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You can beat Shadow of The Erdtree’s final boss in 13 seconds using perfume and lightning apparently

A build so disgusting I cannot look away

A Tarnished flings sparks from a Perfume Bottle in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bandai Namco

The human body is a wonderfully complex organism, and it’s well worth trusting your instincts when it comes to feeling repulsed by certain things. We know that if the milk looks bad and smells bad, it is bad. Do not taste the forbidden yogurt, as much as it calls to you. How, then, to interpret my visceral repulsion to the most disgusting Shadow Of The Erdtree build yet seen? So gross, in fact, that YouTuber SYROBE has managed to beat the Elden Ring DLC’s infamously ridiculous final boss in a mere 13 seconds. Here’s the video. Massive spoilers, obviously.

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The build uses the lightning variant of the new perfume bottle weapon - specifically, its ash of war ability Rolling Sparks. SYROBE credits the weapon classes’ multiple exploding hitboxes for its silly damage potential, and says the ash of war condenses these usually diffuse hitboxes into a single area when aimed downwards. He’s also got the maximum Scadutree blessing, which boosts his stats in the DLC area. Rounding the build off are a bevvy of buffs from equipment, such as the black dumpling hat, the madness talisman, and the lightning cracked tear. He’s done the math, basically, and the math is sickening.

After breaking down the build, SYROBE completes his victory lap by melting the final boss of the DLC in a world record 13 seconds. Coincidentally, that’s also my own record for how long I can last against the same boss without getting pounded into the dirt.

It’s early days yet, but this sort of discovery does suggest that Shadow Of The Erdtree’s increased difficulty comes alongside various ways to mitigate it aside from the more apparent Scadutree fragments. Might the players who found the DLC too obnoxious change their minds now? Is Mizayaki having a crack at his sweatier fans by making the most powerful weapon yet seen a gentle nod to always pack deodorant? Will this inspire me to try a different weapon to the same greatsword I’ve been using for twenty hours now? Who knows!

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