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February 2011 Archive

    1. Age of Empires Online Is Taylor-Made
    2. Mac And Linux Users Also Buy Games
    3. Big-Screen Steam: Valve Want Your TV
    4. Apocalypso! Fate Of The World Out Today
    5. Total War? It Is Now. Sengoku Announced
    6. PSA: Bulletstorm Is Bad For Your Flatmate
    7. Hawaii Five-$: Civ V Polynesia Pack Coming
    8. Gaikai's Cloud Gaming Service Condenses
    9. Serious Sam 3: BFE Landing This Summer
    10. Space Is Slippery: Cygnus
    11. Testy: SC2 1.3 Patch Hits Test Server
    12. Eurogamer Retro: You Don't Know Jack Vol. 1
    13. Staff Discount: Magicka Free DLC Released
    14. Creative Assembly Talk War In Tiny Teahouse
    1. Oh My God The First Serious Sam 3 Screen
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Gaming Made Me: Leisure Suit Larry 1
    1. Modern Warfare 3 announcement just a hoax, it turns out
    2. Blood Ravin' - The DOW2 Retribution Intro
    3. Ferry Good News: Ship Simulator Ferry Pack
    4. Orcs Must Die Also Has A Trailer
    5. Greenocide: Hands-on With Orcs Must Die
    6. Nomenclature Wars: My Country, My Name
    7. Oh My God It's The First Thief 4 Screenshot
    8. Any Fort In A Storm: New TF2 Maps Out
    9. Both Feet On The Crowned: Fable 3 In May
    10. New C&C Official, Details Later This Year
    11. Zero Point Explain Interstellar Marines
    12. Royal Jam: Kings Quest III: Redux
    1. Cities In Motion Is Out, Detailed Trailer
    2. My Time Lord: Doctor Who MMO Announced
    3. Want Some Mor? Mortal Online Free Trial
    4. Elders Troll: RPS Watches The Skyrim Trailer
    5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Impressions Pt. 2
    6. Humans Chat About Deus Ex 3
    7. Now: The First Skyrim Trailer
    8. Dr Stone To The OR: DCS A-10C Warthog
    9. Norn Again: Guild Wars 2's Norn Footage
    10. Prototype 2 Teases The Helicopter Murder
    11. Crysis 2 Shows "Prophet's Journey"
    12. Smear 'Em Up: Battlepaint
    13. Two Rue Dudes: Gemini Rue Released, Demo
    1. Dinner Bells - Din's Curse: Demon War Out
    2. Hegemony: Wars Of Ancient Greece Out
    3. Nexon's $1m Dev Initiative Is Back
    4. Impressions: Inside a Star-filled Sky
    5. Opinion: Let's Not Celebrate DRM Just Yet
    6. NAZISAURUS: Dino D-Day Beta Next Week
    7. That's Not A Field: Battlefield 3 Footage
    8. Minecraft Beta 1.3 Is All Sleepy, And Available
    9. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Says Sorry, Patches
    10. Mod News: Independence Day
    11. Good: Brotherhood Will Be "Playable Offline"
    12. Bulletstormgate: Weichman Clarifies Position
    1. There Is Also A Demo For Nail'd
    2. Hands On Preview: Homefront
    3. PCs Stink - ScentScape
    4. Total War: Shogun 2 Demo Is Also Go
    5. Dragon Age II Demo Is Go
    6. Wot I Think: Bulletstorm
    7. Petroglyph Announces Rise Of Immortals
    8. Jagex Announce 8 Realms "Empire Building"
    9. Blind Gamer Completes Abe’s Exoddus
    10. The Truth Behind The Half-Life 2 Robbery
    11. The Dragon Age 2 Demo Is Out Today
    12. It's Norn Week For Guild Wars 2
    13. The $100,000 North American Star League
    1. Can Do Camera: PC Kinect SDK In March
    2. Risen 2: Rise Harder
    3. Reddest Alert: C&C To Return
    4. Bulletstormgate: Fox News Responds
    5. Omnibus Driving Simulator Released
    6. Minecraft: The Movie - Mojang Documentary
    7. Knights: Spiral Island Gets Kickstarter Page
    8. The Witcher 2: Hands On With A Succubus
    9. PC Getting Bulletstorm Demo After All
    10. EA Developing Medal Of Honour Sequel
    11. CoHO Adds New Maps, Still Closing
    1. An Impossible Boy: Pathos
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Gaming Made Me: Age Of Empires II
