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DC Universe Reveals First Chunk Of Content

We asked Richard Cobbett Wot He Thought of DC Universe Online yesterday, and his conclusion was (spoiler!) that while he enjoyed himself he wouldn't be subscribing for a second month. I doubt the following will be enough to change his mind, but IGN has revealed the first boistrous mess of content coming to the game in February. There's one of those fancy pre-rendered trailers, too. Excitements!

...neat, I'm sure you'll agree. Neat like an OCD chef's spice rack. But it has nothing to do with what's actually coming in the update.

The biggest addition will be the new level 30 (which is the current level cap) Catwoman content. This new Episode will have players heading over to Gotham Museum to find Catwoman burglarising the joint, only for a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts to abruptly turn a lot of men and women into catmen and catwomen and lionmen and lionwomen. Disaster! The new Catwoman content will also include some new loot, a new multiplayer race where you and your friends will chase Catwoman down like the common criminal that she is, and the larcenous lady will also become playable in the game's Legends PvP mode.

Anything else? Yes! This:

The game's Valentine's Day content will allow players to enjoy a special 100-man instance wherein they play as a cherub and learn "the true meaning of love" while fighting on behalf of the Goddess of Love. You'll also be able to give bosses "be mine" gift cards for Feat points, find some new Cherub-related loot and other tangentially-related Valentine stuff.

Finally, the game will be getting Auction Houses, a new Duo, new collections, races, investigators, and a new Tier 2 raid wherein you attack the Batcave itself. By the looks of the screenshots, the Batcave is overflowing with Batman's robots and you'll be taking on Batman himself at the end. Maybe. I'm just speculating at this point.

Sounds to me like a very healthy dose of content indeed. If SOE can keep this up, I look forward to what their game'll look like a year from now.

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