, and are immediately interested in delving into the depths below the surface.

Savanna Village (240, 64) Mineshaft (136, 24)
Mineshaft (-40, -152) Savanna Village (32, -544)
Mineshaft (56, 168) Ruined Portal (120, 392)

Giant Mangrove Swamp

A coastal Mangrove Swamp biome in Minecraft, with a ruined portal on the beach to the left.
Giant Mangrove Swamp | Seed: 4025804172371830787

Seed: 4025804172371830787

Swamps have been among the least interesting biomes you can come across in a Minecraft world for many years. But with the release of the Wild Update, they finally got some love with the Mangrove Swamp sub-biome. With this seed you'll start on the coast of a colossal, sprawling Mangrove Swamp filled with trees, lilypads, water, and doubtless plenty of adorable little frogs, too.

Key locations:

Buried Treasure (153, 57) Mineshaft (184, 72)
Shipwreck (280, -152) Ocean Monument (-184, 200)
Desert Village (-544, 688) Stronghold (500, 1332)

Deep Dark and Ancient Cities

A large underground Ancient City in Minecraft, with Dripstone stalactites in the foreground.
Deep Dark and Ancient Cities | Seed: -2909343002793827664

Seed: -2909343002793827664

The forboding Deep Dark, introduced to Minecraft's worlds with the 1.19 update, remains one of the most popular and intriguing biomes of the game, full of secrets to uncover and Ancient Cities to explore. This seed parks you right on the edge of a large Deep Dark biome which you can easily access from the idyllic (and apt) Dark Forest on the surface above.

Key locations:

Deep Dark Biome (0, 0) Ancient City (-296, 152)
Savanna Village (-384, -432) Plains Village (-160, 688)
Bamboo Jungle (300, 125) Buried Treasure (313, -471)

Mountain Range And Deep Dark Biome

A massive snowcapped mountain range in Minecraft, surrounded by forest.
Mountain Range And Deep Dark Biome | Seed: 7644964991330705060

Seed: 7644964991330705060

Another seed which gives you easy access to the Deep Dark biome, here you're presented with the gorgeous vista of a snowcapped mountain range surrounded by forest. Delve deep, and you'll find yourself in the centre of a truly colossal Deep Dark biome filled with numerous Ancient Cities. Have fun exploring - just be wary of the Warden!

Key locations:

Deep Dark Biome (0, 0) Ruined Portal (56, 40)
Ancient City (-280, -136) Ancient City (24, -344)
Plains Village (-400, 352) Pillager Outpost (240, -672)

Immediate Ancient City

A large Ancient City in the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft, with a lavafall in the distance.
Immediate Ancient City | Seed: -4651105460712845864

Seed: -4651105460712845864

Rounding off our trilogy of Deep Dark seeds, this world gives you a great start thanks to a nearby taiga village, from which you can dive down into the ravine below. Keep going, and you'll soon start to see pockets of Deep Dark biome, followed by another majestic and ominous Ancient City dotted with lavafalls, chests filled with goodies, and mineshafts. It's a dangerous place down there.

Key locations:

Deep Dark Biome (0, 0) Taiga Village (48, 48)
Ancient City (152, 8) Pillager Outpost (224, 224)
Mineshaft (264, -24) Zombie Plains Village (368, -368)

Giant Treeless Desert

A sprawling coastal desert biome in Minecraft, with almost no trees in sight for miles around.
Giant Treeless Desert | Seed: -8631174543717435159

Seed: -8631174543717435159

If you want a challenging start, then why not test your skills against this coastal desert seed. You'll be hard-pressed to find much in the way of trees for your early wooden tools here. Thankfully there's a desert village in the distance, but will it give you enough to survive? Only one way to find out.

Key locations:

Ruin (-200, 104) Desert Village (-256, -224)
Desert Temple (152, 328) Desert Temple (-168, -440)
Mineshaft (136, -184) Shipwreck (520, -456)

Incredible Hollow Mountain

The interior of a hollow mountain in Minecraft, filled with stalactites and Lush Caves flora.
Incredible Hollow Mountain | Seed: 8486672581758651406

Seed: 8486672581758651406

This is possibly the most jaw-dropping Minecraft seed I've ever had the pleasure to come across. Here you'll spawn in a Roofed Forest next to a mountain. Approach the mountain and you'll find a crack in the side, which leads into a truly magical place. Turns out the entire mountain is hollow and filled with Lush Caves, stalactites, abandoned mineshafts, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful features leading all the way down to deepslate and beyond. It's truly a sight to behold.

