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January 2012 Archive

    1. The Slightly More Humble Than Usual Bundle
    2. Prototype 2 PC Delayed Until July
    3. Thief Gold Sneaks Onto
    4. Garbled Tunnel Syndrome: Gateways
    5. New Mutons: More XCOM Remake Glimpses
    6. En Masse Blocks Half The World From Tera
    7. Altering Beasts: Exeunt
    8. Wot I Think: SOL: Exodus
    9. Online FPS World-Record: 999 On A Server
    10. Wait What: Valve's Games Now On Impulse
    11. First In, Last Out: EverQuest 1 Goes F2P
    12. Critters, Carnage, Cookies: Cube World
    13. IGF Factor 2012: To The Moon
    1. Star Prospector Has Good Prospects, Demo
    2. Impressions: Steam Mobile
    3. Ian Football, Part 1: "Barren Spell"
    4. Hard Graft: The Making Of Deus Ex HR's Titles
    5. Cat Life: ChatChat
    6. Robota: Our First Month In Perpetuum
    7. Watch The Witcher II: Enhanced Edition Intro
    8. Doyathinkhesaurus? 1916 = Trenches'n'Dinos
    9. Rene-made: Fan-Created C&C FPS Spawns
    10. RPS Discusses: The Cloud
    11. Aliens Coming Out In Goddamn Fall, Trailer
    12. IGF Factor 2012: Prom Week
    13. Kingdoms of Amalur's Fantasy World Tour
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wot I Think: Katawa Shoujo
    2. D'Ore: Minecraft Introducing Cats, Cat Love
    3. The MMOnitor: Dungeons & Dragons Online
    4. Talk To The Monsters, Issue 2
    5. Wot I Think: APB Reloaded
    6. Orbitron: Revolution To Encircle The PC
    7. Air Buccaneers HD Floats Towards Commerce
    8. Abstrcat: The Cat That Got The Milk
    1. The RPS Social Club Is On Tomorrow
    2. Pineapple Smash Crew Coming To Steam
    3. Getting Heist: Making Monaco Timelapse
    4. Pixeljunk Eden Coming To PC
    5. So, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Looks Explodey
    6. Not Zombie Arkanoid: Dead Block
    7. Moretal: Portal Mod Rexaura
    8. The Flare Path: Duel Carriageways
    9. Interview: GamersFirst Explain APB Reloaded
    10. Magic: DiRT Showdown's Nevada 8 Ball
    11. IGF Factor 2012: Proteus
    12. Feast For The Eyes: Dead Island DLC Video
    13. Head In The Cloud: Dave Perry Disrupts
    14. i(OS)-Spy: Steam Mobile App Closed Beta
    15. Rig Or Mort Is The Choice: Oil Rush
    16. Ghost And Uzis: The Secret World Trailer
    17. Conjured: The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition
    1. King Arthur II's Demonstration Coronation
    2. Rayman: Origins Coming To PC, DRM Free
    3. Counter-Strike: The Office
    4. Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Cinemotions
    5. Look: RPS Is Hiring A News Writer
