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Elaborate Candy Delivery: Cut The Rope

iOS physics puzzler Cut The Rope is a game about feeding candy to a little monster called Om Nom that people kept describing to me as 'cute' and 'charming'. Naturally, this caused me to sneer and make a noise that sounded very much like 'pfneurr' while wafting their words away as if they were a lingering odour. When I actually played it during a long train journey I was, just as naturally, charmed and delighted, so it's only right that I now tell other people how lovely it is, especially since it has been ported from iOS and a cut-down version can be played via a web browser. More info below.

Decent ports of iOS games are always welcome, the mouse being a suitable replacement for most varieties of prodding and swiping. Cut The Rope is a clever puzzler and in its later levels becomes quite complex, with spiders, fans and spikes aiming to kill the candy before it reaches its destination. I'm not sure exactly how many of those later levels are included - not too many from what I can gather - but there's a suggestion that more may be added.

There's lots of info on how HTML5 has made the port possible and more levels are available for those playing through IE, but a good amount of levels are available through your browser of choice as well, although I did get slight slowdown on Firefox and Chrome. Very slight. It's free, fun and polished, and if you haven't had the pleasure of touching screen with Om Nom, I suggest you have a look immediately.

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