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Redeeming Painkiller?

Attention, fans of shooting things again and again: the undying Painkiller is to receive a fourth follow-up, Redemption. It's due next week, which means it is perhaps unwisely going head-to-head with the latest game from original Painkiller creators People Can Fly. That'll be Bulletstorm, which we might have mentioned here and there a couple of times. Both games are due out next week.

Redemption was formerly a mod, now transformed by Polish devs Eggtooth into a $5 expandydandydandelionalone.

I would be telling a big fat fib if I expressed any personal fondness for 2004's Painkiller (the only one in the series I've played), but the fact that JoWood keeps making 'em suggests there are many people who feel the opposite. Those people will be pleased to hear that Redemption features the return of original Painkiller guntagonist Daniel Garner, and that Overdose's star Belial will also be a playable character.

I confess my eye is off the ball regarding the current state of Painkiller so may be making an awful sweeping generalisation here, but I believe the last couple of add-ons/sequels weren't terribly well received. What muscles does this new'un boast to combat such a sentiment?

6 levels, 6000 enemies (not distinct types, I'm guessing), better AI and graphics and a new mechanic that enables you to turn into a demon by collecting dead folks' souls. I can do that too, but it merely requires 6 bottles of Theakston's Old Peculiar.

Best of all? Well, that'll be the "absorbing heavy metal soundtrack." Absorbing!

25th of February, 3-5 hours long, and $4.99/£4.49 according to GamersGate. As far as I can ascertain, it'll be on most of the big download services.

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