Key locations:

Hollow Mountain (30, 60) Woodland Mansion (88, 424)
Mineshaft (152, 40) Mineshaft (-136, -24)
Ruined Portal (392, 8) Plains Village (-800, 320)

Snowcapped Mountains

A Minecraft landscape of plains and trees, with snow-capped mountains in the distance.
Snowcapped Mountains | Seed: -7649949940957896961

Seed: -7649949940957896961

As you might guess, snowcapped mountains dominate the landscape in this Minecraft seed. Follow the strip of snow to the west and you'll see that the peaks only get higher and higher. But this is also a starting seed of lows as well as highs: right next to where you spawn is the opening to a colossal cave system which descends far below, all the way down to bedrock. Expect plenty of opportunities for early Minecraft diamond mining and enchanting here!

Key locations:

Jagged Peaks Biome (-600, -50) Plains Village (288, 256)
Savanna Village (-432, 304) Ruin (120, 392)
Ancient City (-376, -152) Ancient City (-520, 24)

Easy Diamonds

A small mountain range in Minecraft, with a ravine carved into the foreground.
Easy Diamonds | Seed: -4361528937055201680

Seed: -4361528937055201680

This lovely starting seed plants you on the border between a meadow and a savanna, atop one of the many characterful winding hills added with Minecraft 1.18. But perhaps more excitingly, there are several prominent gaping holes in the ground around you, each of which leads far below sea level, through expansive caverns filled with dripstone, diamond, copper, and other useful resources.

Key locations:

Mineshaft (8, -56) Savanna Village (240, -160)
Plains Village (-288, -224) Igloo (-840, -296)
Ruined Portal (264, 120) Jungle Temple (72, 728)

Easy Diamonds 2

A Birch Forest in Minecraft, with a curved ravine in the foreground leading underground.
Easy Diamonds 2 | Seed: -7723232821704547830

Seed: -7723232821704547830

What an aesthetically pleasing curve on that there ravine, don't you agree? It's like the entire landscape is smiling at you, beckoning you to climb inside its mouth and delve into the subterranean depths below. It's always nice when you start next to the opening to such a giant cave system, because you can easily get down to the Y-Level you need and start strip-mining for diamonds and other essentials from day one.

Key locations:

Ruined Portal (296, 8) Mineshaft (-264, 72)
Buried Treasure (393, -423) Plains Village (-928, 96)
Mineshaft (280, -56) Shipwreck (168, 600)

Easy Diamonds 3

A Minecraft landscape with a giant snow-covered mountain on the right towering over the forest on the left.
Easy Diamonds 3 | Seed: -8169697951202909253

Seed: -8169697951202909253

A seed of towering heights and plummeting depths, this one. You'll spawn on a forest next to an ominous snow-capped mountain, which makes for a pretty cool seed in itself. But the key here is to head down that tiny cave entrance right next to where you spawn. It may look like it leads nowhere at first, and then it'll keep going, and going, and then it'll suddenly widen out into a spectacular cavern which dips down to nearly bedrock level. From there you can easily find all the diamonds and other deep-world riches your heart desires.

Key locations:

Ancient City (-232, 56) Mineshaft (-104, -40)
Ruined Portal (200, 168) Taiga Village (-528, -384)
Ancient City (-216, -536) Ancient City (552, -344)

Easy Diamonds 4

A top-down view of a Birch Forest biome in Minecraft. In the centre of the forest is a waterfall that descends into the mouth of a large deep cave.
Easy Diamonds 4 | Seed: -198600772450851689

Seed: -198600772450851689

It's not every day you can see the sunlight shining against deepslate. This Birch Forest seed plants you next to a gaping hole in the world, down which pours a waterfall from a nearby river. Enter the cave and you'll quickly descend beyond Level 0 and into deepslate territory and far beyond. An excellent seed for fast diamond excavation if I've ever seen one.

Key locations:

Ruined Portal (40, 88) Mineshaft (200, -120)
Plains Village (-288, 144) Plains Village (-368, 544)
Pillager Outpost (128, 720) Plains Village (-464, -384)

Giant Cavern Spawn

The view from the bottom of a Minecraft cavern, looking upwards at the sunlight emanating from the cave opening above.
Giant Cavern Spawn | Seed: 7445395903252703439

Seed: 7445395903252703439

This incredible Minecraft seed provides an interesting challenge: how to get out of the giant cavern you've spawned in! That's right, this seed spawns you at Y-Level 24, way below sea level, surrounded by winding cave systems and dripstone. You'll need to show some serious spelunking skill if you want to climb out of this cavern in order to harvest your first planks of wood from the snowy plains high above.

