April 2009 Archive

    1. Battlestations Pacific Demo
    2. Borderlands: Controversial Screenshot Gallery
    3. Hands On: Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood
    4. Glum Buster
    5. Game Over: A Message For 2K Australia
    6. Snow Joke: New Cryostasis Demo
    7. Grey (Consumers) Matter: Brain Exercise
    1. Death March: Dawn Of War II Soundtrack For Free
    2. RPS Vs Mezmer: Stalin Vs Martians Impressions
    3. At Last: King's Bounty On Steam
    4. Street Fighter IV: Hello, Yes, Still Here
    5. Admire The View: Vectorpark's Windosill
    6. Faith Fighter 2: You Gotta Believe!
    7. Maybe, Probably: Lost Planet 2
    1. It's Only A Paper Moon
    2. Guild Wars 4th Birthday: Eric Flannum Interview
    3. The Grab Nebula: Pirate Galaxy Beta
    4. Dead Rising 2: Moose Of The Dead
    5. Free Realms: Open For Business (Nearly)
    6. Retro: Manhunt
    7. Fight The Signs Of Ageing, With Singularity
    1. Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis Demo. Yes. It is.
    2. Looking Back: Dead Space
    3. Volvo: The Game
    4. Racy, Free-Roaming FUEL Action
    5. Stalker: The Mods, Return To Clear Sky
    6. Eve Online Winners
    7. Sha-Boom Sha-Boom: Mafia II In Game Footage
    8. Alpha Protocol Developer Walkthrough
    9. More Experimental Gameplay: Shadow Physics
    1. Small But Wiry: The Rise Of Flight Beta
    2. Bastard Of The Old Republic: Part Three
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 16
    1. Duke Nukem 3D, 3D
    2. Till Death Do Us Rend Apart: On L4D Survival Mode
    3. One Million Play Aion In China
    4. SPUDOW! Plants Vs Zombies Trailer, Zombie Maker
    5. All Aspect Warfare Beta Keys Giveaway
    6. Interview: Reakktor Talk Black Prophecy
    7. Battlefield 1943: Trailer, Cheap, Delayed
    8. The Red Arrows: FUEL GPS Trailer
    1. Peggle Inside WoW: World Collapses In On Self
    2. BioShock 2 Screenshot Gallery
    3. King's Bounty- Armored Princess, Confusing Demo
    4. The Swinging Level 60s: Champions!
    5. RPS BioShock 2 Interview
    6. Sea Change: Eyes-On With BioShock 2
    7. Pointy-Ears And Click Interface: Elven Legacy Demo
    1. Damnation Developer Commentary: Hot Damn?
    2. RPS Interview: Mafia II
    3. Automagic: Love Footage And Tools Demo
    4. Interview: Tørnquist On The Secret World
    5. Restart Steam: L4D Survival Mode Is Out
    1. Coffin Dodger: Still Life 2 Demo
    2. Sticky Fingers: Complete World of Goo Piano Score
    3. Old Sierra Adventures: Free, In Browser, Multiplayer
    4. Locked Door
    5. Divinely Disconnected: Demigod Unreviewed
    6. Terminator Salvation Footage: Uzi 9mm?
    7. Win: The Eve Online Boxed Release
    8. Zeno Clash Compo: Ten Copies Up For Grabs
    1. Wolfenstein: Captain Generic Saves The Day
    2. The RPS Talk-o-Tron Talkback-o-Tron: April
    3. Hot Rock: Obsidian To Do New Fallout Game
    4. Graph-ick Violence: L4D Survival Mode Out Soon
    5. Spin Photo-Doctoring: Headspin Storybook
    6. Orky Lookin': Forged By Chaos
    7. Aion Zone Trailer Loveliness
    1. RPS Preview: Mafia II
    2. World Exclusive: The Zeno Clash Review
    3. Will Wright On 25 Years Of Game-Making
    4. EG's Retro Sunday: Mafia
    5. Happy Battle Of Raszyn Day!
    6. The Sunday Papers
    1. Play On Physics: Trine Trailer
    2. Demigod: The Saga Continues
    3. No Trick: Ruse In Action
    1. Friday Nonsense: Reload Press Play
    2. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 15
    3. Cartoon Army: Battlefield Heroes Game Footage
    4. Wolverine Vs Super Miscreants
    5. StarCraft II Battle Report Two
    1. Set-Squares And The City: Cities XL Beta Reg
    2. My Brute: The RPS Dojo
    3. Conceptual: Borderlands' New Style Revealed
    4. OpFlash: Dragon Rising Preview On EG
    5. Arcanum: Of Screenshots & Resolutions Obscura
