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Tales From The Borderlands, the best Borderlands game, is back in stores

It vanished after Telltale died

After being pulled from store virtuashelves in 2019 following the demise of Telltale Games, Tales From The Borderlands finally returned to sale to today. It's an episodic story spin-off from Gearbox's looter shooters, and both better and funnier than the source material. If you already owned it, hey, you still owned it anyway. But if you missed it, now you can get in.

Cover image for YouTube videoTales from the Borderlands: Official Re-Launch Trailer

Tales From The Borderlands stars a bunch of misfits and grifters getting into all sorts of misadventures in pursuit of power and wealth on the wacky planet of Pandora. But while the jokes in Borderlands are insufferable, I laughed out load while playing Tales. And in the usual Telltale way, you make choices across episodes which are reflected in future episodes, though apparently this new release is missing the feature that let you compare your choices to other players'. I always liked that, discovering if I was a callous monster.

Alice Bee recently declared that not only is TFTB "still both the best Telltale game and the best Borderlands game", it "still has the best opening credits of any game". Yeah, I'd largely agree, though The Wolf Among Us might sneak the win as Telltale's best for me.

Tales From The Borderlands is available now from Steam and the Epic Games Store as a complete series for £16/€20/$20. If you already owned it on Steam, yep, you still have it on Steam. While the game was originally sold on GOG, it hasn't returned there and 2K say nothing about it (though I believe original owners have still had it in their libraries). It's also now on Xbone and PS4.

A new Telltale Games kinda arose in 2019, after a group of moneymen bought the remains of Telltale's corpse and wrapped it around themselves. They've been re-releasing games that were pulled from sale, and are currently working on The Wolf Among Us 2. They do say they have some key folks from the original dev team involved. Fingers crossed.

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