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Minecraft Frogs: When are we getting Frogs in Minecraft?

Learn about the ribbeting new mob coming to Minecraft

Want to know when Frogs are coming to Minecraft? After a very long wait, Frogs are finally joining Minecraft, adding some much-needed diversity to swamp biomes. These slimy new additions will have plenty for players to learn, but you'll need to wait a while longer. This guide will cover everything that we learned about Frogs at Minecraft Live 2021, including when they are scheduled to arrive, how to find each different Frog variant, and what they'll do in Minecraft.

When are Frogs being added to Minecraft?

Frogs will arrive in Minecraft 1.19, alongside Fireflies and Mangrove Swamps. This is known as The Wild Update, and it is the next major content update planned for Minecraft. The Wild Update is currently scheduled to drop at some point in 2022. It will also include the Warden and the Deep Dark biome, which were both delayed out of Minecraft 1.18, and the Allay.

How to find Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs are a new mob that will appear naturally in swamp biomes and near other bodies of water in Minecraft. If you can't see any Frogs, take a dive into a pond to see if you can find any tadpoles swimming around. Just like in real life, tadpoles will grow into Frogs in Minecraft, so they're a pretty useful way to know if Frogs will appear in your area over time.

How to get Frog variants in Minecraft

Tadpoles grow into different variants depending on their habitat. Snowy Frogs appear in cold biomes, while Tropical Frogs spawn in warm biomes, like deserts. Default Frogs will appear around swamps. If you want to get a specific variant, you can get a tadpole into a bucket and carry it to the necessary biome. Then, just empty the tadpole into a body of water and watch them turn into the Frog of your dreams. It really is a fairytale, folks. Oh, and if you recreate The Princess And The Frog in Minecraft, I want to see those screenshots.

Each Frog variant will have unique colours so that you can spot them easily. Default Frogs are brown, whilst snowy Frogs are a more traditional green colour. Tropical Frogs are white, making them hard to spot as they blend in with the sand in their habitat. Each variant will also have unique behaviours, but these have not yet been decided. We’ll update you when more is revealed closer to the launch of The Wild Update.

What will Frogs do in Minecraft?

Two frogs sat in a swamp surrounded by fireflies in Minecraft

The Frogs shown in the reveal trailer during Minecraft Live seemed to just hop around, eat a few Fireflies, fall off some lily pads, and generally look very silly. However, since each type will have their own way to help the player, you can expect Frogs to be a little more useful when The Wild Update arrives. Just expect plenty of silly hopping too. That isn't going anywhere.

That’s everything that you need to know about Frogs in Minecraft. If you’re eager to experience something new right now, take a look at our list of the best seeds in Minecraft. If you already have an awesome world that you can’t bear to leave, check out our list of the best shaders in Minecraft instead.

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