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Ghost Recon Breakpoint teams up with Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher today

Break on through, Michael Ironside

Ubisoft's stealth star Sam Fisher has been laying low, with nary a Splinter Cell game since 2013's Blacklist and only a scant few cameo appearances. He's popped back up on the radar again today with a guest spot in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, teaming up with the spec ops squad who specialise in higher bodycounts. He pops up in a new chain of story missions, though you'll need to pay to get all of them. Today also brings a big ol' update for Breakpoint, including a new "immersive" mode without RPG-y gear levels.

Sam's back, once again voiced by Michael Ironside, for Deep State. This eight-mission adventure will send him and the gang to probe a conspiracy, murder some men, and unlock Splinter Cell gear in Breakpoint as a reward. The first mission is free to all players then you need the Year 1 Pass to get the rest - though only the host need own it in multiplayer for their whole squad to join in.

Also out today, and fully free for everyone, is Update 2.0.0. Lots in here! The new 'Ghost Experience' settings let players make it more like a plain ol' tactical shooter without loot levels and all that. Two new classes are in for Ghost War, the Engineer and Echelon, though they're exclusive to passholders for the first week. People with wonky connections will be allowed to play PvE offline without being disconnected, though this is not the same as adding straight-up offline mode. You can Mass Dismantle and Mass Sell junk in your inventory. New haircut and beard options are in. New options for camera shake and distance are in. Lots of bugs are fixed. Loads of things.

See the patch notes and Ghost Experience blog post for more info.

Our Matt's Ghost Recon Breakpoint review wasn't best thrilled with the game so hey, improvements sound good.

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