Key locations:

Mineshaft (-8, -56) Snowy Village (-288, -288)
Snowy Village (-256, 128) Ruin (376, -312)
Buried Treasure (121, -455) Igloo (-488, 24)

Savanna Hillside Village

A Minecraft village built across the side of a savanna hill, with a large stone-topped mountain in the background.
Savanna Hillside Village | Seed: -698247204184653391

Seed: -698247204184653391

What a great place for a village. This group of villagers decided to build their huts and structures spread out across the side of a large savanna hill, leading to a really lovely-looking landscape. But that's not all: there's also a gigantic stone-topped mountain that looms large over the village, so you can pick whether to expand the village or to rule above it with your first build.

Key locations:

Savanna Village (-400, 0) Ruin (-216, 8)
Shipwreck (-120, -88) Mineshaft (-312, -72)
Ruined Portal (-280, 56) Ancient City (-600, -232)

Shipwreck Island

A Minecraft ocean, with a tiny sand island on the left and a shipwreck poking out of the sea on the right.
Shipwreck Island | Seed: -9142863513851137753

Seed: -9142863513851137753

I couldn't not include this seed. You don't get many tiny island starts when playing with Minecraft seeds, since the game usually does a decent job of placing you on the nearest bit of mainland instead. That's why this curious seed made me pause. This is one of the smallest islands I've ever spawned on, a scant few sand blocks in width. Given the lack of trees nearby, any player spawning here would likely die - that is, if it weren't for the shipwreck cresting above the water a short distance away, which gives you access to your precious first few planks of wood.

Key locations:

Buried Treasure (441, 201) Shipwreck (440, 280)
Ocean Monument (696, 200) Ruin (344, 120)
Shipwreck (184, 72) Mooshroom Island (0, 100)

Villages & Pyramids

A Minecraft desert biome with a village in the foreground, and jungle in the distance across the water.
Villages & Pyramids | Seed: 6630997395534342573

Seed: 6630997395534342573

This desert seed is absolutely littered with structures. You'll start with two villages on either side of you in close proximity, but have a wander around and you'll find plenty more, alongside desert pyramids and even a temple or two in the jungles across the water. If you're looking for early access to all sorts of useful contraptions and resources, then this is one of the best seeds we've found.

Key locations:

Desert Village (64, 0) Desert Village (-160, -144)
Desert Temple (-472, -216) Desert Temple (136, 296)
Ruin (56, 88) Jungle Temple (-888, 232)

Flat Building Area

A Minecraft landscape of cliffs and plains, with a river on the left.
Flat Building Area | Seed: 4504535438041489910

Seed: 4504535438041489910

If you're looking for a nice, flat, beautiful area on which to construct a massive Minecraft build, then you'll love this seed for its sheer simplicity. Here you begin your adventure atop a meadows hill with just a handful of trees dotted about for some easy initial wood. My favourite thing about this location is the way the rivers carve their way through the landscape, giving an otherwise uninteresting patch of land some incredible vistas - particularly if you play with some of the best Minecraft shaders enabled!

Key locations:

Mineshaft (0, 0) Ancient City (232, 232)
Plains Village (-352, 160) Plains Village (112, 400)
Ancient City (152, 424) Ancient City (392, 232)

Two-Tree Desert Island

A desert island in Minecraft, with two trees on the right-hand side, and a patch of badlands towards the back.
Two-Tree Desert Island | Seed: -7740300553320684095

Seed: -7740300553320684095

For a more challenging starting seed, why not try out this desert island spawn? It's actually a rather large starting island, but the fact that there are only a couple of trees across the entire landmass may make you ponder your chances of survival a little more.

Key locations:

Mineshaft (0, 500) Shipwreck (-88, 216)
Ruin (24, 328) Pillager Outpost (-704, 128)
Desert Village (-912, 208) Desert Village (176, 912)

Instant Lush Caves

A Lush Cave biome in Minecraft.
Instant Lush Caves | Seed: -6002410844389446864

Seed: -6002410844389446864

Above ground, this seed is nothing extraordinary (although it does feature some rather excellent ice spikes). What makes this seed a favourite is that you can easily delve below ground and find a massive, sprawling Lush Caves biome, covered in dripleaf and lichen and all sorts of other weird and wonderful subterranean quirks.

