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Rob Zombie: Rebuild

Why am I posting about zombie browser game Rebuild? Because RPS reader Captain Sqweky sent me a link and I played it, that's why. If I'm honest, it's more serious than that. It's more like "Because I sat down with a cup of tea, loaded the game, then when I remembered my tea it was ice cold, thus requiring I make a second cup of tea." But I did not have the energy to make another beverage. No. I'd probably have to wash up a spoon, and get the milk out of the fridge and pour the milk into the mug and everything. You know what I'm saying. Total disaster.

At least I had some fun playing Rebuild. Rebuild is a mangement game which tasks you with liberating a sizeable town from zombie hands, going from building to building and gradually adding to your fenced-off enclosure within the centre of the city. You'll need survivors to do this, of course, but you'll also need to feed the survivors and keep enough people manning your defences so that your safe haven doesn't get overrun.

So, perhaps you send a team to the mall. Plenty of food in the mall, for sure, but your scout's just come back reporting a load of people off hiding in that nearby bar, and people are always useful. Maybe one of them's a scientist, and you could set him working in that laboratory you fenced off last night. But then you'd be low on food. You could, of course, raid the bar and the mall, and split your soldiers, but then both teams have a higher chance of a casualty. You see how this works?

It's no Die2Nite, but it's still sweetly addicting. Go play! Ah, but perhaps you also have a cup of tea, and my story has made you nervous of sheer temperature drops necessitating the production of a replica beverage. Fear not, sweet prince. I've got you covered. Here's a sort of Let's Play video of Rebuild by an American man. Take it away, American man.

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