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Minecraft Slimes: how to find Slimes and make a Slime Farm

Learn how to find Slimes and make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

Looking for Slimes in Minecraft? Slimes are notorious in Minecraft. The gentle squish and squelch as they hop around might not seem ominous, but these big blobs can be tough in groups. Slimes are also very useful, as they are the main way to get Slimeballs in Minecraft, which are used in a variety of recipes. Of course, when you need a Slime to get Slimeballs, they're much harder to find. Fortunately, we've got a few ways to find Slimes in Minecraft, using either a Slime chunk finder or a Slime farm.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know to find Slimes in Minecraft. We cover how to use a Slime chunk finder online using your world seed, and also dive into how you can make your own Slime farm.

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How to find Slimes in Minecraft

You’ll know when you’re near a Slime, as they make a telltale squelch sound as they bounce around. However, actually finding Slimes can prove rather difficult.

To find a Slime, you need to go to either a Swamp biome, or delve underground into some caves.

When you find slimes, be careful. Big slimes can quickly overwhelm you, as they split down into smaller slimes when killed. It's worth fighting them though, as small slimes are harmless and drop Slimeballs when they die.

Minecraft adult pandas and a baby panda in plains biome near bamboo

If you’d prefer to collect Slimeballs peacefully, you’ll need to gather some Pandas. That’s right, it’s time to make a Panda farm!

When you breed two Pandas, you’re actually making a little snot machine. Baby Pandas can sneeze out Slimeballs, which is way cuter than stabbing slimes with a Diamond sword.

To breed Pandas, you have to feed them Bamboo. However, you need to make sure that there are 8 blocks of Bamboo within 5 blocks of the parent Pandas before they can enter love mode and start breeding.

How to use a Minecraft Slime Chunk finder

If you want to find Slimes quickly, you can use something called a slime chunk finder. Slimes spawn in certain chunks (16x16 areas) of the map, which you can use to set up a slime farm.

To easily find a slime chunk in your seed, you can use Chunkbase. This is a free tool that helps you find lots of stuff in your world. Simply select your current version (such as Java 1.17) and type in your seed. This will bring up a map of your entire world, filled with all the treasures you could ever want.

The map can look very full when you first load it up, so remove any icons that you don’t need. In this case, just have the biomes and slime chunks displayed. Then, zoom into your current location (bring up your coordinates in-game to help with this) and look for the nearest slime chunk.

If it is a swamp biome, wait until evening and you might see some slimes appear. Otherwise, you should go underground and look for slimes in caves. Slimes can only spawn below the Y40 layer, so this should help you narrow down your search even further.

How to use Slimeballs in Minecraft

When you’ve got some Slimeballs (or just grown tired of watching Baby Pandas sneeze), it’s time to get crafting. Slimeballs are a very useful item, as they can be used in many crafting recipes.

Sticky Pistons are the most notable item that you’ll be able to make. They're important in lots of Redstone contraptions and are a must when creating truly unique builds. You can make a Sticky Piston by placing a Slimeball on top of a Piston in a crafting table.

If you’d prefer to take a Chicken on a walk, Slimeballs can also be used to make a Lead. You can tie these to most passive mobs, so you can bring a buddy on all of your adventures. To make a Lead, combine a Slimeball with String in the following order:

Minecraft making a lead using a slimeball and string

If you’re feeling a magical flare, you could even make some Magma Cream, an important ingredient for making potions. Magma Cream can be made by combining a Slimeball with Blaze Powder.

Of course, the best part about slimes is watching them bounce around without a care in the world. Slime blocks, which you can make by combining 9 Slimeballs, are essentially Minecraft bounce pads, which you can use to make your own trampoline park. A slimy, snotty trampoline park, but you still get to bounce.

Minecraft Slime Farm with spawning platforms, magma blocks, and iron golems

How to make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

Slimeballs are used to make lots of important items, so you’re probably going to run out pretty quickly. Fortunately, you can make a slime farm that‘s practically oozing with Slimeballs! Here's everything you need to know to make your first slime farm:

  • Use Chunkbase to find a nearby slime chunk.
  • Head underground until you reach Y40 and dig out a 16x16 chamber that is 20 blocks deep.
  • Make some 10x10 platforms through the centre of the chamber. Make sure that you leave a few blocks of air to separate each platform, so that slimes have room to spawn on them.
  • Light up your platforms using torches or candles to stop other mobs from spawning.
  • Make an Iron Golem on one of the walls opposite each platform, as shown in the picture below.
Minecraft iron golem in a slime farm

The Iron Golem will then make the slimes hop over the edge. To make it even better, replace some of the floor with Magma blocks. Any Slimes that survive the fall will be killed when they hop on the Magma blocks.

With that, you have a slime farm! Leave the area for a bit and there should be plenty of Slimeballs scattered around at the bottom of the chamber for you to collect when you come back.

With that, you should be prepared to find Slimes, or make your own Slime farm in Minecraft. If you’re still hunting for a Slime chunk and want to make your journey a bit more picturesque, check out our list of the best Minecraft shaders. If you’re excited for something new, take a look at everything you can expect in Minecraft 1.19, including Frogs, Fireflies, and the fearsome new Warden.

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