Key locations:

Lush Caves Biome (0, 0) Ocean Monument (-200, 312)
Shipwreck (72, 216) Buried Treasure (473, 441)
Ruined Portal (72, 72) Ocean Monument (168, 648)

Plains & Surface Lava

A Minecraft landscape of plains and rivers, with a village on the right and mountains on the left in the distance.
Plains & Surface Lava | Seed: -1718501946501227358

Seed: -1718501946501227358

This idyllic Minecraft starting seed has a little bit of everything. A plains Minecraft village right next to spawn; steep savanna peaks to the northwest; surface lava for an early Nether rush; cows and other Minecraft mobs nearby for early food... What more could you ask for in order to get set up quickly in a new Minecraft world?

Key locations:

Surface Lava (75, -40) Plains Village (128, -176)
Plains Village (304, 32) Ruined Portal (184, 216)
Mineshaft (0, 0) Savanna Village (-208, -368)

Coastal Rock Formation

A vast Minecraft landscape of forests, hills, and rocky plains, with a coastal mountain range in the distance.
Coastal Rock Formation | Seed: 5662255238676129291

Seed: 5662255238676129291

This lovely-looking Minecraft landscape caught my eye thanks to the towering rock formation on the coast in the distance. I love formations like these, they're just crying out for a build of some sort. Maybe a lighthouse, or a mansion of some sort. Around you the landscape is just as characterful, with flower and sunflower forests dotted about, and a ruined portal in the water not at all far from spawn.

Key locations:

Ruined Portal (72, 104) Ruin (-152, -200)
Shipwreck (-360, -280) Plains Village (-320, 192)
Buried Treasure (-391, 89) Mineshaft (90, 0)

Two-Tone Island

A small island surrounded by ocean in Minecraft, one side covered in sand, the other side covered in forest.
Two-Tone Island | Seed: 1664128793606897522

Seed: 1664128793606897522

This is another island seed that struck me as a lovely little place to start a new home. It's quite distinctive, with one half covered in sand and the other in forest. As island starts go, this seed is fairly kind, giving you several dozen trees to help kickstart your journey. But it just looks like a wonderful foundation on which to build a rustic Minecraft house, don't you think?

Key locations:

Ruined Portal (56, 40) Mineshaft (-232, -72)
Shipwreck (-232, -104) Shipwreck (120, 8)
Ruin (56, -168) Plains Village (-880, 224)

Desert Badlands Coast

A large island in Minecraft, comprised of desert around the coasts and badlands in the centre.
Desert Badlands Coast | Seed: 4479470260786833195

Seed: 4479470260786833195

For those who love the sight of a Badlands hilltop or two, this starting seed gives you the wonderful sight of terracotta without the challenging lack of nearby trees that might otherwise hamper your early progress. Head to the top of the nearby mountain to find wood aplenty, and from there you can also take a look around at the sprawling desert landscape and see what sights take your interest.

Key locations:

Mineshaft (-56, -424) Ruined Portal (8, -360)
Shipwreck (152, -328) Desert Village (640, -752)
Zombie Desert Village (-480, -736) Ruin (-200, -136)

Dripstone Ravine

A surface cave in Minecraft which leads down into a dripstone cavern.
Dripstone Ravine | Seed: 821163920768877950

Seed: 821163920768877950

This interesting seed plants you right on the edge of a fascinating-looking dripstone-covered ravine, and the more you look at it the more you'll realise that such terrain generation never would have been possible before the two-part Caves And Cliffs update was released. Poke your head above ground, and you'll find yourself surrounded by forests and swampland as far as the eye can see.

Key locations:

Mineshaft (-56, 40) Ruined Portal (-312, 40)
Witch Hut (8, -408) Witch Hut (-328, -376)
Taiga Village (-528, 80) Buried Treasure (729, 169)

Forest Cliffs

A Minecraft landscape of winding hills and valleys covered in forest.
Forest Cliffs | Seed: -9163391121958459490

Seed: -9163391121958459490

If you want to marvel at the peaks and troughs of Minecraft's terrain generation, this seed is a great place to start. Here you spawn near the peak of a large taiga mountain, looking down at the gorgeous valleys below. Be careful not to fall, as it's a very long way down nowadays!