    2. Rob Zombie: Rebuild
    1. Hex-tras: Civ V Balance Patch Incoming
    2. Not That Episode 3: More The Silver Lining
    3. The Very Important List Of PC Games, Part 6/5
    4. Minecraft Is Getting Ready For Bed
    5. The Very Important List Of PC Games, Part 5/5
    6. Wot I Think - Men Of War: Assault Squad
    7. CCP Confirm "Captain's Quarters" For Eve
    8. In Other Telltale News...
    9. ROAR: First Jurassic Park Trailer Stomps In
    1. The Longest Day: 24 Hours In White Gold
    2. Shogun 2: The Multiplayer Options Footaging
    3. Natural Selection 2 Is "Dynamically Infested"
    4. Also, Cities In Motion Is Demonstrated
    5. I Forgot About LoTR: War In The North
    6. A Look Sea: Arctic Circle Detailed, Video
    7. The Very Important List Of PC Games, Part 4/5
    8. Rage Shows Vehicles, Cyber-Cowboys, Hats
    9. Yeah! Ass Creed: Bruvhood Ditches UbiDRM?
    10. Valve To Release L4D2 Fan Mod As DLC
    1. Bleak Doesn't Begin To Say It: Dead Island
    2. DC Denton: The Deus Ex Comic
    3. Meal Or No Meal: Spent
    4. A Game of Thrones: Genesis Screenshots
    5. Supercell's Gunshine Backed By Harrison
    6. Norman Wisdom: A Combat Mission Q&A
    7. The Very Important List Of PC Games, Part 3/5
    8. Mod News: Dear Me
    9. Redeeming Painkiller?
    10. Japanese Faction R.U.S.E. DLC Appears!
    11. Shattered Origins Also Has A Demo Out
    12. Play The Men Of War: Assault Squad Demo
    1. Ides Of March: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
    2. Scream of Joy: Plants vs Zombies Boardgame
    3. New Relic RTS To Be Revealed In August
    4. Arcania: Fall of Setarrif Is An Expandalone
    5. That'll Be The Day: The Dragon Age TV Show
    6. The Very Important List Of PC Games, Part 2/5
    7. Speaking Of Crysis 2... The Story Trailer
    8. The Roaring 80s: The Great Gatsby NES
    9. Crytek: "PC Gaming Is Very Important To Us"
    10. Bulletstormgate: Analysing The "Evidence"
    11. The Smithsonian Says Games Are Art, OK
    12. It's Dreamy Weather: New Alice Teaser
    1. Ordinary World: The A.Typical RPG
    2. Civ IV Accidentally Wins A Grammy
    3. City Of Heroes Gets Furry
    4. Ferocious Fettel Footage From F3AR
    5. S-hardly Fair: Mirror's Edge 2 Canned?
    6. Shine A Light: Beacon
    7. The Very Important List Of PC Games, Part 1/5
    8. Testing, Testing: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Bugs
    9. This Is The Most Adorable Portal 2 Advert
    10. Darkspore: The Even Seedier Side Of Life
    1. Ballin' Outta Control: Balls Gone Wild
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. A Valley Without Wind: Enemies, Windmills
    2. Blizzard "Not Trying To Make A WoW Sequel"
    1. Interview: Defrosting Frozen Synapse
    2. Dragon Age II Goes Gold, 55 Mins Of Footage
    3. An Actual Crisis: Crysis 2 Leaked
    4. World Of StarCraft: StarCraft Universe
    5. Let Me Introduce You To Total War: Shogun 2
    6. Drag-On: Even More Skyrim Screens
    7. School's Out! Academagia Demo Released
    8. Lego Star Wars III: The Pre-Emptive Trailer
    9. Remade Dear Esther To Get Full Release
    10. Summoning Cthulhu: Natter with Zeboyd
    11. 1derful: The Witcher 2: Dev Diary 3 & 4
    12. Impressions: Get Reacquainted With Jack
    13. Real: DNF Balls Of Steel Edition Surfaces
    1. Retribution Beta For Dawn Of War Steamers
    2. Crysis 2's Nanosuit Has Surprising Features
    3. Wot I Think: Atom Zombie Smasher
    4. Hands On With Total War: Shogun 2
    5. Section 8: Sprinting, Violence, Architecture
    6. Funny Never Sleeps: American Dream
    7. Rips & Tears In Rain: Bulletstorm Hands On
    8. Meet The Natural Selection 2 Team
    9. Overture: Clint Mansell To Score Mass Effect 3
    10. Interview: Rod Humble On Second Life
    11. New Homefront Trailer Has Many Explosions
    12. Mod News: Stalky-Stalky
    13. I'll Buy That Fr'ay Dollar: Fray Announced
    14. The Fox News Debacle: TechSavvy Update
    1. Blizzard Will Release Two Games In 2012
    2. Aye, Aye: E.Y.E. Shows "Divine Cybermancy"
