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Epic's Fortnite Still Exists, Now At Bulletstorm Dev

It lives!

It has been far, far longer than a fortnight since we last heard even the slightest peep about Epic's Fortnite. Many fortnights, in fact - enough to bridge the gap between last year's PAX Prime and this very day. During that span, renowned puppy eater and fearless chainsaw-gun entrepreneur Cliff Bleszinski departed the studio for somehow greener pastures and also another Gears of War game came out or something I guess. The latter, however, was developed by Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, who now happens to be on - you guessed it - Fornite. Also, they've been rechristened Epic Games Poland, a distinctly less optimistic (yet far more factually accurate) name, if you ask me.

The developer confirmed Fortnite's continued existence to Pixel Enemy:

“Multiple Epic studios, including Epic Games Poland, are working on Fortnite.”

“We’ve changed the studio’s name from People Can Fly to Epic Games Poland. We’re a global company with talented people working toward one goal across the world. We think this helps better reflect that.”

Granted, this likely isn't the same People Can Fl-- er, Epic Games Poland that created the likes of Painkiller and Bulletstorm. A number of key staffers, including founders Adrian Chmielarz, Andrzej Poznanski, and Michal Kosieradzki, left the studio to spin creep-o-magic yarn The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. So hooray for probable internal shakeups!

Epic didn't have anything else to say on the matter, so I guess we'll see Fortnite when we see it. As for when that might be, who knows? If nothing else, this kind of radio silence rarely suggests that all is going according to plan, so I imagine it's undergone some kind of significant change. My guess? Chainsaws. Chainsaws on everything. And they're all inscribed, "Come back, Cliffy. We're lost without you."

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