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Minecraft Dripstone: everything we know so far

Learn everything that you need to know about the new Dripstone blocks in Minecraft

Want to learn more about Dripstone in Minecraft? Minecraft 1.18 brings a huge terrain generation overhaul along with many new biomes. Some of those biomes are new cave types that you can explore, adding some much-needed character to your underground escapades. Dripstone caves have some of the most refreshing changes, with a new block type that you can use to create an infinite lava source, or some particularly pointy traps. Below, we'll cover everything you need to know about Dripstone, including how to find it and how to use Dripstone to create a lava farm in Minecraft.

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What is Dripstone in Minecraft?

Dripstone is a block that you can find in Dripstone caves in Minecraft 1.18. There are two different types of Dripstone: generic Dripstone blocks and Pointed Dripstone.

If Pointed Dripstone is attached to a Dripstone block placed underneath a pool of water or lava, it will grow into a stalactite. Likewise, Pointed Dripstone found on a cave floor can grow upwards to form a stalagmite. As water flows through a stalactite, the stone will grow down to the floor, creating jagged columns throughout Minecraft’s caves.

Dripstone doesn’t have any immediate crafting uses. You can make a Dripstone block by combining 4 pieces of Pointed Dripstone, but there don’t seem to be any other Dripstone recipes just yet.

However, Dripstone has plenty of practical applications. Its pointy nature means that it can be used in traps to hurt other players and hostile mobs. If you're looking for something more peaceful, you can also use Dripstone to create an infinite lava source, which we explain below.

A Dripstone Cave in Minecraft, with stalactites and stalagmites growing near two lavafalls.

How to make an infinite lava source in Minecraft

As liquid flows through a stalactite, it will drip onto the floor. However, if you place a Cauldron underneath the stalactite, the liquid will slowly drip into and fill up the Cauldron. This will not deplete the source, meaning that you can use this tactic to create infinite lava. It's an extremely slow infinite lava source, but still lava all the same. Just don’t sit there and watch the Cauldron fill up, because you’d be there an awful while.

Can you make infinite potions using Dripstone in Minecraft?

When Dripstone was added to Minecraft, there was an exploit that allowed you to create an infinite source of potions by using Pointed Dripstone. If you placed a potion in a Cauldron and then let water drip from a stalactite into the Cauldron, the amount of potion in the Cauldron would increase. However, this has since been patched out, so you can’t use Pointed Dripstone to get infinite potions anymore. You'll just have to make potions the old-fashioned way instead.

How to make a Dripstone trap in Minecraft

If you’ve spent time building an awesome castle in Minecraft, then I imagine you want to protect it. After all, you wouldn’t want a rogue Creeper to shamble over and destroy all your hard work. If you’re tired of donning Diamond or Netherite armour to defend your castle, you could try making a Pointed Dripstone trap. Here are a few ways to make a trap using Dripstone:

  • Dig out a pit around your base and fill it with Pointed Dripstone.
  • Hang Pointed Dripstone from a block. When enemies walk under the Dripstone, break the block to make the Pointed Dripstone fall onto them.

Players and enemy mobs will take damage if they fall onto Pointed Dripstone, or if it falls onto them. This can be used to kill potential invaders on your server, or at least hold them back a little longer while you prepare a line of defense.

However, these traps will also kill friendly mobs, so make sure that you keep your friendly goats and foxes far away from your base.

That’s everything you need to know about Dripstone for now. As we get closer to the Minecraft 1.18 release date, we’ll update this guide with any new information. While you wait for the new terrain generation to come along and revamp your world, check out our list of the best seeds in Minecraft to find something new to explore. If you want to make your current world look even better, take a look at our list of the best shader packs in Minecraft To get creative with Dripstone, check out our list of 24 build ideas to get some inspiration. Of course, there's plenty more coming to Minecraft in the future. 2022 will bring The Wild Update, which is set to include Frogs, Fireflies, and the Warden.

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