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Elden Ring is "the limit" for From Software project scale, says Miyazaki - multiple, "smaller" games may be the "next stage"

A relief to me

A screenshot from Elden Ring which shows the player look over a vista of Liurnia, and beyond.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

I think I've written about it a bazillion times here on RPS, but I do think Elden Ring is a massive open world game that's a bit too large and in charge. I reached the exhaustion point once, and now the DLC's come out, I'm scared I'll reach it again despite the fact I think it's very good. It's interesting then, that FromSoftware's president Hidetaka Miyazaki sees Elden Ring as "the limit" for FromSoftware in terms of project scale (cheers The Guardian for the interview, and PCGamer for the spot). I think it's a great thing, personally.

In The Guardian's interview with Miyazaki, he says that Elden Ring is a "turning point" for FromSoftware, referencing Armored Core VI as an example of something a bit different from the company's Souls catalogue. "Where FromSoftware is right now, in terms of scale, I would say Elden Ring is really the limit," Miyazaki told the site. "We’ve tapped every resource and talent that we have access to… scaling it even bigger, I’d have my concerns."

What comes after Elden Ring then? Miyazaki says that he'd love to see up-and-coming developers within FromSoftware take the lead. "Perhaps having multiple projects is the next stage, where some of the other younger talent can have the opportunity to manage and direct game design for a smaller project."

I think Elden Ring and Shadow Of The Erdtree are brilliant, don't get me wrong. But I was worried that massive Soulsly open worlds were like, the only thing they'd do now since they've tasted so much critical and commercial success. It's a relief to know that they're actually thinking of scaling things back, and handing the reins to people with different ideas.

I doubt this is the end for Souls, which makes me happy! Gimme more games with bonfires and skeletons. But also, I'm glad they're looking to foster a culture of experimentation. Hey, how about Tenchu? I know that turned into Sekiro eventually, but we could revisit it? Please. PLEASE.

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