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Minecraft fox taming: how to tame a fox in Minecraft

Here's how to tame a fox in Minecraft

Looking to learn how to tame a fox in Minecraft? Fox-taming in Minecraft can be a bit of a confusing task at first, but in reality it's quite straightforward: and you get an adorable little fox following you around at the end of it! Continue reading to learn how to find and tame foxes in Minecraft - including the rare snowy fox variety, which would look awesome wandering around a snow-covered castle.

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How to tame a fox in Minecraft

To tame a Minecraft fox, you need to get two existing adult foxes to mate and procreate. Naturally spawned foxes cannot ever be fully tamed, but if you encourage two foxes to breed then their baby fox kit will be tame and fully loyal to you.

To get two adult foxes to breed, you have to feed one sweet berry to each fox. Wild foxes will run away if you walk or run towards them, so you have to sneak up to them in order to feed them.

A Minecraft screenshot of an adult fox and a baby fox looking up at the player.
You can approach wild foxes by sneaking. Feed two adults sweet berries and they will mate, producing a baby that is fully tamed and loyal to you.

Feeding an adult fox sweet berries will cause it to enter "love mode". This is how breeding works with all the breedable Minecraft mobs: feed them the right food and they'll enter "love mode". If two adult foxes in "love mode" are near enough to one another, they'll mate and produce a Fox kit. Once they do, this baby fox will be loyal to you and won't run away from you like normal foxes.

However, baby foxes will still have a tendency to follow their parents instead of you. If you don't want your baby fox's loyalty to be split, the best thing to do is to attach a lead to the baby fox and lead it far away from its parents. Once far enough away, the baby fox will have eyes only for you.

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Where to find foxes in Minecraft

There are two types of foxes in Minecraft, and they both spawn in different biomes. Red foxes spawn inside Taiga and Giant Tree Taiga biomes, while white foxes spawn inside Snowy Taiga biomes. This shouldn't change when Minecraft 1.18 (which brings terrain changes and Dripstone) drops later this year.

Foxes will spawn in groups of 2-4, and each one has a 5% chance of spawning as a baby fox - but remember, none of them will ever be tame or loyal to you because they were all born wild.

Red and white foxes behave in exactly the same manner, and you can breed and tame them in the same way. The only difference is their colour, in much the same way as Axolotls vary in colour but remain functionally identical. If you breed a red fox with a white fox, then there is a 50% chance of the baby fox being either colour.

If you want more variance in the looks of foxes in Minecraft, your best bet is to dress up your world with a new Texture Pack or Shader Pack, or find a suitable Minecraft mod that does the trick for you.

That's everything you need to know about how to tame your very own Minecraft fox! If you're looking for information on how to tame other animals, check out our guides on Minecraft Bees, Goats, and Horses. Otherwise, you can check out our Minecraft house ideas and building ideas pages in case you want to build a new fox home and you're looking for inspiration.

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