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Minecraft 1.19: Everything we know about The Wild Update

Here's everything we know so far about The Wild Update, including the release date and new biomes.

Want to know more about Minecraft 1.19? Minecraft 1.19, also known as The Wild Update, is now mere moments away. With the release date now set in stone for June 7th, Mojang have confirmed countless details about what to expect in Minecraft 1.19, including new blocks, mobs, biomes, and more. The Wild Update is the first major update to Minecraft since 2021's Caves and Cliffs Part 2, which introduced major terrain generation overhauls to create sprawling mountain ranges and cave networks.

In this guide, we'll break down when Minecraft 1.19 will launch and what you can expect from this major update, including information on the Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp biomes, new mobs, such as Frogs and the Warden, new items, and new blocks. We'll also explain how to download the Minecraft 1.19 prerelease so that you can start exploring some of these additions early.

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Minecraft 1.19 release date: When does The Wild Update launch?

Minecraft 1.19 releases on 07 June 2022. Mojang announced The Wild Update's release date on 27 May, and with such a short turnaround we don't expect to see this delayed further into the year. That means you can expect to spend the Summer foraging in the new Mangrove Swamp and screaming in the depths of the Deep Dark.

With the Minecraft 1.19 release date set, let's dive into what you'll be able to enjoy in The Wild Update.

Minecraft 1.19 additions: What's coming in The Wild Update?

As mentioned above, Minecraft 1.19 is set to bring a range of additions to your blocky worlds. Whether you prefer spelunking in caves or exploring on the surface, The Wild Update will have plenty for you to enjoy. Below, you'll find a list of everything coming in Minecraft 1.19. You can use the list below to skip to relevant sections:

Screenshot of a deep dark city in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.19 new biomes: Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp

There are two new biomes coming in Minecraft 1.19: the Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamp. We'll explain each of these new biomes more below:

The Deep Dark

Minecraft 1.19 marks a big moment for Minecraft, as the Deep Dark biome, which was originally planned for Minecraft 1.18, will finally arrive. The Deep Dark is a new biome found deep underground, usually between layers Y=-1 and Y=-64.

The Deep Dark will be much more dangerous than other underground biomes, as it's home to the fearsome Warden mob. We'll explain the Warden more below, but this is a mob miniboss that stalks around the Deep Dark. You'll also have to watch your step, as walking over the Sculk blocks found throughout will send a signal that pulses across the Deep Dark and activates Sculk Shriekers. When activated, Shriekers will alert the Warden to your location. Sculk growth will spread as mobs die in the Deep Dark, making it harder to navigate over time.

The Deep Dark isn't just another cave, though. It will also contain Ancient Cities, huge ruins that are overgrown with Sculk. Ancient Cities will prove dangerous to explore, but they're also home to chests that contain unique treasure that you can't find elsewhere. These chests include many of the new items in 1.19, such as Disc Fragments, Echo Shards, and Enchanted Books with the new Swift Sneak enchantment.

Mangrove Swamps

Mangrove Swamps, on the other hand, are much more pleasant. These swamps are vast biomes populated by the new Mangrove tree type. The Mangrove tree can be planted either on land or in water, and grows very tall thanks to its large roots.

The key differences between the Mangrove Swamp and the standard Swamp biome are the general atmosphere and colour palette, and the use of mud instead of dirt for the ground. This means that as players explore a Mangrove Swamp, they may find themselves sinking into the mud slightly.

Frog sitting on grass in Minecraft The Wilds

Minecraft 1.19 new mobs: Will The Wild Update have new animals?

If you were hoping for a new addition to Minecraft's ecosystem, you're in luck. There are plenty of new mobs coming in Minecraft 1.19, including Frogs, the Allay, and the Warden. We'll explain the new mobs coming in The Wild Update below:

Frogs, Tadpoles, and Frogspawn

Three Frog variants are set to arrive in The Wild Update: Temperate, Cold, and Warm. These variants will be different colours and spawn in different biomes - Cold Frogs will appear in snow biomes, Warm Frogs in deserts, and Temperate Frogs in Swamps, including the new Mangrove Swamp biome.

