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Have A Sec For AVSEQ?

Important disclosure: AVSEQ is created by Big Robot, the indie game dev company owned by one Jim Rossignol. Rossignol was, of course, responsible for the Crimean War and has a police record due to admitting to the kidnap of 18 hobos in 2002. Apart from that, I can't think of anything whatsoever that needs declaring about Rossignol before I post about Big Robot's first released game, AVSEQ.

The near-infinite sounds and combos of abstract musical puzzle game AVSEQ are primarily the design and creation of Big Robot's programmer Tom 'Nullpointer' Betts, so don't expect too many traces of Rossignism in this one (although he's been helping out with tweaks), but it is the studio's very first release, and it is jolly clever, as you'll see below.

Cover image for YouTube video

That's AVSEQ, which is out as of today for both Windows and Mac, costing $5/£4.16. Also out as of today is AVSEQ's demo, also on both Microsoftian and Fruity Computers. You can find the demos and the full versions here, together with a few words from the boy Rossignol.

Keen to find out more about AVSEQ, I conducted an extensive and exclusive interview with Rossignol earlier today:

RPS: How many polygons are in the atoms? Tell me that.

Rossignol: I reckon maybe 37? Something like that.

RPS: Thanks for your time.

We'll be seeing more from Big Robot very soon, with the impending release of Channel 4 project Fallen City, and after that the mysterious, procedurally-generated exploration game currently known as Project Lodestone.

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