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The Quest For Dark Souls On PC

UPDATE: Namco have said that this is nothing more than a "rumor" stemming from the link (obviously) and offer no comment on whether they are likely to produce a PC version of the game.

Update 2: Here's a petition to sign for Dark Souls PC, if you like signing petitions. Over 9000 signatures so far. Let's hope it makes the right executives pay attention.

Quite a few people have sent me this link to a forum post in which a Namco employee suggests that has to be "demand" for a PC version of acclaimed console RPG Dark Souls, if it is to show up on the one true format. It seems to me that Namco decided there wasn't demand, of course, because the game has so far only turned up on the TV boxes. That strikes me as a little strange, especially when you consider that historically-speaking PC gamers are VERY interested in making armoured men hit fantasy enemies with swords and sharp sticks. Underpin that with unforgiving RPG mechanics and that DOES sound like our kind of game. But I suppose there are only thirty million or so Steam accounts, and hundreds of millions of better-than-360-spec PCs worldwide... What possible market could there be for such a game on the age old Windows machine? Eh? Oh, and Namco, while you are converting Dark Souls to PC you might as well do Enslaved too? I mean it can't possibly hurt. Thanksmuch!

[I've contacted Namco for an official statement on the Dark Souls PC situation. Hands up if you want a PC version!]

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