Tadpoles, another new mob coming in 1.19, will grow into one of the three frog variants depending on the climate of the biome in which they live. You can carry a Tadpole around in a water bucket, so you can move them between biomes to control the Frog variant that they become. When you aren't carrying Tadpoles around in your bucket, they'll naturally swim in bodies of water after hatching from Frogspawn, little froggy eggs that appear on the surface of lakes and ponds.

Originally, Frogs were going to eat Fireflies. However, Mojang recently announced that they had reworked this feature and that Frogs would now eat Small Slimes and Small Magma Cubes, as fans notified them that Fireflies were poisonous for Frogs in real life. This change means that Fireflies are no longer coming in Minecraft 1.19, although it isn't clear whether we will see them repurposed later. Small Slimes will cause a Frog to enter love mode, while eating a Small Magma Cube will cause Frogs to create a Froglight, one of The Wild Update's new blocks.

The Allay

Another friendly mob that you'll meet in The Wild Update is the Allay, the fan-voted mob from Minecraft Live 2021. The Allay is like a little blue fairy that you'll find caged near Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions.

If you free an Allay and give them an item, they will hunt around nearby for more of that item, making them useful farmhands and mining buddies. When they collect a stack of said item, the Allay will then fly back to the player or a nearby note block to dump the stack. If it's a note block, they may also dance. This dancing serves no additional purpose other than giving the Allay an extra dumping ground, but it is very adorable and should be witnessed at any cost.

The Warden

As mentioned above, the Warden is a miniboss that lurks in the Deep Dark. It is completely blind and cannot see the player, but that doesn't mean you can walk around freely. The Warden tracks players by sensing the vibrations from their footsteps, which ripple through the ground across Sculk blocks. As mentioned in the Deep Dark section above, if these vibrations reach a Sculk Shrieker, it will let loose a few loud screams before summoning the Warden. This means that usual methods of avoiding mobs, such as invisibility, won't work when trying to hide from the Warden.

When summoned by the Shrieker, the Warden will emerge from the ground and attack the player. The Warden is capable of killing the player in one hit, so it's best to run away rather than trying to fight. Mojang themselves said that the Warden is more of a natural disaster than a regular mob, so you should keep your distance and try to escape if found.

House made of mud bricks in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.19 new blocks: What new blocks are coming in The Wild Update?

With new biomes come new blocks to use. We've touched on these a bit in the sections above, but below we'll break down all of the new blocks coming in Minecraft 1.19 and explain what they do and how you can use them:

Mud and Mud Brick

As you explore the new Mangrove Swamp biomes, you will come across new mud blocks. Mud might sound and look like dirt, but we're here to tell you that there's a big difference. Okay, not a big difference, but they are technically separate blocks.

If you collect Mud blocks, you can use them to craft a block of Packed Mud, which you can then turn into Mud Bricks. These are much prettier for houses, so consider using Mud Bricks instead of regular old dirt when you are constructing an early base.

Mud is also useful if you want to get Clay. To easily generate Clay, place some Mud on top of a block that has a Pointed Dripstone underneath. The water will then flow from the mud and through the Dripstone, causing the Mud to dry up. Once the water has gone, you'll be left with a block of Clay.

Sculk, Sculk Catalysts, and Sculk Shriekers

We've mentioned Sculk in other sections above, but here's a brief breakdown if you skipped down to see what new blocks are coming. Sculk is a strange material found throughout the Deep Dark. As you move, vibrations generate and spread through Sculk blocks. If these vibrations ripple through to a Sculk Shrieker, it will emit a 'shriek'. If there are multiple shrieks in succession, the Warden will emerge nearby and hunt down the players.

The tricky thing to manage when in the Deep Dark is the spread of Sculk as you explore. You will find Sculk Catalysts throughout the Deep Dark which, when a mob dies nearby, will cause Sculk to grow on the surrounding mobs. If you spend a long time underground exploring the Ancient Cities and collecting treasure, the spread of Sculk over time will make it increasingly difficult to survive.


