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DC Universe Online Expands For An Eighth Time

Two pieces of news here. Firstly, the DC MMO is receiving a new update, Sons Of Trigon, that adds a Gotham City mission featuring either Wonder Woman or Circe, in an effort to defeat Trigon. And secondly, the word "Eighth" looks really weird when you type it out.

If I'm Trigon, a vast interdimensional demon, I'm not going to embrace "The Terrible" as part of my name. Yes, I absolutely understand the etymology of it, but times change old man, and it really is a touch too ripe for the mocking. It is he whom you'll ultimately battle, alongside either Princess Diana of Themyscira or Cassandra Colchis,

The update also adds in PVP characters Donna Troy and Cheetah, and an eleventh (which looks perfectly normal) power, Celestial, for those wishing to be better healers. There's the Gotham Wasteland zone with new daily solo missions, and, well...

"Three new duos battling three of Trigon's sons who each represent one of the seven deadly sins."

Seems he's Trigon The Terrible At Maths. See, I warned him.

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