    6. Impressions: Insane 2
    7. Cold, Comfort, Harm: The Snowfield
    8. GOG Claims Agent 47 And JC Denton
    9. NCsoft Seek To Prevent US Release Of TERA
    10. Wot I Think: Postal III
    11. Time, Space, Fluff: Quantum Conundrum
    12. A Walk In The Dark's Trailer Is Purrty
    13. Interview: Dragon Commander Commander
    14. In Your Face: New Warface Shots At Last
    15. Jagged Alliance: Back In Action In Action
    16. Death, Cut Your Fingernails: Darksiders II
    1. Terraria Heading To Retail, But For A Price
    2. Carrier Command Release Date-Ish, Plus Pics
    3. Frozen Synapse DLC Mutates
    4. Platformdungseffekt: The Fourth Wall
    5. The Witcher II To Land On Origin
    6. Post SOPA, What Else Is Out There?
    7. Larian: Retail Important To Indie PC Studios
    8. Microsoft Flight: Incessnant Questions
    9. Gloomy: The Darkness 2 Demo Out On PC
    10. Interview: Jim Rossignol On AVSEQ
    11. Say "Iwo Iwo" To Rising Storm
    12. BoneCraft: A Different Kind Of Grind
    13. Insane 2 Released On Steam
    14. Fred Wester: "DRM Is A Waste Of Money"
    15. IGF Factor 2012: Lume
    1. A Tiny Bit Biggerer: Tiny And Big
    2. Stick Together, Fall Apart: Ibb And Obb
    3. So Many Sams: Indie Royale Gets Serious
    4. Smashing Atoms In SpaceChem's Sandbox
    5. Levine On... Bias, Trust, SWAT & Tennis
    6. Cruel World: Q - Compressing The Heart
    7. Have A Sec For AVSEQ?
    8. Airport Firefighter Simulator
    9. TF2Maps Preparing A New Payload Delivery
    10. Impressions: Hack, Slash, Loot
    11. START IT: The Place To Put Save Games
    12. Indie Game: The Movie: The TV Series
    13. Bunny Homicides: Grim Overgrowth Footage
    14. Hours Of Towers: Defender's Quest
    15. IGF Factor 2012: Wonderputt
    1. Clock-Watching With Doctor Who
    2. Care For A Wee Taste of Skyrim 1.4?
    3. You're Going To Suffer: Levine On 1999 Mode
    4. Hands On - Warlock: Master Of The Arcane
    5. Freelite: Ghost Recon Online
    6. Wot I Think: Saints Row 3's Genki Bowl VII
    7. Plugging The Leak: Modern Warfare 3
    8. Hyperkinetic Wererabbity Thing: ^_^
    9. Launchman Looks Leaping Lovely
    10. Turning On The Water Works: Vessel
    11. It's-a-me! Mariosamusmegalink
    12. It's Hip To Be Cube World
    13. STOP IT: Put Save Games In ONE Place
    14. DCS: P-51D Mustang Sallies Forth
    15. Guild Wars 2 Due During Mayan Apocalypse
    16. Blizzard Seek In-Game Ad Guru
    17. IGF Factor 2012: Atom Zombie Smasher
    1. Cardboard Children: Risk Legacy
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Spooked: Alan Wake Arriving "February"
