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The original Ghost Recon is free for keepsies right now

It's not Tom Clancy's, it's mine

To celebrate the Ghost Recon games turning 20 years old next month, Ubisoft last night announced Ghost Recon frontline, a free-to-play battle royale shooter. But they haven't entirely forgotten the roots of the tactical shooter series, because they're giving the first game away free for keepsies right now. You've got a few days to grab 2001's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and remember the good ol' days. Ubi are giving away some DLC for the latest games too.

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You can grab Ghost Recon free from this website or direct through the Ubisoft Connect client. Yep, only free on the Ubistore. I was never much into tactical shooters but I understand it was well-liked, and still might be? Sound off in the comments, gang.

Though the game's from an awkward technological period, Ghost Recon's multiplayer is still playable with a wee workaround. It used GameSpy to power the multiplayer, which died years ago, but the ever-handy GameRanger bypasses that. Yep, that's the official solution.

Ubisoft are also giving away the Fallen Ghosts DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands, through another webpage. The Deep State DLC for Ghost Recon Breakpoint is free too, available through the Expansion tab in the in-game store for 0 Ghost Coins. Deep State is the one which brought back Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, still voiced by Michael Ironside.

All these giveaways end at 6pm UK time (10am Pacific) on Monday the 11th of October. See Ubisoft's announcement for more details on claiming the freebies.

Ubi are also holding a Ghost Recon sale on Steam and their own store right now. Both stores are missing most of the series, mind.

We had a look at the history of Tom Clancy games a few years back.

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