Key locations:

Buried Treasure (201, -247) Buried Treasure (201, -295)
Ruined Portal (136, 72) Taiga Village (176, 256)
Ancient City (-712, 104) Mineshaft (-120, 40)

Badlands Mountain

A badlands biome in Minecraft, surrounded by desert.
Badlands Mountain | Seed: -932245979383499761

Seed: -932245979383499761

Terracotta lovers will be right at home with this seed, which starts you right on top of some glorious-looking badlands surrounded by desert. It's not the most challenging starting seed in the universe, but the lack of trees and wildlife in the immediate vicinity may give you pause if you choose to try your luck in this Minecraft world.

Key locations:

Mineshaft (-72, -120) Desert Temple (-136, -408)
Desert Village (224, 336) Desert Village (32, -448)
Pillager Outpost (-320, -480) Desert Temple (584, -376)

Old Growth Pine Taiga

A Minecraft landscape of Old Growth Pine Taiga, with a large hill standing between two rivers.
Old Growth Pine Taiga | Seed: -5543523367840054503

Seed: -5543523367840054503

Old Growth Pine Taiga biomes are one of my favourite biome types. There's something so fascinating and mysterious about these thick, towering forests. It's like something out of Lord Of The Rings. The land is also broken up by hills which bulge out from the ground, taking the forest canopy even higher. A good spot for a treehouse, perhaps?

Key locations:

Taiga Village (16, -336) Mineshaft (-216, -40)
Ruined Portal (-424, 24) Ocean Monument (-392, 296)
Buried Treasure (-695, -151) Plains Village (656, 400)

Ocean Of Ice Spikes

A Minecraft sunset over an Ice Spikes biome.
Ocean Of Ice Spikes | Seed: -6909477426377259322

Seed: -6909477426377259322

A twist on the typical island start, this fascinating seed plants you on a tiny snowy beach with a single tree, surrounded by an ocean of ice spikes. The only wildlife nearby are polar bears, and you'll have to slide your way out of this icy realm in order to find more hospitable climates.

Key locations:

Shipwreck (392, -472) Ruined Portal (680, -344)
Buried Treasure (873, -407) Mineshaft (632, -520)
Ocean Monument (216, -616) Ruin (696, -280)

Bamboo Jungle & Buried Treasure

Islands in Minecraft, covered in Jungle trees and Bamboo Forest.
Bamboo Jungle | Seed: -4813269715648826820

Seed: -4813269715648826820

This lush jungle start gives you an instant supply of jungle wood and bamboo. Look around when you spawn, and you'll also find a fairly self-contained and safe ravine which gives you easy access to basic ores such as coal and copper. For the real bounty though, have a dig around the shore for 4 (4!) buried treasure chests scattered nearby - or check the coordinates below to make things easier.

Key locations:

Buried Treasure (153, 89) Buried Treasure (201, 57)
Buried Treasure (217, 73) Buried Treasure (249, 89)
Jungle Temple (360, 8) Ruin (56, -152)

Savanna & Desert Village

A Minecraft landscape with desert on the left, forest on the right, and mountains in the distance.
Savanna & Desert Village | Seed: -184311627141651860

Seed: -184311627141651860

If you love Savanna biomes as much as I do, then you'll adore this starting seed. Located right on the edge of a desert housing both a Pyramid and a Village in plain sight, this sprawling Savanna is also overlooked by a wonderful valley of forest mountains. These mountains would make for a fantastic spot to build a Minecraft castle or some other majestic build.

Key locations:

Desert Village (-352, 128) Desert Temple (-328, 8)
Mineshaft (-88, -72) Ruined Portal (88, 248)
Plains Village (-144, -800) Buried Treasure (25, -855)

Mooshroom Island

A giant Mooshroom Island biome in Minecraft, surrounded by ocean.
Mooshroom Island | Seed: 7749012223532925400

Seed: 7749012223532925400

This seed may not seem particularly noteworthy - just a beach on the edge of some Taiga and plains. But once you're set up with the basics, take a boat out to the south-west and you'll quickly run into one of the largest Mooshroom biomes I've come across. So for those who really like their fungi, this seed is for you!

Key locations:

Mooshroom Island (300, 300) Ocean Monument (664, 136)
Ruin (728, 40) Buried Treasure (1177, -151)
Plains Village (1216, 656) Mineshaft (824, 88)

Well, those are all the best Minecraft seeds we've got for now; hopefully you've found one or two worlds that match up with what you were after. To give your new world more of a visual pop, there are various texture packs available. And why stop with just the world? A new Minecraft journey deserves a new you, so take a look at our list of the best Minecraft skins while you're here!

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