    2. Ubisoft BlueByte Changes Anno 2070 DRM
    3. Mass Effect 3 Single Player Shows Mars
    4. Air Buccaneers HD Is Full Of Hot Air
    5. A Game Of Dwarves Announcement Trailer
    6. Eyes-On: Gettysburg: Armored Warfare
    1. Rubbish News - RPS Forum Hacked
    2. Better News - ESA Backs Away From SOPA
    3. Kingdoms Of Amalamadingdongdemo
    4. SOPA Soaped, PIPA Pipped: People Are Ace
    5. Use Wallet On Charity - The AGS Bake Sale
    6. Never Do This: DIY Assassin's Creed Blade
    7. Talk To The Monsters, Issue 1
    8. Gollop Gossips About The New XCOM
    9. CryCraft: Mod Minecraft Into Crysis
    10. The Flare Path: Moscow Or Bust
    11. Blizzard Respeccing The Diablo 3 Beta
    12. Hard Choices: CPUs
    13. President Evil: The Resi 6 Trailer
    14. Skyrim Mod Tools Coming Next Week
    15. IGF Factor 2012: Johann Sebastian Joust
    1. Monkeys, Viruses, Chaos: Monaco
    2. Unlock Your Inner Brony In Skyrim
    3. Premature Irradiation: STALKER Lost Alpha
    4. Interview: BeerDeer Games On Nyrthos
    5. Interview: DDO's Menace Of The Underdark
    6. Wot I Think: Cart Life
    7. Ubisoft: Anno 2070 DRM Works As Intended
    8. Half-Life Dreamcast Gets A PC Port
    9. Space Quest: Roger Wilco Not Over And Out
    10. Hardcore: BioShock Infinite Has '1999 Mode'
    11. Magicka Has Sold 1.3 Million Copies, 4m DLC
    12. Paradox Announces A Game Of Dwarves
    13. Mass Effect 3 Punches Worldwide Love
    14. The Beauty Of The Barren: Dear Esther
    15. Unseen University: The Blind Monk's Society
    16. SOPA: So What Happened Yesterday?
    17. The Animated Agony Of Max Payne 3
    18. UK Games Industry Body TIGA Against SOPA
    1. RPS Is Blacking Out To Protest SOPA/PIPA
    2. The Agony Of Wayting: Max Payne 3 Slips
    3. Wot I Think: Dustforce
    4. Delicately Debating Darkness II's Demo
    5. GoG Release Original Syndicate This Week!
    6. Brick-Force Is Also Made Of Cubes
    7. Obscured: Total War Shogun 2 Expandalone
    8. Stealing A Glimpse Of Thief IV
    9. Hey, Valve, What's Going On, Eh?
    10. Be Bad: Dead Island's Ryder White DLC
    11. IGF Factor 2012: Antichamber
    1. The Secret World Of A Sean Bean Impression
    2. Best In Shoujo: Katawa Crash
    3. Minecraft Is In Dire Straits
    4. Today's Greatest Thing Ever: Elevator Source
    5. Saints Row 3 Gets Heavy (And The Rest)
    6. Lost Love - Analogue: A Hate Story
    7. XComforting: Happy Enemy Unknown Details
    8. Ubisoft Activations Monitor Hardware Change
    9. Racing Towards Release: rFactor 2 Hits Beta
    10. SOPA On Pause, But Still A Threat
    11. This Means War: Man vs. Machine
    12. What Price Innovation? ($50m, If You're Razer)
    13. Legal Threats Endemic Among Games Pubs
    14. IGF Factor 2012: Gunpoint
    15. Vigilant: THQ Denies 40K MMO Cancellation
    1. E-Sporting Chance: 2012 Kick Off
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Boardgame Of 2011
    2. Biff: Streetfighter IV Getting 2012 Update(s)
    3. Idly Tower: Kingdom Rush
    4. But There's Also: Wanderlust: Rebirth
    5. Driftmoon Gets A New Trailer, Other News
    6. Diablo III's RMT Removed For South Korea
    7. Diablo III Free To Twelve Month WoW Subs
    8. Dark Souls Petition Has Namco's Attention
    9. Ships Ahoy: Naval War: Arctic Circle
    1. What If: Grim Fandango Deluxe
    2. GOG, NVIDIA, Frozenbyte, Notch vs SOPA
    3. Tropico 4 With Space & Internet Filtering?
    4. Firefall Devs Speak And Act Against SOPA
    5. IGF Factor 2012: Frozen Synapse
    6. Minecraft 1.1 And Much More For Mojang
    7. It's: The Quite Important RPS Survey 2012!
    8. The Flare Path: Is Semi Literate
    9. Elaborate Candy Delivery: Cut The Rope
    10. Radian Games Launch Four Games At Once
    11. EA Demos To Unlock Items In Other Games
    12. Hot As Hell: Wargame European Escalation
    13. Muse Games Explain Guns Of Icarus Online
    14. The Skies Clear for STALKER 2
    15. Jagged Alliance Releases Feb, With Fog?
    1. Operation Raccoon City Gameplay Footage
    2. Interview: BioWare's James Ohlen On SWTOR
    3. SWTOR Updates: Lots Of Juicy Info
    4. RPS Asks: What Do You Do When Tech Dies?
    5. Splendid: CD Projekt To Stop Legal Threats
    6. Writers Guild Award Noms For Brink and Bats
    7. Tilt The World: Google's Marble Map Game
    8. Oh My GoodNes: Abobo's Big Adventure
    9. The Darkness II Demo To Drop This Month
    10. TERA Accepting Closed Beta Applications
    11. Bash Some Blocks For Free: Bashi Blocks
    12. EA Working On Sequels, Game Reveals
    13. Yahtzee's Rabid Rabbits: Poacher
    14. All Back To Mine: Miner Wars MMO Pre-orders
    15. Kingdoms Of Amalur's Non-Combat Bits
    16. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Still Happening, Apparently
