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Borderlands: Controversial Screenshot Gallery

We got our first look at the internet-dividing redesign of Gearbox's open-world shooty/drivey game a couple of weeks back, and now the venting's mostly out of the way (because it is out of the way isn't it, shouty men?), we can all enjoy a whole host of screens. Personally, I think it's looking pretty bloody spectacular, and a blessed relief from what's threatening to become a homogenous look for shooters. Also: LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING. Er, that thing beneath the cut, I mean.

It's fascinating to compare it to the gallery of BL's original look we ran about 18 months ago. Some of the character and monster designs are shared, but the old style looks so plain and generic against the hyper-stylisation of the new look. And a couple of these shots really nail the Mad Max vibe - a far punkier, spunkier take on post-apocalyptic than Fallout 3, no?

Prepare to be shot and punched in the face (someone else's ridiculous line, not mine) by the high-res versions of these shots, simply by clicking on 'em:

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