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Glumbrella: Operation Raccoon City

The first thing I like to do on a Tuesday morning is expose my ignorance to as many people as possible. Here's today's effort - I didn't know Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (ReOrc) involved people killing other people as well as people killing zombies and mutants. Perhaps you didn't either. A new trailer shows that the mean nasties of the Umbrella Security Services will be using all kinds of fancy technowizardry to clean up the bio-contagion errors of their employers while a US Spec Ops team will be trying to expose the company's nefarious doings. The results of those nefarious doings, running the gamut from zombies to tyrants, will be making everyone's life miserable. Also, things explode a lot. Observe.

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With the tyrant throwing cars down the street willy-nilly I suppose we're still allowed to compare this to Left 4 Dead? Just a little? It's hard to know how similar they'll actually play at this point, although if the emphasis is often on the fight between the human teams as in this trailer, it should be very different indeed.

The trailer does a fairly good job of showing the various gadgets and weapons that each team will have at their disposal but when everyone started going all ninja, with incredible cloaking magic, it all felt a little too sci-fi. Resident Evil has always had that element but this looks more Metal Gear than Romero.

I'm intrigued to see how it turns out though and it will be out on consoleboxes in the latter half of March, then on PC at a later date. "Later" may be one of the most annoying release dates but this is a co-op multiplayer Resident Evil game so I'm still slightly surprised we're getting ReOrc at all.

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