    1. EverQuest II: Now With Wings!
    2. Z-Axis: Red Orchestra 2 SDK Rolls Out
    3. Settle An Argument: Settlers Online Opens
    4. Monster Munch: Dead Hungry Diner Demo
    5. Stealth Assured: Hitman Absolution Interview
    6. Killer Instinct: A Hitman Absolution Preview
    7. Racey: Age Of Empires Online "Skirmish"
    8. Amy Launch Trailer, But PC Delay
    9. Real Digital: Game Maps Drawn From Memory
    10. Trash Planet: Deponia Teaser
    11. Darwinian Overlay: Evolve Enters Open Beta
    12. Getting A Handle On Razer's Project Fiona
    13. Black Market HD Is A Lo-Fi Space Trader
    14. Dark Souls For PC Petition Close To 60,000
    1. Ghost Recon Future Soldier On PC After All
    2. A Smooth Shot Of Jazzpionage: Gunpoint
    3. They Could Be Heroes: IGF 2012 Finalists
    4. Yarngasm: Saints Row 3's Genki Bowl VII DLC
    5. Now I Want To Play Dustforce A Lot
    6. Smash & Brag: BustNRush Demo
    7. Frostbitten Midas: Ludum Dare Winners
    8. Kuma/War Dev Faces Execution In Iran
    9. More AssCreedRev Multiplayer In A Fortnight
    10. Two Minutes Of Fuel: Eight Days In Convoke
    11. Waving Not Drowning: PC Kinect In Feb
    12. Glumbrella: Operation Raccoon City
    13. Impressions: Katawa Shoujo
    1. Bethesda Own All Rights To A Fallout MMO
    2. XCOM Remake: Screens, Details, Worries
    3. Impressions: Lunar Flight Beta
    4. Pre-Cardboard Children: Consolevania
    5. Scarygirl Bringing Her Tentacle Arm To PC
    6. Post-Modern Roleplaying: Rebooting D&D
    7. Avalong Look At King Arthur II In Action
    8. Microsoft Flight Trailer Takes To The Airs
    9. Discriminating Porridge: StarstarstarletterD
    10. A Better Mousetrap: Building Bundles Of Joy
    11. SWTOR's First Big Patch Incoming
    12. Wot I Think: Q.U.B.E.
    13. Not-News: Diablo III Release Not In Feb
    14. Rack And Yield: Ancient Greek Punishment
    15. E-Sporting Chance: 2011's Achievements
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Terrorhedron Is 8-Player 3D Tower Defence
    2. Also In Jetpack News: Tribes Ascend Trailer
    3. Firefall Devs Dress People In Unlikely Armour
    4. Choplifter HD Next Week, Steve & Duke
    5. Shank 2's Latest Footage Is Boisterous
    6. Q.U.B.E. Unfolds A Demo On Steam
    1. Steam Wants You To Look At Its Muscles
    2. A New Hope: Elemental Sequel In Action
    3. A Brief Survey Of RPS Community Stuff
    4. South Park RPG Looks Like South Park
    5. Planeturret Defense Force: Commander
    6. RPS Asks: What Will You Play This Weekend?
    7. The Flare Path: Tomcats, Tigers, & Treason
    8. A Song Of Light And Wood: Project Zomboid
    9. Rebound: The Binding Of Isaac Expansion
    10. The New XCOM: 24 Things We Want
    11. The Quest For Dark Souls On PC
    12. Vohaul Astral: Space Quest Remake & Sequel
    13. Wu-woo: Age Of Wushu Brings F2P Wuxia
    14. The Wailing Wall: Bastion's Music Live
    15. Super: New Year IndieRoyale Bundle
    1. Gotham City Impostors THWOCKed Into Feb
    2. Nival Explain They Are "Anti-SOPA"
    3. A Wild Fortune Summoners Demo Appears
    4. New X-COM Incoming, Old X-COM Cheapens!
    5. Where ESA Members Stand On SOPA
    6. Firaxis Re-Making XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    7. Diablo Gets A 15th Anniversary Website...
    8. Mojang Hire Cube World Developer
    9. Brickbashing Batbuddies: LEGO Batman 2
    10. Voxels, Strategy & Crafting: Castle Story
    11. RPS Asks ESA Members To Denounce SOPA
    12. Cities In Motion Moves To New York!
    13. Further Spacebiff: SOL: Exodus
    14. Robota: Our First Week In Perpetuum
    15. Three-Way: PlanetSide 2 Footage
    16. Star Trek Online Now Free To Former Subs
    17. Treadnaughts: Gratuitous Tank Battles
    1. Razer Tease Project Fiona, Which Is "Badass"
    2. Rockstar Threatens Max Payne 3 "Barrage"
    3. Microsoft Flight Out This Spring, Free
    4. Syndicate's Co-Op Agents Are Foursome
    5. Mass Effect 3 Has Fat Monsters: PROOF
    6. Bethesda/Interplay Argy-Bargy Ends
    7. But How Will It Fare? Starfarer
    8. Hands On: Jagged Alliance - Back In Action
    9. Nintendo/SEGA Retromancy On PC
    10. Wot I Think: Stellar Impact
    11. Not For Squares: Cube World Is Pretty
    12. Steam Passes Five Million Concurrent Users
    13. Pre-Order King Arthur II And Get A Prologue
    14. Let The Wookiee Waltz - SWTOR's God-Cheat
    15. An Exciting List Of PC Games For 2012
    1. Solium Infernum: The Complete Battle for Hell
    2. The Complete Risen Report
    3. 1993 Redux
    1. SWTOR Ilum Bans Were Real, Nuanced
    2. Neptune's Pride: The Complete Epic
    3. Perpetuum RPS Team, Timecodes, Stuff
    1. SWTOR Ban For High Level Looting? Unlikely