    6. Dawn Of War II Demo On Steam
    7. Fallout Online Offline?
    8. Maniac Fashion: Day Of The Tentacle Shoes
    1. Impressions: Braid PC
    2. Dan & Ben Got Smarter: Time Gentlemen, Please
    3. Demithoughts on Demigod
    4. Could Transformers 2 Be Not-Horrible?
    5. Free, Friendly, Fabulous: Scarygirl
    6. The Hard Maths: Elevated
    7. Burnout Paradise Cops & Robbers Update Soon
    8. Judith Is A Game About Control
    9. Deconstruction Complete: Braid Level Editor
    10. RPS Rule #234: Silly Name=Linkage
    1. Revolutionary: Cogs Impressions
    2. Fallout 3: The Lush Green Desert
    3. Wot I Think - Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
    4. RUN: Mirror's Edge Editor Jimmied Free
    5. Demigod Released Early
    6. Interview: Fallen Earth's Marie Croall
    7. "Spy-Fi": Global Agenda Footage
    1. Iron Warriors: Yours For Shrapnel
    2. Shades Of Grey: Noir Online
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Step By Steppe: Men Of War
    2. M.O.R.E. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
    1. Paperboy: Felix Bohatsch On 'And Yet It Moves'
    2. The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 14
    3. Asshats of Arrakis
    4. Dragon Age: Beta Signups Are Go
    5. Thong Wrong: X-Blades Demo
    6. Braid Demo
    7. That Bioshock 2 Footage
    1. RIP, D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson
    2. Erminia Peed On Herself: New Zeno Clash Trailer
    3. If I Had A Heart. Of Iron. Three Of 'Em, In Fact.
    4. Fight For Your Rite To: Dungeon Party Open Beta
    5. The Spiderbot Hop: Earthrise Trailer
    6. Nielsen Study: Majority PC Gamers Female, Solitary
    7. Effing Hail
    1. On The Menu: Black Prophecy Footage
    2. Stupid Fun Club: Will Wright Leaves Maxis
    3. Shameless Abuse of RPS Power: My Brute
    4. Retro: Rogue Trooper
    5. Eurogamthinkowrote: Drakensang Review
    6. Warring Factions: Six Days In Fallujah Controversy
    7. Close Range: Ready For Your Close-up?
    1. The Secret World: Teaser, Ragnar Speaks
    2. Boing Boing Versus Jane McGonigal
    3. Retro: Dredd Versus Death
    4. Peter Molyneux In Bold Claim Shocker
    5. "You Can Shoot 'Em And They Don't Go Down..."
    6. Maximum Respect For Tom Clancy
    7. Useabilitosity: Jason Schklar Interview
    1. Unforced: The Old Republic Timeline Trailer
    2. You Probably Won't Make It
    3. Throwing Cubes in Glasshouse
    4. Men Of War Campaign Generator, Stalker Mod
    5. Blizzard Making Redneck Rampage Game? Er.
    6. Eurogamerated: The Path Review
    7. Interview Without A Vampire: Bloodlines' B Mitsoda
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. How To Build A U-Boat In 5000 Easy Stages
    1. That Giant Is Made Of Bricks
    2. Vid-Action - King's Bounty: Armored Princess
    3. Super Jail Escaper
    4. Crysis Free Week From April 9th
    5. Intel Games Demo Thinger 2009
    6. Prototype: The Story
    7. Obsidian Explain Alpha Protocol
    1. Martian Dreams: Red Faction: Guerrilla Impressions
    2. I've Been Playing... Defence Grid: The Awakening
    3. Master Control Program Is Watching You
    4. Casually Slashing: Kivi's Underworld Demo
    5. X48 Gamecamp Winners
    6. Introversion On All Things
    1. Oh, There You Are: Escape Rosecliff Island
    2. The Big Pitch: Football Superstars Interview
    3. Grue-some: Zork Remake Live, Horrible
    4. Remarkable Eve Fan Video
    5. Little Plastic Men: Foosball Maniac Demo
    1. Road Cones Protect My Head: Plants Vs Zombies
    2. Welkin4591: The Chinese Planetside?
    3. Impressions - Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood
    4. Earth, Wind and Footage: Elemental In-Game
    5. FUEL: The Seventy Vehicles
    6. Frictional's Known Unknown
    7. "It's a PWNS": CrimeCraft In Action