In a sharp turn away from underground caves and terrifying monsters, Froglight is a new block that forms when Frogs eat Small Magma Cubes. Froglights are colourful blocks that light up the surroundings in a dim light.

The colour of that light depends on the type of Frog that ate the Small Magma Cube. Warm Frogs create a purple Froglight, Cold Frogs make a green Froglight, and Temperate Frogs spawn a yellow Froglight.

Mangrove Wood

Chopping Mangrove trees will grant you a new kind of wood, known as mangrove wood. This has a red hue that will give your creations a warm, cosy feel. This wood can be used for all of the usual blocks, such as doors, stairs, and trap doors, so you can add a little splash of colour to your defensive towers.

Steve rows down river in a boat with chest whilst a parrot sits on the leaves of a jungle tree

Minecraft 1.19 new items: What new items are coming in The Wild Update?

The Deep Dark is filled with treasures, many of which are also new additions in The Wild Update. Below, we'll explain all of the new items coming in Minecraft 1.19, many of which you will find in this new underground biome:

Boat with a Chest

We'll start with one that you might not necesarily use underground. The Boat with a Chest is a new, highly-requested vehicle that you can use in Minecraft 1.19. It's the perfect vehicle for those who like some overseas exploration, as you can easily dump all of your items into the chest and set sail for pastures new. It also promotes the use of multiple bases, as you will be able to easily transfer items around the world without limiting yourself to just your inventory slots.

Echo Shards and Recovery Compass

As you explore the Deep Dark, you'll find treasure chests. Within, you might find a new item called Echo Shards. Echo Shards are small dark crystals that you can use to craft a Recovery Compass. To do this, place a regular Compass in the centre of a Crafting Table and then eight Echo Shards around the edge.

A Recovery Compass will point players who have previously died to their last death location. This makes it easier than ever to collect your loot after you die. This will prove especially useful for those who enjoy mining, as the risk of falling to your death and losing everything after finding Diamonds is suddenly a lot less scary.

Disc Fragments

Disc Fragments are another treasure that you'll find in chests within Ancient Cities. If you manage to collect nine Disc Fragments, which will prove difficult as they are incredibly rare, you can use them to craft a Music Disc named 5. This Music Disc will play various sounds that you might commonly hear in the Deep Dark, including the noises made by a Sculk Shrieker and the Warden, along with occasional melodies.

Swift Sneak Enchanted Books

Swift Sneak is a new enchantment that you can only get by finding Enchanted Books in the Deep Dark. If you find a Swift Sneak Enchanted Book, you can use it to enchant trousers with the Swift Sneak enchantment. This makes your character move faster while sneaking (using the crouch function), with level 3 Swift Sneak allowing you to move at 75% of your normal movement speed. This is much faster than just regular crouching, which makes you move at 30% speed.

As with many of the items listed above, Swift Sneak Enchanted Books are found exclusively in the Deep Dark's Ancient Cities, and cannot be created yourself at an Enchantment Table.

Minecraft 1.19 prerelease: How to download the prerelease version of The Wild Update

While The Wild Update doesn't release until June 7th, those playing Minecraft Java Edition on PC can download and play a prerelease version of Minecraft 1.19 right now. The prerelease version includes many of the additions coming in the full release of The Wild Update, allowing you to see the new biomes, mobs, blocks, and items before they officially release for everyone next week.

To download the latest Minecraft 1.19 prerelease, simply open the Minecraft Launcher and select Minecraft Java Edition. From there, go to the Installations menu on the top bar and then tick the Snapshots box on the right. This will allow you to download Minecraft 1.19 and play early.

Prerelease versions can corrupt current worlds, so make sure you make a backup or start a new world that you aren't worried about.

That's everything you need to know about Minecraft 1.19. If you're eager to get back into Minecraft before The Wild Update launches, take a look at our list of the best seeds in Minecraft to get the best start. If you want to start experimenting with lighting to find the perfect glow before 1.19 launches properly, take a look at our list of the best Minecraft shaders.

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