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Minecraft tower ideas: Avengers tower, Big Ben, and more ideas for 1.18

Use these Minecraft tower ideas to create a stunning skyline

Want some cool tower ideas for Minecraft 1.18? Towers are always fun to build, with spiralling staircases that lead to mysterious secrets, trap doors that descend into the murky depths of an evil wizard's lair, and rooms that scrape the sky. There's a lot to love, so it's no surprise you've decided to build one. Of course, the hardest part of any Minecraft build is knowing where to start. Fortunately, we've got a list of tower ideas that should fill you with inspiration and make it easier than ever to build your own soaring spire.

Below, you'll find 7 different tower ideas that we found particularly awesome, with everything from faithful renditions of well-known landmarks to recreations of famous fictional builds from the MCU. You can use the links below to jump through the page if a certain tower takes your fancy, or look through them all to get the creative energy flowing.

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Minecraft tower ideas:

A medieval tower built in Minecraft

Medieval tower

One for the brooding necromancers, this Medieval tower by Youtuber “MythicalSausage” uses Warped stone and Blackstone to create a look that oozes with evil. You can almost hear the witches cackling from here. If you need somewhere to sleep whilst you cook up horrible schemes for the other players on your server, this is the build for you. Surround it with some goats to really sell the devilish theme.

famous landmark Big Ben built in Minecraft

Big Ben

If you’d rather have some iconic architecture to make your world feel really special, Big Ben is a challenging build that will certainly look impressive when finished. Youtuber “N11cK” has a video to show you exactly how to complete this yourself. If you’re after more, they also have a video on how to make Tower Bridge, so you could actually make your own London in Minecraft.

simple tower built using stone and wood towering over a forest in minecraft

Simple tower

If you’re looking for something that is a little easier, then this Simple tower by Youtuber “GeminiTay” is a great starting point. Built using materials that are easy to gather, this tower should be easy to build in either creative or survival mode. Take a step back when you finish building and you’ll see that it still looks great too! Take a look at our list of the best Shader packs in Minecraft to really make this build come alive.

Avengers tower built in minecraft

Avengers tower

Okay, I couldn’t resist. I had to squeeze some Marvel in somewhere, and there’s nothing more iconic than Avengers Tower. If this feels like too much to take on, Youtuber “TSMC - Minecraft” has created a tutorial that will walk you through every step, leaving you with a stunning rendition of Tony Stark’s tower. Whether you want to reenact your favourite scenes, or you just want to lounge around in some awesome Marvel skins, this is the perfect build for any MCU fan. It’s Avengers Tower. Do we really need to convince you more?

Of course, it technically isn't Avengers Tower anymore in the MCU. Since Spider-Man Homecoming, we've known that Avengers Tower was sold when Tony moved the team to the facility in upstate New York. The big question: who bought Avengers Tower in the MCU? Is it the Fantastic Four? I doubt it. Is it something to do with the big new baddie introduced in the Hawkeye series? That would certainly be cool, but the current owner of Avengers Tower remains to be seen for now. Regardless, why not spend some time building all of your wonderful theories? You could have hundreds of Stark Tower variants before the truth is revealed.

historical castle tower built in minecraft

Castle tower

If you’re looking for a true classic, this Castle tower by Youtuber “Welsknight Gaming” should be at the top of your list to try. With moss creeping across the stone and iron bars on the windows, this tower feels like it has been ripped straight out of a history book. Head to the top to find the perfect platform for firing some arrows and protecting your village. You could even add a stable outside so that you have somewhere to keep your horses.

wizard tower surrounded by trees in minecraft

Wizard tower

If you feel like stepping up to battle the forces of evil, this Wizard tower by Youtuber “Zaypixel” will be the perfect base. From the outside, the flowers and other greenery create a calming, enticing atmosphere that would fool any ne’er-do-wells into thinking you’re not a threat. However, head inside and you’ll find everything that you need to enchant some weapons and brew some potions. Those enemy mobs will never see it coming!

Paw Patrol headquarters tower built in Minecraft

Paw Patrol Headquarters

Listen here - Paw Patrol is brilliant, and I won't hear otherwise. If you want to create the Paw Patrol Headquarters lookout tower in your own world, “TSMC - Minecraft” makes it look easy with their tutorial. Add in some cool houses and you could even build your very own Adventure Bay.

Even if you’re not a fan of Paw Patrol, ditch the logo and you’re left with a tower that is much more vibrant than the other builds in this guide, so use it to make your world really pop.

With that, you should have everything that you need to build an iconic tower in Minecraft. Whether you want to recreate an iconic moment from your favourite film franchise, children’s cartoon, or holiday memories, this guide has you covered. If you want an epic landscape to compliment your tower, take a look at our list of the best seeds in Minecraft. Of course, those are nothing compared to some of the fantastic vistas that naturally generate in Minecraft 1.18. If you're excited for something new, check out everything you need to know about Minecraft 1.19, which will bring Frogs, Fireflies, and the Warden to Minecraft.

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