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Frogs are hopping aboard Minecraft in June with The Wild update

Tadpoles too. Aww!

Mojang have revealed that Minecraft’s first major update of 2022, 1.19 The Wild, will arrive on June 7th to zhuzh up the game’s wildlife and biomes. There’ll also be some new aggressive mobs to contend with if you choose to venture down into the dark underground.

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So the big change is frogs. The hoppy little chaps are one of the new animal mobs being introduced in The Wild update, along with their baby form of tadpoles. Mojang say that frogs are actually three mobs of sorts, as there are frogs, tadpoles and frogspawn. Also arriving with The Wild update is the luminous blue allay, a passive flying mob that can hold items if you give them something. The allay was voted into the game during Minecraft Live 2021.

The last update for Minecraft was such a whopper it ended up being split in two, with Caves & Cliffs part 1 implemented in summer last year and part 2 at the end of November. Some of the elements meant for Caves & Cliffs that didn’t make it into that update are coming with the launch of The Wild, the underground Deep Dark biome being of particular interest.

The Deep Dark is home to the Warden, a hostile mob that uses its hearing and sense of smell to find you. Wardens deal the highest non-explosive damage of any mob, so keep your distance from the sculk shrieker blocks that alert wardens to your presence. There's also the new mangrove swamp biome to relax in too, if you're not too fond of flailing around in the dark while avoiding monsters.

Minecraft’s The Wild update is out on June 7th for Bedrock Edition across all platforms and Java Edition on PC. While you’re waiting, why not check out Hayden’s guide to everything we know about Minecraft’s 1.19 The Wild update?

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