    3. True Crime: Hong Kong Will Not See Release
    4. Want Diablo 3 Screens? Get On Facebook
    5. Blizzard Is, Like, Totally Old
    6. Lightwait: Torchlight 2 Delayed To July
    7. RPS On The Twitters / King's Bounty $2.50
    8. Churnalism: Fox News' Selective Quoting
    9. Haunted Temple Talk Skulls Of The Shogun
    10. Ice, Ice, Maybe: New Skyrim Screenshots
    11. Cut Copy: Duplicator
    12. Will Bulletstorm Murder Your Children? (No)
    1. Me Love To Dancing! Save Toshi
    2. Battlestar Galactica Online Online
    3. Dragon Age's Hawke Is Three Champions
    4. Rules For Games: Do & Don’t #3
    5. Verdict: Dead Space 2
    6. The PC Embraces The Dark(ness) (II)
    7. Field Music: Battlefield 3 Detailed, PC Is Win
    8. Roper Talks Flagship, Hellgate, Sadness
    9. Dead Space 2 To Install Disability Access
    10. Arcen Talk A Valley Without Wind, Part 2
    11. Devilish Download: Dungeons Demo
    12. Dungeon Siege III Shows Off Magic, Monsters
    13. Here's A Game Which Exists: Hot Throttle
    1. AGS Awards 2010 Down To Finalists
    2. 1.25 Million Download Parody AdverGame
    3. World of Love: The RPS Panel (& Podcast)
    4. Call of Juarez Jumps To Modern Day
    5. Rifts Gets Six Day Open Beta From Feb 15th
    6. Jazz And Trams: Cities In Motion Dated
    7. This Disturbs Me: Chucky In San Andreas
    8. Spiral Discusses "The Indie Dream"
    9. The Sims Medieval Shows Off Blue Monster
    10. Arcen Talk A Valley Without Wind, Part 1
    11. Dragon Age II Is Mature
    12. Chris Taylor's Kings and Castles "On Hold"
    13. Riiiiiiiidge Raaaceeeerrrrr: Unbounded
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Revenge Of The Titans Overhauled, Demo
    2. There Are An Awful Lot Of F2P MMOs
    1. Reavers Ain't Men: PlanetSide Next Model
    2. Primal Carnage: T-Rex Combat Is Wow
    3. That's Rad: New Vegas DLC Is PC-Bound
    4. Bare Bones: Surgery Simulator Out 25th Feb
    5. Writer's Guild Of America Explain Themselves
    6. Dungeon Siege III Out May 27th
    7. Battlefield 3: 64-Player on PC, Teaser
    8. ME2 Alternate Appearance Pack #2 Incoming
    9. Interview: Where Next For Desktop Dungeons
    1. Pen & Paper RPG: Games Journo Story
    2. Pre-order Rift, Get... TF2 Weapons?
    3. Battlefield 1943 Dead, Also Onslaught
    4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Impressions
    5. DX3: "We Didn't Want To Go Black & White"
    6. Deus Ex 3's First Level, Blow-By-Blow
    7. Deus Ex: The Protagonist Trailer
    8. The Yars' Revenge Remake Is On Rails
    9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Blowout Coming
    10. Crasher Has A Demo That You Can Play
    11. Bohemia Community Awards: Vote Now
    12. If Only There Was Some Kind Of Game Trailer
    13. THQ Says 40k MMO Due By March 31, 2013
    14. Spiral Talk Orion: Prelude, Kickstarter
    15. Men Of War: Fresh Beta, Release Date
    16. Saints Row 3 Confirmed For Autumn
    17. DC Universe Reveals First Chunk Of Content
    18. Attack Of The Gloom: F.E.A.R. 3 Screenshots
    1. Derek Smart Talks Line Of Defense, Alganon
    2. The Duty Calls: Bulletstorm Has A Mock
    3. Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Pics, Trailer
    4. Impressions: Dungeons
    5. Raise Your Game: A Mother In Festerwood
    6. Wot I Think: DC Universe Online
    7. Chryst: Crysis 2 Minimum Specs Out
    8. Mod News: It's Brainy
    9. Eurogamer Review: Edna & Harvey
    10. 3000AD Announces "Line Of Defense"
    11. Mad Cat Now Free: Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso
    1. Blocks & Experience Points: Wind & Water
    2. Company Of Heroes Online Closing?
    3. Life-Gun: GROW Cannon
    4. Cities In Motion Is Moved To Open Beta
    5. Wot I Think: Dead Space 2
    6. Garriott Says We've Not Mastered Storytelling
    7. Batatat: Arkham City 5x Bigger Than Asylum
    8. IGF Audience Award Voting Open!
    9. APB Reloaded Screenshots Show Men, Guns
    10. Everyone Wants To Have FUN: Cargo!
    11. Zero Point Explain Interstellar Marines
    12. Dragon Age 2 DRM Is Different