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Conceptual: Borderlands' New Style Revealed

Gearbox have revealed the first online screenshot of the Borderlands' not-cel-shaded-but-a-bit-like-that style. Just one shot, the meanies, and peculiarly they've stamped a big advert for the forthcoming PC Gamer US June edition all over it. Peculiar because the current ish of PC Gamer UK has the same shot. Meanies because PCG UK has seven more in its pages that aren't online. But shitting crikey, we're looking forward to this. There's an advert-cropped version of the shot if you click on the pic above, and you can see the whole thing at the game's site.

The art design is called "Concept Style", inspired as it is by traditional concept art. It's a combination of hand-drawn work and magical computer tricks to give it the comic book feel, and it's gorgeous.

Make sure to check out our interview with Gearbox producer Simon Hurley.

PS. You can see the cover of next month's PCG US here, which has another rather lovely image, once more showing off the hand-drawn feel to the whole thing. Also you can see the cover splash, "Prepare to be shot and punched in the face by this role-playing shooter." You can then fear for the future of the universe.

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