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Ghost Recon Future Soldier On PC After All

First it was happening and then it wasn't cos of mad piracy paranoia and there was a bunch of shouting and it was horrible and now it is happening again! Sometimes having a moan really does work, though it is better to moan politely and with words that don't mostly begin with 'f'.

In May, the latest reboot of the venerable Ghost Recon series is due - but the bad news is that it's only on Xbox and PS3 (which is a two-month delay for those guys) at that point. All we get in terms of PC info is "at a later date", but while woolly and irritatingly in keeping with Ubi's PC release schedule trend of late, it's a big fat improvement from "never," innit? No word on ohgoddoIhaveto DRM as yet, I'm afraid.

And don't worry, I'm not having a senior moment here: this is in addition to the surprisingly meaty free-to-play multiplayer game, Ghost Recon Online. Look, here's a man corroborating my wild claim:

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